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About Only Growth

Whether you're a startup or an established brand, your business is likely brimming with untapped potential. OnlyGrowth helps turn that potential into measurable ROI, helping you convert more customers at a much faster rate.

Imagine a faster, easier way to turn casual shoppers into high-value customers for life. What could that do for your brand? Let's find out, together! Working with your core team, we grow your bottom line by attracting more visitors, improving your conversion rates, and enticing first-time customers to come back for more.

Your business is unique, much like the challenges it faces. We tailor each service to help with what you need most, bringing excellence and expertise to your team.

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35 Testimonials

Only Growth exceeded our expectations. Not only did they complete the work earlier than expected but went on to fix other bugs we were experiencing. I would highly recommend Only Growth as an extremely experienced, professional Shopify Expert that does high quality work.


In the span of 3 days, Only Growth has found a solution to 2 of the biggest challenges we have been facing and fully implemented them for us. Fastest turnaround times we have ever seen, and best communication. We have not found anything yet that they are not capable of doing. They fixed code on our website and built a custom script just for starters.

High Spirits Flutes

I've been working with OnlyGrowth on script development for both our retail and wholesale stores and OnlyGrowth has been extremely responsive of our all questions and concerns during the development process.

They have been ahead of deadline on all of the projects we employed them for, and they've offered very fast turn-around times for script development. We also greatly appreciate their patient demeanor while explaining technical matters.

Based on our current experience, I would definitely recommend their services to other Shopify store owners.

Tara M.
High Spirits Flutes

Touchstone Home Products, Inc.

I love Ownly Growth. In the vast volume of work required in the planning, setup and implementation of our new Shopify site, James and his team were my heros. They helped me from the start of the planning process, working with our Theme, picking the right App partners, the transition to the new store. James and OG know the right partners to pick, the best path to clean functionality and the best practices on the platform. Once on the new platform, OG helped us with testing, review management, new features and fine tuning. Now that we are solidly on the platform they have helped us continue to fine tune our site with feedback, fast work and great advice. I'm a big fan.


Working with Only Growth was super seamless. Very quick, efficient, flexible and the communication / extra help was amazing. Will definitely work with them again and recommend to other Shopify Plus merchants.

James from Only Growth in a credit to his profession and asset to the community.
I had some design project tweaks I wanted done on my website Not only did James complete the task in record time on the first draft and it was exactly how I wanted it. Only Growth went above and beyond the call of duty in every respect by making my site better than what I had envisioned in my own mind. Only Growth brought my site looking from a functional working site to one that is much more user friendly on the eye, functional and I am confident will lead to increased conversions. I have worked with other experts in the past and only growth was much quicker to turn over my project and turned out better than expected. 2 thumps up to Only Growth and to James. Thank You Sir ! I will back when I need changes in the future.
Shaun Shienfield
CEO Found Golf Balls Inc.

Sesame Kingdom

James responded like a lightening to my request and delivered the goods flawlessly. I will definitely consider hiring him in the future for other development and marketing tasks.

Pro Bike Supply




Weighting Comforts

James from Only Growth gave a me an explicit checklist of ways to help the conversions of my site. Not only was we direct and to the point but he was also very quick in his detailed assessment of my website. James also gave me great ideas from other websites in my niche that are killing it that I will be implementing soon. I would definitely recommend Only Growth for anyone looking to grow their Shopify store and for immediate actionable steps for growth.


Amazing, fast, reliable service, was very shocked and how fast they helped me with my issue amazing!

26 Stars

Very responsive, great communicator. Finished the job expeditiously. Would hire again.

Elegant Linen Rentals

Working with Only Growth has been a fantastic experience. They are prompt and professional. I would recommend this company for any work needed on your Shopify platform. I don't know what I would have done without them. Thanks Only Growth your the best!

Get Geekin

Even though things didn't work out between Only Growth and I, James has been a great help on the phone for initial interview and chat. He did not rush to just get a contract nor did he try to not give you any help on the free phone consultation. He was very informative and useful with a vast experience in the industry. If you got good cash for budget and trustworthy partner in marketing agency, I think Only Growth is a safe bet

Cypress Wreaths and Ribbons

James was very helpful and gave me insite to what is needed or could be done to help better my store. He actually walked me all the way through my questions, which was AWESOME!!

I am very thankful he took the time to email me and update my website.

Thank you James!

LaGaksta Handbags

We needed some help finalizing our Shopify/Pinterest relationship. We hired James through Shopify experts and he quickly completed our project. Not only did he get the work done, he also told us what the problem was so we would not repeat the errors moving forward. We would hire again!


James was amazing to work with. Very responsive. We will use him again in the future and highly recommend him!

O2 Canada

James has been incredible. He's always responsive and insightful. He recommends the right services for our growing business' needs. We had bad experiences with some Shopify freelancers, then James made everything right for us.


Working with James was a pleasure. Provided me a great rate for my project and went beyond the project scope to accommodate my changes. Very helpful and supportive and would recommend working with him to anyone!

Jensen Brothers Off-Road

After spending hours of time researching how to add a functionality on my products pages I reached out to Only Growth for help. James Corr immediately responded with a very affordable one-time solution that would have run me a monthly contract with a shopify app. After he completed the job he sent me a recorded video of the code he changed and instructions of how to use the new functionality.

