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About Monumental


We're a Website Performance Agency™. Shopify Experts since 2013, we make your website do what it was meant to. We assist with brand and content strategy, ux/ui design, front and back-end development.

We can help you:
⋆ Set up your store
⋆ Speed up your store
⋆ Tell your brand story and connect with your audience
⋆ Showcase your product with thoughtful, modern design
⋆ Improve your conversion rate or other KPIs
⋆ Think through how to reach a wider audience
⋆ Integrate with other platforms
⋆ Reduce maintenance overhead

Based in beautiful Portland, Oregon, our clients are both near and far:
▸ Portland, OR
▸ Salem, OR
▸ Bend, OR
▸ Seattle, WA
▸ Los Angeles, CA
▸ Napa Valley, CA
▸ New York, NY
▸ Canterbury, New Zealand

A few quotes from our clients—we're happy to provide references:

⇉ “...the speed updates you guys rolled out boosted us like a percent, so you know... probably $600,000 a month in increased profitability.”

⇉ “It has been the utmost pleasure working with Monumental. Out of any partner, developer, or company we have had interactions with, you are by far the most organized, communicative, and capable.”

⇉ “Monumental has been a great partner in the development of our brand and growth of our business. We simply would not be what we are without them.”

11 Testimonials

Shoe Mill

The team and Monumental was instrumental in the building an application for our website. They took a hair brained idea and fleshed it out into something that has been incredibly helpful for our web store. The team produced a reasonably priced and well thought out plan. They stayed within budget and the scope of work was executed flawlessly. Thank you to the team at Monumental!

St. Johns Coffee Roasters

From the onset, Monumental understood the issue at hand and not only came up with an efficient solution but went above and beyond in finessing things. They were great to work with and stayed within budget.
I will most definitely hire them again when the need arises.

Vanity Planet

Rob and the team at Monumental were great to work with. They were quick, knowledgeable, and communicated very well throughout the process of optimizing our Shopify theme for speed. We would be happy to work with them in the future and would recommend them to any store looking to optimize their theme.


Rob and his team are fantastic to work with; we started a quarter with Monumental with a laundry list of things that needed to get done in a very short period. We started working with Rob and his team with A LOT of questions. He was patient, understanding and took the time to explain everything that they did. He was able to help us set priorities and get all of the tasks completed by our Spring Launch date, which is today, and the site looks beautiful. They use an app to track progress on projects so you can hop online at any time and see when a task will be addressed and the estimated completion date. We will continue to use Monumental no questions asked.

Seek & Swoon

I hired Monumental to program a shopping page on my site that would allow customers to customize a blanket by pattern and colors. My goal was to make the experience seamless for the user because this particular item is expensive and I knew that a frustrating shopping experience would be the first thing to cause them to change their mind about their purchase. Rob and his team were able to create this shopping experience exactly the way I envisioned it, if not better. The project was completed on time and I was really happy with the results. It's one of the most visited pages on my site.


I honestly dreaded switching website platforms, but the experience was collaborative and easy. The Monumental team provided helpful guidance and ensured that the new site met the long-term needs of my growing business.


We've worked with other creative agencies in the past, but Monumental was the first to give it to us straight while also accomplishing the goals we set forth. We're looking forward to a long-term relationship with their team.

West End Select Shop

Rob was the best, I'm very happy I chose him. I did have another estimate come in cheaper from another developer but after meeting with Rob I was convinced that spending the extra money for quality was going to be money well spent. Building a working e-commerce site is just not something you want to have a buddy do. It's not just about plugging content, it's about site design and user experience. Rob is A GREAT communicator, has a lot of knowledge in this field and honestly is a dream to work with. I HIGHLY recommend him.


Rob at Monumental was a god send for us. We are a mid sized on line business in the fast moving snow sports industry. We had some complicated requests, and specific tasks they they navigated for us with ease.

Monumental was super responsive, and competent, and very up front and transparent with their design and development assistance.

Many developers try and keep their work "secret" so that they can charge you more down the line. Monumental helped us understand all of the areas where we could manage and update our own sites. 5 stars!


Rob has done a fantastic job setting up our Shopify store from scratch. He was able to seamlessly integrate our WordPress site with our new Shopify cart. In addition, he was able to assist in connecting Shopify with our fulfillment center.

I HIGHLY recommend Rob's service...he has been a great partner and we will continue to work with him as our website continues to evolve.


Rob nailed the work on our site. We only provided him with some visual direction and he ran with the rest. He was able to incorporate our design ideas with his own and develop the entire Shopify experience, which thus far, has been awesome!

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