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About Minion Made



Minion Made is a full-service branding, media and management agency. Put our Minions to work for you. We work together with our clients to understand their individual needs and elevate the value of their brands. We create uniquely designed online destinations, advertising campaigns, and editorial contents that drive engagement and awareness.


Our thought leaders work closely with you to analyze and understand your brand. At the heart of a successful digital strategy campaign is a carefully planned system; one that takes a close look at your brand, your audience, and your competitors. Conducting diligent research will provide valuable insights and understanding as to what components engages your audience. We set scalable business goals, and develop a proven framework that gives us the opportunity to really deliver the measurable results you are looking for.


User Research
Brand & Identity Planning
Stakeholder Interviews
Content Strategy

We are no pixel pushers, we are visual storytellers. A brand is only as successful as its implementation. Our creative team crafts rich visual experiences that showcases the best your brand has to offer. This means smart design for the tech savvy, as well as user-friendly design for the less tech-versed. Placing emphasis on the human experience, we craft a future-focused, collaborative design process to move your brand forward.


Sitemaps & Wireframing
Information Architecture
User Interface Design
User Experience Design
Visual Web Design
Branding & Identity

Our internal team of talented technologists will help you build the next big thing. Understanding the big picture is imperative for developing solutions that scale and grow with your business. We’re strategic and incorporate the right tools, frameworks and platforms for the job, based on your unique needs; not just with what’s currently trending. We implement technology solutions to create an interaction experience unlike any other.


Responsive Web Development
Front-End Engineering
Back-End Engineering
E-Commerce Platforms
iOS Mobile Development
Content Management Systems
Quality Assurance Testing

Designing the site ‘blueprint’ layout and navigation for all unique pages.

Wireframing (UI/UX)
Taking a user centric approach to visual design, we create low fidelity grey scale wireframes to showcase site structure and functionality without distraction of colors and imagery.

Create Visual Design
Our design team adds polish, visual clarity, typography, depth, color, images and finalizes all designs.

Prepare Approved Designs for Development
Once approved from client, finalized designs are processed into fully semantic and interactive code.


Setting up client server access
Password protected development site for client access.

Feature prioritization development model
Our technology team prioritizes segments of each primary feature and develops them into fully functioning semantic code.

Responsive Web Development
Our team will develop mobile, tablet, web solutions to ensure maximum customer exposure and a seamless browsing experience through all available viewports.

E-Commerce Platforms
Minion Made specializes in building unique and scalable e-commerce solutions. We use award winning e-commerce framework, specializing in Shopify.

Front-End Engineering
Developing semantic code for client facing portion of website projects using latest builds of HTML5, CSS3 and Javascript.
Back-End Engineering

Constructing the appropriate back end technology architecture and secure database to build scalable and robust platforms. We specialize in PHP and Ruby on Rails and work with many popular frameworks.


Each project Minion Made takes on presents itself with its own unique set of challeges. To ensure the success of each engagement, our team has created a proven framework of internal processes we implement for all of our projects. Listed below is a breakdown of our workflow from each phase of the project.

Competitive Analysis & Site Reference Guide
We conduct a thorough analysis to determine who are your direct/indirect competitors and suggest improvements. We also, review your suggested reference sites for design inspiration.

Create Technical Requirements/Features Document
Itemization and list of all project features based on business goals and detailed description of technology and platforms used.

Explore Content Strategy
If content curator is not provided in project scope our team will explore and suggest possible content strategy options for text copy, imagery, and other media.

Resource & Asset Allocation
We work with your team to gather all appropriate content, images, videos, logo files, and log-in credentials to begin the project.

Project Kick Off
Familarizing all decision makers with our team to review all project details and milestones to ensure overall success of the project.


Browser Compatibility
Testing for all major browsers (Safari, Chrome, Firefox, IE) to ensure seamless and bug free experience.

Functionality & Performance Testing
Rigorious stress testing each core feature to ensure safety, security, and stability before and after project launch.

Feedback & Tweaking
Consulting with client for development feedback to address all concerns and tweak minor bugs and features post launch.

Client Training & Workshops
Provide training for clients team to manage and operate backend CMS functions, new tools, and software.


To ensure overall project success, we appoint a senior project manager for each project. Our project managers are reponsible for maintaining an open comunication channel between our team and the client, keeping everyone in the loop.

Open Communication Channels
Project Managers keep transparency as project priortiy, stressing constant client feedback and collaboration via email, calls, Skype and Basecamp.

Weekly Updates
Updating client with progress reports on weekly milestones and project status via weekly check-ins, meetings/Skype calls, emails.

Internal Time Tracking Tools
Our Project Managers use internal time tracking tools to manage and monitor team effort.

Updated Project Schedule
Our Project Manager keeps a master project schedule with weekly goals/milestones that is shared with the client.

179 Testimonials

Cornbread Hemp Co

Working with Minion Made legitimately felt like waking up on Christmas morning several times a week, SO EXCITING.... Their ability to quickly develop a site and make it look like a truly wonderful masterpiece is astounding. I was honestly sad at the end of the project because the build out has just been so much fun, and I felt like I made a few New York friends :) These guys, and gals, are true pro’s of their craft. I have been involved with several web build-outs, and I can honestly say this was by far the quickest and most efficient web design I have been a part of. You’ve got to know what you want, but they will quickly and effectively make that idea a reality.

