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About Noticed LLC

Noticed is a global digital commerce, optimization, and marketing agency. At the core, we are driven by customer-first design experiences, innovative cloud technology, revenue acceleration, and achieving maximum profitability for our customers. The bottom line is that we focus on what matters - growth.

Our core competency is built around our business model, which is hyper-focused on accelerating revenue and achieving maximum profitability for our clients. We achieve this through the execution of world-renowned platform migrations, utilizing cutting-edge technology to create flawless design experiences.

As one of the world's leading Shopify Plus Partners with a global client portfolio and offices in New York, Los Angeles, Philadelphia, London, and Bangalore, we are trusted by retailers of all sizes—from small businesses to enterprise-level brands.

1 Testimonial

Jura Parts - a Parts Guru company

Noticed did an amazing job on the design of our new website!
From branding to the verbiage, they guided us through it all. I was highly impressed that they even performed an in-depth research to my particular industry so they were knowledgeable and able to provide a personalized service.
Within the first year, we doubled our revenue with the services Noticed provided for us.
I highly recommend them, they are the best!

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