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About Motion Media

Whether it be graphic design, web development, web marketing, multimedia, video production, interactive media, digital signage Motion Media is confident in being able to reach your objectives.

Call us toll-free 1-833-373-2125 or send us an email at

5 Testimonials

Boul Vapes

Great service, fair priced and very resourceful. We would defiantly use their services again.

OutPower Inc.

We had a great experience with Motion Media. they were very knowledgeable and had great ideas and input throughout the whole project.

Would easily recommend.


Vêtements Bougaricci Clothing - Aggressively confortable

Danny did an awesome job.
Always available for some funky request of mine.
that brotha got his sh*t together.
it's obvious that he knows how Shopify works!


When we first met Motion Media, we knew right away that they had the right solution for our online store. The solution was Shopify! We love what they have done for us and love the fact that it's not costing us an arm and a leg.

I more than gladly would consider Motion Media to work on any of our next projects. They are a great team of designers/developers and are always available!

Thanks to Motion Media! Good work!

Cata Marketing Inc. | Cook-air™

Thanks to Motion Media, professional service and great quality! Really helped us achieve our goals in regards to our new eCommerce shop.

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