Quick responses, quick actions, real professional results. We took an idea from concept to reality in 30 days and I honestly believe that could not have happened with anyone else but Minion Made. Huge thanks to Vinny and his team, and everyone at MM who had a hand in our project. We look forward to continuing to work with you!

Team Cornbread



The team are hugely excited about what they are seeing. The new wireframe looks amazing. Faith has be restored! You really have done a great job of pulling together the many design ideas that have been swirling around.

You should be hugely proud. The more that we are using the site, testing out the site and looking around, the more we love what you have created. The site hangs together well..... there is a natural orderly flow from one section to the next...... many sections just make sense...... and we largely approve of your design choices. The site is a joy to look at and use.

That is a massive relief for us. (Ask VG for a recount of the absolute horrormare of our past web design experiences!)

In an industry filled with far too much "promise" and a palpable lack of "delivery", you stand out as **top flight professionals** that are **clearly good at your craft**.

Thank you bottomlessly for all your hard work.

Michael Todd Beauty

Thanks so much for redesigning our website. We love it!

Other Circles

Excellent! Thanks very much for all the work you have done. We are very happy with the result!!!

Galiano Wine

Minion Made has made the most elegant and perfect website for the design and structure that we were hoping to achieve. Our web visits and leads and quadrupled since we began working with Minion Made. We cant thank you guys enough for your work.


Minion Made really helped take my business' online presence to the next level. Their development work is second to none and have an immense amount of knowledge that we were able to leverage every step of the way. I would highly recommend working with Minion Made for your project big and small, they never failed to impress. It's clear Minion Made is a top Shopify expert, and now we understand why. Thank you guys.

XFL Tickets

Thank you for the adjustments. They look good. Appreciate all the efforts here!

Quilling Card

Thank you for all the quick fixes! Very happy with our service subscription thus far. While I’m sure these are layups for you guys, they have been driving us nuts for months!


I am really happy with the website Minion Made created for me. They understood what my vision was for my project and carried it off perfectly and in a timely fashion. Since launching my company. I have been continuing to work with them-now for 7 months! I am still very grateful for their help- I don't have to wait weeks or even days for something to be fixed on my website. I recommend them for anyone, especially to those who are like me, a small start up because however small you are, they are responsive and they take care of you. Thank you so much, Minion Made! I hope we can continue to work and grow together!

ESD Water

REALLY appreciated the excellent and intelligent customer service I received this morning with Minion Made. Multiple questions were answered in a quick and clear manner. Looking forward to ongoing development of our new Shopify site. -- Steve Harrison, Owner, ESD Water.

Grace + Ivory

Thanks for an amazing website! It took some time but the resulting website is stunning. I’ve gotten great feedback from friends and family on the overall look and feel. From proposing the initial design, I like that you let me then mold it into the vision I had. As I’m not familiar with building websites, there were some misunderstandings as can be expected. I like that you took all the feedback I had and made adjustments as needed. I think you were very responsive and thank you for answering in a timely manner. Overall, this was a good experience for us; I’ve learned a lot as this is the first time working with anyone on a website, and I definitely recognize and appreciate the quality of the website I received for the price.

Studio One Eighty Nine

It took us a while to find an agency that could develop a custom Shopify site to our specifications. I have to say it was worth the wait, and it was worth working with MM.

What I really like is their patience, communication, and professionalism. We are very happy with our new website.

BBV Customs

I can’t thank you enough for all of the help and support in getting our site developed and looking sharp as a tack!!! Great Job Minion Made!!!


We really love how our website turned out with Minion Made. It went from a basic Shopify website to a futuristic-looking website. Their platform made communication easy and they got back to us quickly with iterations or fixes. Over email they were usually very responsive, making changes within the day. Working with them was a pleasure and we recommend their services.

Best Ketone Test

The site looks so great! We love it. Thanks Minion Made!

Quilling Card

Minion Made was very quick, thorough and creative in providing solutions to all the different needs we had for our site. They were able to build custom pages and develop a robust back end that tailored to our E-Commerce requirements. We’re thrilled to have a site that is both beautiful and functional. We highly recommend Minion Made for any web development project that requires a high degree of customization.

Quilling Card LLC
Don’t just send a card, send art!

Carnation Collection

I couldn’t of asked for a better group to work with!

Found My Happy

Minion Made was excellent, top notch in their support of my ticket # below. They addressed my request well within 24 Hours, even though it was made on a Sunday! And they have always been so great, each and every time.


I just want to say, "THANK YOU!"

You have exceeded my expectations with your help.

Kerber's Farm

Love Minion Made. They are very helpful and have everything set up for you!


Great adjustments, we already see that our metrics have all had positive improvement since the changes so far.

Thanks for adding a custom product template to the shop. Everything seems to be working great!


Just want to say that you've been awesome throughout this process. I'm really pleased, which is crazy because usually this process is a nightmare. I'm big on sharing my contacts and resources with my peers, so you better believe I will be sending more business your way.

Twine & Twig

We throughly enjoyed working with Minion Made! Their work on our website looks awesome and we will definitely be contacting them for any our website needs in the future. They were quick and patient with our changes and the process was the easiest we've had to go through. Thanks to their team for implementing our wants + needs and making our website more efficient.

Their work on our website and Internet marketing has made a significant different to our business. We’ve seen a 425% increase in quote requests from the website which has been pretty remarkable – but I’d always like to see more!

