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About Nuscreen Inc

Nuscreen Inc is a certified Shopify Expert and Partner. We are passionate about all the ins and outs of designing, customizing and managing e-commerce stores.

Our approach to all of our projects: “Make something people want”. We have lived by that tagline since entering the industry and it has provided us a road map to success with our clients.

The NU team is located in the Financial District of downtown Toronto, right across from Union Station. Our team is versatile and a collective of left and right-brained creative individuals who focus on the intersection of design and technology.

We offer customized solutions for all types of Shopify projects.

Contact us to find out what Shopify solutions we can provide for you and your business!

3 Testimonials

Nella Bella

These guys not only professional $ efficient working with them was easy and FUN! They take the worry away when building a shopify site and trained us on how to use the platform.

Tarek Al-Azbat
Creative Director
Nella Bella Brand

Lashes by Miranda

I was using a different platform for my lash extension bookings but it was confusing for my customers and I ended up booking in everything myself. Experiencing problems getting payments at times I was excited to learn about what the Shopify platform had to offer. Nuscreen showed me all of the capabilities of the shopify platform and sold me on the many awesome opportunities I had for my business using Shopify. They switched over my site to Shopify and gave me a step by step on how to use I. Nuscreen is always available to help with any other questions I had about the platform. It was all around a great experience!

Community 54

The Nuscreen team was the right fit for us – these guys aren't like other agencies. They are modern, relevant and have digital in their DNA. They care about our brand and our customers in a real way.

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