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About NINE15

NINE15 is a small design shop located in Austin, TX.

We work closely with clients to create world-class online store experiences, we value craftsmanship and take pride in our work.

We love what we do and we would love to work with you on your project.

You can also book a phone consultation here:

Phone: (512) 460 - 0090

67 Testimonials

Shop Bold

We contracted NINE15 to build our merchandise store for us and I couldn't be happier with the end product. Upon completion, they took the time to arrange a video conference to walk me through Shopify and the web store as a whole. They were always very responsive and even corrected a few things on the site for me, last minute, even after they had already completed their work for us.

Jeff Bowling - Bowling Ventures, LLC.

They were very responsive and knowledgeable. They quickly updated my theme and provided excellent results. I would highly recommend them.


NINE15 has been fundamental in allowing us to run and enhance our DTC business. They've taken on tasks that are out of the box and found ways to provide custom solutions that are still easy for marketers to maintain. I'd recommend them any day, and have used them for multiple projects.

Get Qurious

We were updating our product offerings to a subscription model and needed quick updates to our homepage as well as an integration with Recharge app. The whole team at NINE15 (Amine, Marisa, Chris, Austin) supported us throughout the process, and also took the extra steps to work with the Recharge apps team to make sure the subscription revenue integration worked perfectly.

We were on a tight startup budget and the NINE15 team made sure that the project was completed as scoped and also accommodated our last minute requests.

Would strongly recommend working with NINE15 as a development partner for ALL your Shopify development work.

Manoj Jacob

la Barbecue

We had Amine and team at NINE 15 create a very unique store for our restaurant's pre ordering system. Many companies I reached out to didn't think it was possible to do what we needed. But NINE15 was able to get it done and working seamlessly.


Nine15 has been great to work with, extremely responsive, and all jobs have been done within a tight timeline.

The Gift Store

NINE15 was great to work with. Amine and his team are really easy to work with. Their expertise with Shopify allowed me to create a custom site that fit my needs. I would definitely recommend NINE15 if you are looking at having a customized theme and website.

Jeff Baker
The Gift Store

Stick Wid It

They were super easy to work with and were able to complete a couple complicated request for us. Got everything done on time and even showed us around the site.

Visions of Venice

The team at NINE15 were great to work with! They kept us informed every step of the way during the project - very knowledgeable, helpful and easy to work with. I would highly recommend NINE15 and we will definitely use them again in the future.


These guys are solid. They created a highly customized "module" for my Shopify store (customer uploaded images with cropping to a specific shape and a database for me to retrieve them for our products). Communication was solid, and both Amine and Saud were very helpful and responsive and never said "no" when I asked to tweak something a little bit more to ease my website-OCD! :) I felt the price was very fair for this level of customization (you get what you pay for!). I'd recommend Nine15 and I will absolutely use them again in the future.

Joie de Vivre Press

After I tried to set up my own Shopify store with a varying degree of success, I reached out to Nine15. I create colorful mixed media collage art as well as printed art cards. Nine15 not only helped me set up the basics of the Shopify site, they created a beautiful, clean and consistent look throughout the store. They spent time looking at my art and understanding my brand and then captured that perfectly in the site. I'm really pleased with my experience with Nine15, and I look forward to working with them again soon as I need any help with making changes to the site. They are Shopify specialists; they spared me a lot of time and frustration trying to figure it all out by myself. Nine15 is also professional and pleasant to work with!

Hombre Body

Very nice guys to work with, always accommodating with our questions and well priced services. Would recommend them to anyone!

August Morgan

Working with Nine15 has been great, they did a great job designing the website and working with us to achieve our overall goals. They have been very helpful in on-going support as we've learned the new platform and we find shopify very useful in helping us grow our business. Many thanks to the team members at Nine15.