High Roller Smoke

Minion Made has extremely knowledgeable staff that are always quick to reply. Throughout the process of development they assign a dedicated account manager who is always willing to discuss any issues or concerns your may have.


We loved the work you guys completed on this project!

High Roller Smoke

Thank you very much. It looks great.

Fit & Fresh

You guys work quick! Everything looks great. Thank you!

Lion’s Roar

We launched yesterday! Very excited about it! Looks Great, great job!

Capsule NYC

I had a wonderful time working with minion made. The team was very helpful with building my website exactly the way I wanted it and it has certainly passed my expectations so far. The best part is how quickly the team responds to questions and recommendations. Its been a pleasure.


So happy with Minion Made. We can't wait to launch our new site soon!

Revival Property Group

We trusted Minion Made with developing a custom look for our website. We made the right choice. We could not be happier with Minion Made and the team there that helped walk us through the process of creating a website we absolutely LOVE!

Cellar Stars

Terrific service from Minion Made. Absolutely thrilled with how our website is turning out!

Seven Tool Catching

We are absolutely thrilled with the website! Our customers, and clients love it. We have increased our conversion rates and are now almost doing 2X the business we were prior to redeveloping our website with Minion Made. Highly recommend!

Ague Trading Company

Working with Minion Made has been fantastic. They are quick to respond from the first estimate to the finishing touches on the development. We could not be happier with the service provided AND with our new website. It turned out fantastic and exceeded our expectations.


Working with Minion made has been a great experience. We wanted to merge our wholesale and retail site to one site on the Shopify platform and Minion Made had no problem doing this for us. They have been very patient with us throughout the process of building our new site. Being a small business, we appreciate all the hard work Minion Made has done for us in making our new website look and preform better than a our previous site. They were able to customize the site to meet the needs of our customers. We are overall very satisifed with the results and are excited to share our shiny new site with our customers and prospects.


We loved the work you guys completed on this project!

Pro Stanchions

Thanks to the creative minds at Minion Made, Pro Stanchions has launched our electric and eye-catching new website. Our correspondence with them was swift and precise. They go above and beyond what they offer in their packages and I, Justin Schoen, Owner at Pro Stanchions, recommend Minion Made to the masses.

Serious Steel LLC

Working with Minion Made has been by far the best experience we have had working with a web design and development team. The team has been extremely responsive and receptive to all of our requests from day one. We felt like we could trust them with designing a store that fit our needs and they exceeded our expectations. I would highly recommend Minion Made to anyone looking for web development and design. I know we will be reaching out to them for all future website/Shopify needs.


If you are searching for a web team that delivers as promised, is punctual, knowledgeable and easy to work with - then Minion Made is it! I had a very short time line to complete my site and they were able to deliver on time with more than what I asked for. The support that they provide after your project is complete is beyond what I had expected. Before I started this process I did not realize how important it is to have support after completion. I would hire this team for anything from a small revision to a new build for a website.

ZENGER Jewelry

Minion Made created a site that is exactly what I wanted and they finished in less than a month. Another agency quoted me $30k and it would of took two months to finish it. Minion created the site for fraction of the price and finished within a month! Their customer service is freakishly amazing. I had an issue with the site on a Saturday and Minion fixed it within 30 minutes. Most agencies probably wouldn't even bother to reply you on a Saturday let alone fix it. This is one of the best agency that I have ever worked with.


We really enjoyed working with Minion Made Team. We admire their quick responsiveness to our project.The changes they made to renew our site were amazing and we're really satisfied with its overall new look.

We highly recommend Minion Made to those who are looking for a better website.

Basic Purity

Minion Made, is so great, I would recommend to everyone looking to build a site! They know how to listen to what you want and have the ability to create exactly what you are looking to do! I am so pleased with their work! They also respond so QUICKLY , I am very impressed!!!! HIGHLY RECOMMEND!!!

South Beach Swimsuits

Minion Made has been an absolute pleasure to work with. has been in busienss for almost 15 years and we have re-built our site a hand full of times. We went from a custom platform to Magento, we re-built on Magento and then went back to a custom platform. We have been on our current system for over 4 years, and the technology has never been upgraded. Tasks have been extremely tedious and very costly on a custom system. Since we have started building out Shopify site with Minion Made, everything has gone smooth and fast. I often ask questions and Minion Made has already completed the task, or the item in question is inherent in the Shopify system. I am beyond thrilled with how our project is going so far, and I can not wait to launch our new site. I look forward to a long and successful relationship with Minion Made and I would highly recommend them to anyone building a website!!! Keep up the great work, and the upbeat feeling, it is refreshing to see in this industry!

Giordana Cycling

Working with the Minion Made team was fast, easy, and full of great support! We had an outline and visual for our site design that we sent over and the team and manager we worked with recreated our vision and we were very happy with the final site. Our site has been up for a few months now and everything is still going great.

We look forward to updating the site in the future and working with Minion Made again.

Fishermen's Source

The site looks great! Thank you.


Minion Made has been an absolute pleasure to work with. They took my preliminary web design and turned it into a piece of art. They were extremely patient with me and exceeded all my expectations. I'm extremely happy I chose them to bring my vision to life. If you're a start up company or just need a new design for your website Minion Made is the right choice.