-Russell Jensen
Jensen Brothers Off-Road

Satya Detox

Genuinely a top-notch, positive Shopify developer experience! - James is talented, knowledgeable, technology guru, professional, communicated thoroughly and completely - Blog was completed quickly and looked great without excessive back and forth. He took care of things on the project. If you want your website to look top-notch professional and understand how it works I would recommend Only Growth for the job. I would definitely use Only Growth again. He provided videos and a shared document for communication/collaboration and it worked really great! I have worked with other developers and this one was seamless. Thank you James and Only Growth!:) - making my life easier.

- Jeffrey

Wine Deals Direct | Amazing Deals on Wine Cases from Your Favourite Wine Brands

James was great, he analysed our website through every nook and cranny and found bugs even we were unaware of. He tested every aspect, and feature of the website.

Exposed many faults.

Great experience overall

Simply Cables

James was great , really knows his stuff I only asked for anchor text added to my site but he adjusted other seo tags and titles and got rid of a duplicate meta tag on my homepage which was causing bad seo. Work was done swiftly and emails were always replied to in no time at all.

Highly recommended expert would definitely do business with again.

Threaded & Co.

Wow.... Seriously these guys rock. We had James help us with a problem with our shopify theme. Essentially we needed to hide a few things and make parts of the site "dark" while others were visible to the public.

Without even realizing it, what we asked James to do would have only fixed 1/3rd of the problem. We 'thought' we knew what we were doing (sort of) and man were we wrong... Without James' help we'd have hacked a solution together, that wouldn't have really fixed anything.

The simple way of putting this review is if you're looking for a company and team who can get the job done, and more importantly get the job done right, you've found it.

Thanks again James & Only Growth, you really were a life-saver on this one!

Coco and Duckie

James did a great job! He worked through the weekend and had the changes to my site updated asap! I would highly recommend Only Growth for any of your liquid theme development or app integration needs!

Great River Arts

James was super fast and understood shopify theme development, app installation, and knowledge of liquid templating language.
He did something in an hour that would have taken me the entire day.
Great job!


James at Only Growth was super helpful. I had a quick technical bug to squash, and in no time James got right the problem and solved it in a few hours. He was professional and quick. It's reassuring to find professionals who dive right in, are trustworthy, and deliver as promised! I will definitely reach out for more help in the future and would recommend him to other shops!

Boot Butler

I worked with James at Only Growth and I have only good things to say about my experience. James went out of his way to verify that various items were set up properly, even if they were technically beyond scope of the project, communicated regularly and completed the project in a timely manner. He also took it upon himself to make other suggestions for improving the performance of our webstore (unrelated to the project at hand) which have indeed yielded good results. He is very knowledgeable in the areas of web development and the Shopify platform among other things. I am very pleased with his work and he will be the first person I contact the next time I have a fitting project.

I highly recommend Only Growth for any projects involving Shopify, AdWords, Google Merchant Center and web development in general

Seventhson Leather

I had an increase in traffic the day after the team at Only Growth fixed my AdWords.

My AdWords remarketing campaigns weren't performing and I had no clue why. I thought everything was set up properly, but there was somethings missing. I finally gave up and decided to let Only Growth work on it.

Two days later, my remarketing campaigns started to take off. I'm seeing an increase in traffic and I'm spending less than before!

James was super helpful and asked all the right questions. The issue was glaring me in the face and I didn't even know it, but James knew exactly what was wrong. He explained everything then fixed it for me! He even fixed my Google Merchant Center account, which I thought I set up correctly.

I would suggest that anyone having issues just let Only Growth take care of it. Honestly, I lost money by trying to fix it myself. I know I'll use them for any future problems with AdWords, remarketing, tag management, or Merchant Center. They know their stuff and they know how to communicate, which is exactly what I needed.

Divici London

really helpful and very supportive!


The guys at Only Growth are fantastic.
They give smart, actionable recommendations which get results almost instantly. My first conversation with Only Growth really made me understand how many things about marketing I didn't know I didn't know.

Mad Mouse Pad

Only Growth are fantastic! I was in a bit of a rut with growing my eCommerce store, everything I tried did not work. After just one conversation with Only Growth, I knew exactly what to do, and the tools I needed, to move forward. Only Growth's recommendations were implemented as quickly as possible and sales exploded!


Although this is a very new store, Only Growth offered amazing advice to help us launch and grow as quickly as possible. Highly recommended if you plan on launching a store but aren't an expert in marketing!

Ace Outdoor Gear

In my opinion these guys offer the most value for your money. They are highly skilled and experienced ecommerce entrepreneurs, and know what works with web design, email marketing, and adwords advertising. During my experience they have been super helpful to me with getting my online stores started up. Their expert opinion has lead to better click through rates, and higher conversion rates. I am also pleased with their great attitude and ability to help even on weekends and in the evenings when most other companies are closed. I would like to personally thank James and Peter because they were more than willing to work with our company even though we are on a lean startup budget. They continue to help us grow, and I would highly recommend them to any ecommerce company looking to grow fast!


Provided pretty good, but general insights into possibly growth of an e-commerce company.

Could've been better & more transparent though.

Favours Canada

There are many growth consultants out there, but there is just one James Corr, the head of Only Growth. I've known James for over 6 years now and he still inspires me to go all out in my businesses. Only Growth will help you achieve massive results whether you're an established e-commerce company or a small shop that just started a week ago (as the case with our online dropship company).

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