I'm very happy with how our redesigned store turned out. The timelines did take a lot more managing on my part than I had anticipated, a lot of features were not live for a full month after the redesign went live. That being said, Amine and his team are very nice to work with and the value they provide is undeniable, so much so that after the initial project ended we hired NINE15 to manage our site on an ongoing basis.

Eley Hose Reels

They did very good work and were very helpful in making sure I got what I wanted and understood the changes they made. Response time to requests ranged from room-for-improvement to excellent. Very happy with the final product.

Motto Mirror

NINE15 promptly provides our shopify store with support for nearly anything I need. They are very professional. Highly recommended.

Down & Feather Co.

I am NOT a review writer but when a team differentiates themselves I think you have to acknowledge them and their work.

We replateformed from .aspx to Shopify Plus (php) with a lot of concerns about; site structure, site performance, 301s, 3rd party FTP integrations, the additional /pages directory and of course maintaining organic search results.

We spoke to many other firms and got a LOT of advice. Some good and some bad but Amine and his team were the most 'realistic' about our project. Both in terms of functional migration and GoLive date. YES, we made our GoLive date in large part to NINE15 but also because everyone had realistic expectations.

We continue to work with NINE15 for all things 'Shopify' and will continue to do so. Just take a look at the site! It's fantastic ... and now that we have replatformed all of our business processes run more smoothly.

I have told Amine and the NINE15 team this directly so them reading this here will NOT be the first time they have 'heard' it but ... I feel very fortunate to have found them and appreciate all the time and effort they went through for us.

You absolutely should reach out to them before you make any decision about your Shopify store.

Down & Feather Co.


Amine and his team at NINE15 were extraordinarily responsive and professional putting up our ecommerce site on a very tight timeline and budget. NINE15 does fantastic work at a reasonable price. Couldn't be more pleased and would recommend them to anyone looking for a full service offering on time and on budget.

Access Gear

Amine and his team have been a dream to work with! After going through various web developers in the past Amine has been a breath of fresh air. He has helped us build a new website from the ground up and has been extremely professional. Prompt and clear communication has been the standard and a welcome change from other providers. He lays out game plans in clear terms and is able to interpret ideas and make them a reality. His work speaks for itself, our website looks great and has a user friendly interface for consumers and administrators alike. The pricing is fair and deadlines are set and met consistently. I would highly recommend Amine and his team to anyone looking to create an eCommerce site that exceeds expectations.

Bob Melvin​


NINE15 was truly great to work with. They really listened to everything we needed and created a truly custom app that works for our specific needs. The person I worked with was really responsive and answered all my questions quickly. I highly recommend them.

Tears Of Joy Sauces

Amine and the team at NINE15 did a fantastic job on my Shopify site! I couldn't be happier. Timely, professional and friendly, they were a pleasure to work with and I couldn't have asked for more. This is my 5th e-commerce site and this is far and away the best experience I have had. Highly recommended!


This company is fabulous!! We had been struggling to achieve a certain functionality and several companies had failed to deliver. These guys did it in one day at a very reasonable price. We will definitely be talking to them again in the future!!

Katie Kime

NINE15 was very professional and thorough for creating our website. We had many changes from the original design and they easily adapted to our needs. Amine and the team also responded quickly to issues after launch and continue to support us. Really a great team to work with and would recommend them to anyone looking to create a truly custom site.

Icona lashes

The team did a great job from start to finish! I had a vision in mind and it was executed as I expected. Amine & Tim were professional, friendly and timely. Very knowledgeable with their work and were able to answer all my questions (boy, I had so many). Overall, I enjoyed working with them and would highly recommend them!

ZCLIP® - Money Clip

I could not be more pleased with the work Amine and his team did at NINE15 for my company. I would truly recommend them to anyone looking for just about any solution for their website or any kind of re-design. They completed the work in a pretty short time period and continue to provide support after we were all done. I will continue to use Amine and NINE15 for any other needs we might come across in the future. They are fantastic!