Michael Rivera

doodle n' designs

Minion Made was able to take my archaic/simple looking site and COMPLETELY transform it into a professional, awesome and smooth running ecommerce platform. I cannot stress enough how impressive it was when I would give Vinny and team laundry lists of arduous and challenging tasks to accomplish and they would turn around with OUTSTANDING results in a few days time, every time. Not only did Vinny and team do a great job with the site, but they gave doodle n' designs the customer facing appearance and platform we were looking for and definitely brought a lot of confidence to our team that we can now further compete in our industry. I have found a long term partner and will continue to work with Minion Made in the future!

Sam Smith / President doodle n' designs


The site is exactly what we wanted. Can't thank the team at Minion Made enough. We absolutely loved working with them on this project.

Casa Design Living

It looks nice :)! Thank you!


If your looking to get into the e-commerce business and have never done this before, Minion Made is the way to go. I had to build a website and I didn’t have a clue. They held my hand literally throughout the whole deal. I couldn’t be happier with the results and professionalism the whole team gave me. For what they charge and what was truly amazing. Priced right and well worth it. They got my future business!!!

And I really really really mean it too!!! Seriously you guys are a gift to Shopify rookies.

R. Riveter

It's been an absolute pleasure working with you. You have managed to make all the updates we have requested, plus any changes along the line have been made very quickly. We are in love with the way our new site is looking and can't wait to present it to the world.

Seven Tool Catching

So happy with how the store came out. Minion Made was professional, personal and very patient throughout the process. This was my first site and I couldn't be happier. I would recommend Minion Made to anybody and everybody, companies big and small.


I spent weeks interviewing several web design companies along with reviewing the costs associated with building an e-commerce website based on recommendations from Shopify. Fortunately, I hired Minion Made! Not only did they create a template to my liking, they were instrumental in the design of our company logo. Their team was able to interpret my vision and turn it into a beautiful reality. Not only did they meet our expectations, but they exceeded them throughout the entire process! Minion’s team was available 24/7 throughout the entire project and for a startup company like Vision Aura, it was essential to have the type of attention to detail and customer service Minion provides. I am grateful and thankful to have worked with Minion Made and I am positive you will be too!

Rick Kersey
Founder of Vision Aura, LLC

Found My Happy

Minion Made is simply the best! And in my opinion way under charge for the quality and service they provide. I started with absolutely no online selling experience and they held my hand the entire way. They are professional, friendly, work super fast and are highly attentive to what you need, even making suggestions/tweaks along the way. They have buit us a top notch site on Shopify and we plan to keep utiilizing their great service for years to come!

Paul Magid, founder

Shawn Mendes Signature

Great job on everything so far. Our president was quite impressed with your work! Thank you again for your amazing work within this very stressful timeline!
- Mindy Sabel / Revlon & Shawn Mendes Signature


I knew that my gut feeling was right. I am glad that I chose you guys for this project. The reviews were so true. You are an amazing Team and just want to say that I love you guys.

Rx Prime Source

You guys are great. Appreciate for everything you do.


I applaud the design work performed on my website. I shared my vision with you and your team bought it to life. Thank you for sharing your talents; I would highly recommend your Minion Made!

Pura Bestia

You guys are amazing I love working with you and your team!

Silk by Nancy

Minion Made helped build our e-commerce business by making us a beautiful online shop.
Even though it was our first time starting an online business so we were without a lot of experience, they were patient and helped us with every question we had. They are very quick in responding and clear in their answers.

We would definitely recommend Minion Made.

Team Silk By Nancy

She's Always Right

Pros: The team is well organized
All task requested was handled accordingly.
When told there's an issue the team responds with etiquette

Cons: Nothing.

Overall I would recommend anyone to this company. You guys are good at what you do, thank you for helping business owners like myself accomplish more!


You've been responsive, getting back to us within a day at most, and the design closely matches our initial mockups. For the budget, I'm very pleased with how much we've accomplished.

Michael Louis Inc

It has been a pleasure working with Minion Made to re-design our website. Their team is very professional and the process of working together was very straightforward through their website dashboard. All of our messages were answered promptly and every aspect of the design that we wished to incorporate were implemented very well. We would definitely recommend Minion Made and look forward to working with them again on our next project.

- Michael Louis Maddaloni, CEO & Founder, Michael Louis Inc.

The Paper Alley

We can't thank Minion Made enough for all their patience and guidance in helping us build our website from start to finish. Vinny and his team were absolute professionals and were so easy to work with. We had tons of things we needed to deal with and they responded to us immediately and had an answer for every question. We felt like they totally "got" everything we were trying to accomplish and it was such a great experience. We feel so fortunate that we chose Minion Made!


Minion Made really helped take my business' online presence to the next level. Their development work is second to none and have an immense amount of knowledge that we were able to leverage every step of the way. I would highly recommend working with Minion Made for your project big and small, they never failed to impress. It's clear Minion Made is a top Shopify expert, and now we understand why. Thank you guys.

Atlas Bar

Minion Made was an unparalleled web-designer. Based off of my inspirations, they created a template that was to my liking and worked with me to modify it until I loved it. They were extremely helpful at every turn and completed tasks as fast as I could assign them. I highly recommend the Minions for all of your Shopify needs and am confident that you'll be just as happy as I am.

Standard Shirt

Minion Made went above and beyond to work with us in creating the perfect website. I consider myself demanding and sometimes hard to please but Vinny and his team were able to ship things in record times. Minion Made's front end dev work on shopify are second to none and we would highly recommend them for any site work.

ADE Imports, Corp.

I am really glad I found Minion Made. I've never created a Shopify store and to do so for a very successful brand with an amazing visual quality, a free theme was not going to be enough. The Minions made it happen - and it was so efficient. A beautiful site worthy of the brand and helping me understand the mechanics of running a Shopify story means I got a lot more than my money's worth.

U-Fit Gear

I am very impressed how the site came out!

Kamari Couture

I can already see a difference in my load time. Thank you!

Just Skin Food

It was amazing to watch my new website come alive with my vision!

Minion Made understood exactly how and what I wanted for the site to express. Working with them was fantastic. I have worked with other website developers, but with Minion Made it was easy. It was evident that they understood what I wanted, and guided me to various options.

Not only did they design a superb custom-made site, but we had to come up with a custom-made wholesale side to the site. - Fanatastic!

Every step of the way they gave me help. Especially when I needed to understand how the new site and platform functioned.

You guys are truly masters at creating visions into reality for websites!

Voila Bebe Shop

Thanks for great work!!! We are in love with our page!!!

Reliable Medical Supply

It has been a pleasure working with you to develop my new website. Your team has been extremely responsive to questions and requests, even taking the time to send me information that helped me better understand the website and how it was being built. I think you did a great job of looking at my old site, taking my vision, and incorporating them both into a much more refreshing and engaging website. I would definitely recommend you and I will certainly use you again on future projects. Thank you guys so much!


On behalf of "SOCRAVE", we'd like to give our thanks & appreciation to the Minion Made (Web Development Team). This company has been nothing short of "Superb" in regards to customer service and attentive detailing in terms of accomplishing our e-commerce store front vision. The entire project was smooth, translucent and we definitely consider them to be a top contender in the industry.

Revival Property Group

One of the best experiences we have ever had with a web development agency. Minion Made set a whole new standard for the development industry for us.


I would like to take this opportunity to thank you I couldn't be any happier for the work you have done. I usually am a very picky customer. I dealt with so many website developer and never encounter someone like Made Minion. The website looks amazing the professional that you guys have shown is terrific. How you guys developed something amazing in a short period of time and how amazing the website is. I couldn't ask for more and everything is on point.

Thank you so much and later on when the other brand comes I will be able to work with you again.

Thank you so much,

Sincerely yours,
Dae Shin

Creative Professional Hair Tools

They are very creative and respond quickly to questions or issues. They are doing an amazing job with my site. I am going to retain their services on a monthly plan for SEO and updates.
Jacob Guttman

Creative Professional Hair Tools

Excellent work!

TEN99 Alliance

After receiving several rather frightening estimates for the development of an e-commerce website for a nonprofit association, we became aware of Shopify, and through them, Minion Made. Minion Made came highly recommended, and for good reason.

Admittedly, we were somewhat hesitant in using a Shopify platform as we had assumed it was primarily for retail applications whereas ours was more service oriented. Moreover, we offer our members a variety of benefits that include healthcare solutions which require extensive disclosures, some of which are regulatory. The creative team at Minion Made succeeded at conveying reams of verbiage in a well-organized, attractive presentation that engages the reader and facilitates navigation through the website. We are certain their expertise in the design and development of our website will be a significant factor in the growth and prosperity of the association and its members.

In these days of all too often complacent, mediocre customer service, Minion Made is indeed a shining exception. Throughout the development process we found them to be professional, eminently skilled, patient and extraordinarily accommodating, often times seeing them work well into the evening to complete a task on time. It is without hesitation that we emphatically recommend Minion Made, Vinny and his team, and ourselves very much look forward to working with them on future projects.

Guy Girardin
Alpha Agency, LLC, Marketing Agents for TEN99

Esslinger Foods

Impressive is an understatement!

Minion Made truly exceeded our expectations. Working with them couldn’t have been any easier.

They are very responsive, usually making any requests or changes within 24 hours.
Minion Made asked us for a few websites that we admired, and then sent us a rough template to begin our project. From there, it was simple back and forth through their convenient dashboard, and within a few iterations our website was completed. The even offered to help us post-launch. We highly recommend their services!

Anthem Off-Road Wheels - Official Store

I can't say enough good things about working with Minion Made for our store redesign. These guys are Shopify experts and it shows. They were able to help us set-up the site around our specific needs. They work quickly, communicate well, and don't stop until everything is perfect. Overall - highly recommended.

Glamour Dolls

These minions are everything you imagined they would be; Dedicated, hard working, and always there for you! I came into this project knowing exactly what I wanted, and they delivered. As a business owner I tend to be demanding (sorry guys), but the minions were beyond patient and worked in a professional, timely manner. They also helped me to learn the backend of the website, and how many of the new features worked. They made it incredibly easy to communicate with them, and made it a priority to make time for me (no matter how silly my questions). I truly appreciated that. The best part? They made a process that could have been potentially really stressful, really FUN! The new site is not just functional, it’s fabulous! Thank you for everything minions!

Glamour Dolls

Thanks guys super happy!!

Renee Redesigns

We take a lot of pride in our products and we wanted a site that showcase that. I spent a few weeks researching web site designers and received several competing quotes. After reading tons of great testimonials, we decided to go with Minion Made and I am soooo happy we did. They are extremely easy to work with and brought our vision to life beautifully! The fact that they offer on going assist is very comforting. I would highly recommend working with the Minion Made Team!