Amine and his team were great! They were very professional, timely, accessible, and produced a great site for my company. I will definitely be using their services again for all future work!

420 Science

The crew at NINE15 was great. I personally setup most of our store, but they were more than willing to do the things I couldn't. They even answered all my questions about how certain things work in Shopify so I could do the work myself. It's been quite the learning experience and I couldn't have done it without them. It was also great to work with a local company. If you're in Austin, I highly recommend them for your Shopify store.

Smile Sciences

Amine is great!! I never felt stressed during the major change to our site. The are very professional and finished in a timely manner. I highly recommend them. Thank you!!!

Barton Watch Bands

Service on point and efficient. Provided the fixes we needed in a timely manner.

All About Dog Grooming

I had the pleasure of allowing Amine from Nine 15 to assist me with my questions and updates on Shopify. He was very knowledgeable and was able to execute my requests with no issues at all. The changes were immediate. He was very pleasant and understanding. I would highly recommend him and their services!

Papa Cellie

This guy knows his stuff! Very helpful and resourceful for my needs. He saved me a TON of money as well. Thanks NINE15!

In Touch Wireless

Nine15 did a great job and the end result was just what we were looking for.

Shayna's Boutique

Amine is very patient. Nice guy.

Atmosphere Soap LLC

Amine (and NINE15) is everything you could wish for... Thoughtful, creative, and professional! I searched high and low for a company that could assist me. No easy task. Then I finally found Amine! Not only did he help me focus priorities, but he was able to launch my website a day early! I am thrilled to have him in my corner!!!

Vital Farms

I could not be happier with our experience with NINE15. Amine was responsive and professional, and completed the job that we asked of him ahead of schedule, and was flexible to small additional changes that we requested.

I would definitely highly recommended using them!


Say It Gay

LOVE, LOVE, LOVE NINE15! Amine is the best! He always listens and is always very prompt getting things done and done right the first time.Would absolutely use him again and again !

CTC and More LLC

If your looking for a technical partner to work side by side to help build your business grow - you've come to the right place.
Before my launch, I had to find another Shopify expert as my original group moved on to app development. I spoke with a few groups that were certainly capable of performing the tasks. However, I like to build partnerships so the other group gets to learn my business and can give honest advice. In speaking with Amine, I have found that business partner. He listened and jumped right in. In the course of 3 weeks, he put me back on course and worked on all the little details right up until launch date. He provided some keen insight of items that needed to change to make the best presentation. We have now launched the site and the response has been very positive on many levels.
As a sole employee, there is much for me to do on a daily basis as well as planning for the future. Amine has proven to be a great asset in that he has already planned some of the Phase II steps. This certainly takes some of the pressure off of my shoulders. Knowing that I have a resource that is always available, proficient and willing to listen and assist is very reassuring.

Casita Travel Trailers

We used NINE15 to create a theme for our shop that would match our website and keep the customer experience seamless. Not only that, but it was short notice and they only had about a Week and a Day to make the entire theme and options.

They finished in time, a day early in fact which gave us time to review and do any last minute changes. They were very professional throughout the whole exchange, very helpful, and very prompt with responses.

I would highly recommend them if you are looking for a theme (quickly or not). They are great at replicating your exact website design to the shop front.

Thanks again NINE15!

Hill Country Chic

So happy to have connected with NINE15. Worked with Amine and he was and has continued to be very helpful and responsive even when I had a slight emergency when I removed my entire theme over a weekend. They responded in 10 minutes flat with a back-up and re-installed the theme so there was hardly any down time on my website. Amine treats all my questions with respect (even when they are dumb). Thank you so much for you expertise for a newcomer to Shopify! You guys rock!!

Mister Pompadour

The task that I asked NINE15 to complete was frustrating me to no end. There was no app support for this task and I requested this to be completed from NINE15. It was done very quickly and accurately! I couldn't be more pleased with the service received from them. I highly recommend their services.