Eat Better Meals

Minion Made took my concept and brought it to life. Due to the nature of my business there are a lot more customizations and it wasn't just a put it up kind of a site. The fact that they were able to take my vision and bring it to life is amazing. Thanks!

Renee Redesigns

Wow! I love the overall vibe of the site, you definitely achieved the look I was hoping for. I am so happy I chose to work with your team!

Probus NYC

Looks really good!

Masterclass Apparel

Thank you for your hard work!

Wayside Publishing


Cardstock Warehouse Paper Co Inc.

A BIG thank you to Minion Made for the creation of our new website! Vinny and staff were always pleasant and eager to assist our many questions, concerns and requests as we worked through the design and implementation from scratch. Our goal was to create a site that was not only beautiful, but also functional and customer friendly, a place that our customers would enjoy coming back to again and again. Our company moto is “Make Something Beautiful” and Minion Made helped us to make it happen!

Park Prepper

I've been impressed with Minion Made every step of the way. They were able to take some relatively vague ideas I had about how I would like my site to look and brought it to life in the most amazing way! It's almost like they were in my head! As we started making tweaks, they were responsive every step of the way and were patient with me when I was trying to figure out how to help them integrate mail chimp and other services. I'm looking forward to working with them again in the future and I can't recommend them enough!


Minion Made gave me exactly what I wanted and needed from my website, while still empowering me to take ownership of everything moving forward. I received the look, professionalism, clarity, and even branding that I desired-it's literally perfect. I also have the confidence to run the site on my own from this point, forward. Working with Minion Made has given me exactly what I needed to cover the distance between where I was and launch day.


t's been a long journey working with MinionMade since I wanted some very heavy customizations on my shopify store. These guys made a beautiful website for me. I think they are a very capable and effective bunch. If you know what you exactly want they will deliver good work. If you are as detailed oriented as I am, you will need some iterations after they finish the initial setup. They key to working with them is being specific as to what you want and they will do their best to deliver all the little details you need to be taken care of. We went through very many iterations on my website and they gladly accommodated all the requests that could have been accommodated within their framework. They are super responsive, quick with not only answering emails but also making all the requested changes. Again, the key is being specific and asking for exactly what you want. They are a pleasure to work with and I'd gladly go back for any work I may need in the future.

Project Cordless

Minion Made has been great from beginning to end. They have worked with me to get my site exactly the way I want it. They are a pleasure to work with!

My Garden, Inc

Last month we decided to launch our website on Shopify instead of building and hosting it ourselves. We chose Minion Made based on research and the number of positive customer reviews. It has been a real pleasure to work with Minion Made since day 1. The project kickoff process was straightforward and painless. We were really impressed with the initial version of our website which was delivered ahead of schedule. We were able to easily collaborate with the Minion Made team during the review and testing phase of the project. They answered all of our questions and implemented many of the changes that we requested the same day. We are very excited to launch our website later this year and know that Minion Made will be there to support us. Thank you Minion Made!

Once Upon a Skirt

Three months ago, we decided to scrap the original website and go with the established e-commerce interface of Shopify. We chose Minion Made based on the number of excellent customer reviews. Working with the Minions has been a great experience! They answered all of our questions within minutes, not days and most of the changes we requested were implemented the same day. We now have a site that our company and customers deserve. After launching, the Minions are still providing their expertise and customer care to fix the issues we couldn't have realized during the testing phase. I am confident that our company has a website that will continue to meet the needs and exceed the expectations of our customers. Thank you Minion Made!


I had a really great experience working with you guys. I know I was really specific about some the design elements, but you guys were quick to act and understanding. Communication was easy and I appreciated all the feedback you guys gave. I love the new site and I'm super excited to officially launch it in September. I'll pass the word along to any friends that may need your services. I know a ton of people in the creative / business sector that would love to work with you.

Thanks for everything! If I have any issues I won't hesitate to contact you.

8Bit Guru

Im one of those people who has great artistic taste and absolutely no artistic ability. I was a bit nervous at first working with Minion Made because trying to make someone else realize a vision of what you want thats in your head can be quite daunting and possibly turn out disastrous.

Minion Made took my concerns off my shoulders and carried the burden of what I wanted themselves. After giving them a few examples of what I liked in a website, they instantly took over my account and began to work. During the process their communication was prompt and they answered any questions I had.

After a very quick turn around the day came where I got to log into my account to see what the Minions had Made. Honestly Im still sitting here shell shocked at how they not only nailed the looks and concept behind what I wanted, but EXCEEDED all of my expectations. I am now the owner of a website where, if it weren’t mine and I happened to stumble across it, I would instantly bookmark it. It is honestly just a pleasure to sit back and admire the work they’ve done.

For a small start up such as myself Minion Made has given me the gift of starting ahead of any competition!

Model Car Workbench

I just wanted to say a few words about the great job Minion Made did working with me to create my website, . I explained to the team, in the beginning, that I was basically computer illiterate and did not really know how to guide them in creating what I wanted. They said, "No problem.", and went right to work. They created different designs and sent them to me to look at to see which ones were heading in the right direction. As we communicated back and forth, they made many changes until it was just what I was looking for. They were very patient with me, and worked tirelessly to achieve the end result. If you are looking for a company to build a website for you, don't look any further than Minion Made.

Thanks, Steve Tucker


I was so pleased with Minion Made's professionalism and care. They were available to speak and discuss any concern at just about any hour. The job was completed to my full satisfaction.

Model Car Workbench

Great job on the website guys. Everything looks good. Thanks for all the time, effort, patience, and hard work that you put into bringing this site together for me. If I hear of anyone in need of a website I will certainly recommend Minion Made.

Bun Maternity

I am loving what I see! I am excited about the overall new look.

Kurth Works

Thank you Minion Made! I was lost and confused about what I needed, so I
contacted Shopify and they told me that Minion Made was the best, so I went for
it. And I'm so happy I did! Super fast service with wonderful communication, and at a great price! These guys know what they're doing, thanks again!

Filmnation Materials

Thank you again for everything and for being so helpful with all the tasks and comments, we <3 MM!

Lavender By The Bay

Working with Minion Made has been a true pleasure. They have made designing and developing our website, simple and easy especially for someone who knows nothing about web development. I can't recommend them enough. They will make your site unique and help come up with innovative ideas. Thanks again Minion Made!!


Minion Made quickly came up with a functional, customizable layout for my aromatherapy and skin care website. There was clear, organized communication throughout the entire process and I feel comfortable knowing that as I need small changes and tweaks in the future, that they will accommodate me and continue to help me with any questions or needs. I would recommend Minion Made for anyone looking for a customized Shopify website.

Yankee Soaper

Thank you for your help with this project! The changes you made to improve the site design were great!

Gourmet Attitude

Working with Minion Made was a great experience for us. We are a small company and to be honest we are not developers! So when arrived the moment to develop a new website, M.Made was our savior! They are attentives, always available and try to make things easier for you. It was a real pleasure to work with them and I highly recommend them if you are a small company and you're planning to develop and/or improve your website. Thanks Minion Made!

Mangalitsa by Møsefund

Minion Made has been a pleasure to work with on our new Shopify site. They have delivered exactly what we asked, been very responsive to questions, and have turned around requests exceptionally quickly. I would highly recommend working with them for designing new Shopify sites or getting pro-level help on upgrading the design of existing sites. Quite simply they've done an outstanding job.


This looks GREAT!

Appreciate and love the work you have done for our site.

Kibble Pet LLC

Minion Made was great to work with! They got back to me quickly and were able to help me create the perfect website! I would recommend them to anyone looking for assistance :)

Zelda's Song

Minion Made was an amazingly exceptional partner in migrating and upgrading my existing website to reflect the evolution of my online business. They transitioned and preserved the value of core branding assets that the former site had developed over time – and then enhanced it with well-designed features, functionality and apps that would support current and future growth. They made it all so easy – answering my questions and sorting through my confusion patiently and helpfully! I am so excited to have the online presence I envisioned when I started the business – and I am so looking forward to achieving the full potential of my business with the help of Minion Made and my new website!



My name is Lisa and I was very satisfied with Minion Made. The process was smooth and they responded quickly whenever I had any questions or comments. I would definitely recommend them to anyone that needs a professional website done quickly.

Thanks Guys! I love my website. You understood my vision clearly and you did an Awesome Job!!

Jacques Levine

Our goal was a clean, sophisticated yet easy to use site for a relaunch of our brand's e-commerce site within an SEO and mobile-friendly framework. Working with Minion Made to achieve our intended aesthetics and functionality necessary for a footwear site was faster, better and the high quality we wanted for our brand. They were a real insightful and collaborative partner on the project and we're thrilled to have worked with them! We'll go to the Minion Made team first for any future projects.

My Sticky Quotes

Working with Minion Made was a dream come true. Being a non-technical founder, on a tight budget and working within a specific deadline, the team over-delivered in multiple aspects. Their professionalism in fielding my many requests was greatly appreciated; they always responded in depth and in a more than reasonable amount of time. I truly felt like the team was invested in my project and I'd be happy to recommend them to anyone looking for help on their website.

Meehan Formulations

OMG ....this is looking great !!

Hairymann's Closet

It was a pleasant process working with Minion Made. Each request was answered in a timely manner and was helpful. Overall, our website has turned out great for our company and our vision. Thank you for your help.

Dawn Gallagher: Moringa Beauties

I have only excellent things to say about Minion Made. They were so professional in every way. I was a newbie at Shopify and they helped and guided me in such a way that made it very easy to understand the Shopify platform. I am so happy with my website and I feel I would not have such an amazing website if it was not for Minion Made. Thank you Minion Made for your stellar work and patience.

Pass The Apple

We loved working with Minion Made

Exō Audio

This was my first website to create through shopify, In the back of my mind I always knew it needed major improvement. Shopify sent me a list of their recommended Experts, I emailed almost all of them in my price range ask them if they could just browse my site was something they could improve. Each developer I contacted responded with automated emails asking to set up a time to video call or filling out forms.

Minion Made actually took the time to browse at my website and gave honest critics on their initial response email, even gave me an estimated quote. They took the time to actual go through each page. I knew this was a company i wanted to work with, I called them right away to discuss further in detail what i was looking for. After a brief conversation, I made my payment and we were then set up and connected through a chat portal they provided, I was able to upload pictures and complete task requested. The entire process from start to finish has been amazing and so stress free. All my questions were answered in a timely manner via email and they constantly kept me in the loop on the progress. I made the right choice in selecting Minion Made.

Under $100

Ok thank your team a lot, Its been a pleasure working with you people.