Great to work with...Easy...Will continue to work with them on all of our Shopify stores.

curtain company fabrics

Very prompt response which is so important. The scale of the job was not large but it was treated as if it was a much larger project--which means we will ask NINE15 to help in future!

Tumbleweed TexStyles

NINE15 did an outstanding job. They had fantastic customer service and seemed to go the extra mile in answering our questions. The process from idea to live website was very easy and seamless. We would highly recommend NINE15 to to other businesses needing some help with taking their Shopify website to a whole new level.


Nine15 is great! I've used several other developers and Amine and his team surpass them by far. They understood my vision and made suggestions to improve it further. He had great communication and responded really quickly to any emails or calls. I highly recommend them.

Maverick First Aid

Nine15 and Amine were great. Answered the phone quickly and responded quickly to my questions. I am no computer guru, but they were able to walk me through the implementaion of my website quite easily. Highly recommend these guys.


Nine15 was exceptional . . . they provided quality work that absolutely met my expectations in an incredibly timely fashion. Never missing a deadline, and always on time for each and every conference call. They walked me through any question I had (and continue to have!) and continue to go above and beyond with regard to every aspect of my business. I highly recommend Nine15 to anyone in search of a website/shopify guru. They are personable, accessible, and always professional. I would use them again and again.

Calvin Mitchell Co.

I can't thank Amine enough for making the transition to Shopify so easy! He was on top of it and followed through with everything he said he would do in the time frame he told me he would. I love how easy my website is to operate. He added the product options app which has been wonderful. He definitely deserves more than 5 stars!

Kill Hubris

Nine15 gets my highest recommendation. Amine and his team helped me move my site to Shopify from another platform and improved an existing theme based on my requirements. I was impressed with their timely communication (including phone conferences, when necessary) and ability to complete on deadline. I will definitely use Nine15 for any future development.

Sam, Kill Hubris

Creative Candles

Amine quickly understood what we needed to accomplish - migrate our shopping cart from a different vendor platform. He also supported our need to develop a new look and feel for our home page. Amine combined both efforts seamlessly, promptly and elegantly. We are so pleased with our new Shopify hosted website. The ecommerce is functioning better than I expected! I would strongly recommend Shopify and especially Amine - NINE15.


Amine was fantastic, patient, kind, informative, helpful, and I've already recommended him to other businesses who are choosing SHopify and to work with him. I have absolutely no negatives to mention. He was professional, and courteous...timely and efficient. I interviewed over six Shopify experts and he beat them by a landslide in terms of knowing the product, and communication. Although he was in Austin, it was no hindrance to deal with him long distance. The shopify experts you have serving the midwest need to take some lessons from him. You will never regret using Amine as your designer, and expert. He did not let his own designing ego get in the way when I wanted to go another direction. Changes were made promptly. He was a delight.

Sally Hilkene

Mexico SIM Card - Keep in touch while in Mexico

Very happy with the work of Amine and his team. They built a new version of the website with a lot of specific requests and a bit of technical challenge and they delivered all the requested features. We undergo modifications from time to time and they are made in adequate delays and at fair prices.


Amine is a great listener, advisor, and all-around pleasure to work with.

He delivers results on time and on budget.

Amine and Joel from Nine15 were such a huge help with the launch of our website! They went above and beyond to make sure everything on our website was working just the way we wanted it to. They spent countless hours to get this done! Thank you!


Nine15 was a pleasure to deal with. They were at all times cordial, transparent, responsive, and helpful. What is most important, they delivered a custom theme that increased our close rate dramatically, while keeping us on a tight budget. We would happily use their services again if needed, but the Nine15 custom theme has been easily manageable in-house, since our new store opened.

Sabaku Artwear

Amine at Nine15 was easy to work with, knowledgeable, and did good work on our website. I would recommend Nine15 to anyone who needs a Shopify expert.

Flight Sunglasses

NINE15 made my first experience with an E-Commerce site and Shopify easy and productive. I highly recommend them and will use them again. My developer was Amine. He was honest and realistic about what could be done and finished my project as promised. Many developers just tell you what you want to hear. You often end up disappointed, spending too much, and are left with a partially finish site. One important reason I liked working with Amine and NINE15 was that he really understood the backend and the coding and was able to make structure and cosmetic changes on the fly and didn't nickel and dime you - You saw the results in real time or soon after you made the request. Also, he was the one working directly on my site and I wasn't dealing with a salesperson. This was a huge time saver and made the process less stressful. I had purchased a template at Template Monster (not recommended), but as part of our agreement, they offered one of their templates for free if I needed it at no extra cost. When NINE15 was finished, I had a clean, functional site. Thanks Amine and NINE15,. I recommend them and will use NINE15 Again. Steve at Http://, 40% off Serengetis

ATX Mafia

Could not be happier. Amine listened carefully to the issues I was having, came up with an approach to solve the problem and then completed the job on time and on budget. I highly recommend this expert.

No. 4 St. James

Highly recommended! We needed some hefty modifications to a Theme we purchased. Amine was patient and attentive to our requests, and he completed the requested developments in a short time span on short notice. We're working with him again now and would work with him anytime.


Amine was amazing!!!!!! If you want a shopify expert that truly attends to your every need and delivers exactly what you discuss and expect...look no further. Nine15 has been instrumental in bringing my dreams to fruition and for that I am forever grateful. I get so many compliments on how clean and upscale my website is. . Amine is an absolute professional and his work shows it. Amazing company ....Amazing work.

Love of Pink

Amine was very helpful and explained everything in a way that I could understand. :) Very satisfied with all of his work, design and assistance.

Recollection Vintage

My experience with Amine and NINE15 has been by far the best I have ever had with a web design freelancer. Amine went above and beyond the scope of work defined to make sure I had the look I was going for. After getting absolutely screwed by other highly rated (probably their friends) designers on this site, it was great to work with Amine and have everything done the right way. He is also pleasant to deal with and very personable, so you really can't go wrong. I will definitely be contracting him again in the near future to make some more edits.

Kettle Bell Sandbags

NINE15 met all deadlines, worked within our budget and delivered quality work - on time. We look forward to continuing to work with them and have no doubt they will stand by their development and design work for years to come.


I had a wonderful experience working with Amine at NINE15 from beginning to end. He seemed to know exactly what I wanted to achieve even though I couldn't always find the right words to explain myself clearly. Amine was professional, polite, and very patient with me while helping me with my design needs. My store looks amazing. It has a clean, polished look that is easy to navigate.
I am extremely happy with the results and will continue to use NINE15 on all of my future design work.
Contact NINE15 if you want a designer that takes the time to listen and has incredible design and creativity skills!
Aqua Gypsy

Kiwi Bliss

Amine did a great job helping us with our website! We will definitely go back to him if we have any more changes we would like to make. He was fast, friendly, and efficient- and did such a great job on the website (far more than we expected). We highly recommend Amine for anyone looking for help on their website!!

Running Buddy

Amine, is very, very helpful. Whenever I have a question Amine never fails to get back to me very quickly with an offer to help.

Ain't Art Grand

Amine and NINE15 were extremely professional, timely, creative, flexible and overall a perfect expert to work with. In short notice I reached out to have custom changes completed on my Theme and NINE15 quickly accommodated my requests and executed the work above my expectations. I would recommend anyone searching for top quality web design and development to look no further than NINE15. Thanks!!!!

Iron Doggy

We are extremely pleased with the work done by NINE15. We bought the Panoramic Yellow Bike theme to use for our store, and hired NINE15 to customize it for us. The work was done perfectly and very quickly. After that we asked for help with a couple other items. The developer was very helpful, always doing what we asked in a very timely manner. I can highly recommend NINE15.

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