Start Planner

Minion Mades experts have made this dream of ours come to life! We were looking for a partner to help convert our site to Shopify while helping to properly brand our message and tone from the website all the way down to the email. We highly recommend them if you are looking for a dedicated team. - Kristy Dickerson

Dzhavael Couture

Minion Made has help run our website smoother and has helped us become more seo friendly. Thank you Minion Made.

Fragrance Plaza

After further review we are extremely pleased with all the work that has been done so far.

Start Planner

FOR REAL, you guys are amazing. we are SO excited to launch this site, you really have no idea! (jumping for joy, behind the scenes!)


Thanks a lot guys!


My first time using minionmade,

it was a really awesome experience

they replied FAST even through there was a time difference, they were extremely accommodating and they did their work FAST!

they solved my coding issue immediately and i'm a happy customer

A+++++ and would recommend :)



Boutique Noir & Sweat/Lounge

I have been in business for 5 years online and have worked with numerous website people. Each time before working with Minion Made, my website had experienced technical difficulties, like malware, the web team used programs that were not user friendly for someone with basic website knowledge, and worse, I was always unable to reach out to my web team because they simple were not available. Minion Made has made my experience with a revamp of my site not only easy, but they were able to provide a competitive look to the site. They have been helpful, attentive and furthermore, prompt with answers in regards to dilemmas and questions regarding the site. In the past, other companies took days to respond to questions, while Minion Made makes it a point to answer emails asap even after hours. The site is user-friendly, clean, functional, and were able to help bring the new aesthetic we were going for to life. I would recommend them in a heartbeat, and I have already.

​I couldn't be happier. Thank you ;-)​

Whispering Prayer

Thanks guys the changes look good.

Digitally Acclaimed

Ok so honestly I read all of the positive reviews on Minion Made's page and at first I was skeptical... but then I called the number, and to my surprise there was someone at a desk who answered every single one of my questions. He made me feel so comfortable in every way, I ordered just as soon as I got off of the phone. The entire process of building my website has truly been seamless. I'm extremely happy with the process, and they worked with me until I got the website done exactly how I wanted. Thanks Minion Made!!

Le Mani Moto

Hiring Minion Made was the perfect choice!

When a client asked me to find a great developer and platform to build out their new e-commerce site, I was unsure of which companies to work with. After hours of research, I chose Shopify as the right path. After looking through templates and developers on Shopify for minutes, I knew that Minion Made was the perfect choice. They were very high rated as Shopify Experts with 30+ reviews in which many past clients mentioned that branding and design was in their skillset. This can be rare as some developers are only technical, this was the icing on the cake.

After working with their team to get my client's site out to a high-end market for custom built motorcycles, I can honestly say that hiring Minion Made was the perfect choice! I'm looking forward to working with them again soon!

Rob Jelinski, Founder & Creative Director
Rob Jelinski Studios

Boutique Noir & Sweat/Lounge

Exactly how we wanted it. Im very happy.

The Imaging World

Great job!!


Minion Made had strategic clarity in implementing the best Web Solution for our distinct and unique needs. I highly recommend very responsive and excellent support and team ! Would certainly choose there services again.

CEO Vocate Academy
- Faris Jebara

Le Mani Moto

Great job!


Minion Made and Vinny were understanding of our vision and did a great job of connecting
that vision to a store look than was market specific. I found them to be a quality team with
very high integrity.

Miss Design Berry

Working with Minion Made has been an absolute delight. They were able to take my vision and turn it into a working site so quickly, and are lightning fast on every round of revisions. I am a small business owner myself, and their customer service has not only exceeded all my expectations, it has inspired me to improve upon my own customer service! I would absolutely recommend them to my friends and clients!

Restored Timbers

A huge thank you to Minion Made for all of their help in developing our new web site. They do excellent work. They are extremely easy to work with, and they respond to requests and finish their work very quickly. I would absolutely recommend them.


Working with Minion Made has been excellent experience. They helped us with design and
basic website structure.

Cult Eyewear

You are doing a great job! Really pleased with the way it's all coming together!

Make Life Good!

In a word - fantastic. That’s how we would describe working with Minion Made. They did everything they said they would. They were always on top of things and very responsive. MinionMade has a great system set up that allows them to build beautiful and functional Shopify websites and eccomerce stores. We are extremely happy with the final website design. And we truly appreciate all the great work they did. It is the beautiful website we hoped for. All of us at The Make Life Good Company couldn’t happier. We strongly recommend them to anyone who has big ideas for their websites but need one built at a very reasonable cost.


This website looks.............................. AMAZING

haha thank you so much for your work

Make Life Good!

We truly appreciate all the great work you have done. This is turning out to be the beautiful website we hoped for.

The Music Zoo

We couldn’t be happier with the results from Minion Made. This was one of the first projects we’ve ever done out-of-house, and it was clear from the beginning we made the right choice. Minion Made worked really hard to give us a modern theme packed with the features we required, while maintaining specific branding elements our previous site was famous for. Communication was easy, the service professional and minor tweaks were implemented to perfection. As time goes on, trends change and new features arise, we know who we’ll be contacting to keep us on the cutting edge of ecommerce design!

Mother Mantis Market

Working with Minion Made has been nothing short of a pleasure. We admire their work ethic and responsiveness to our project.

Style Supply Club

These guys are incredible. They have really provided us with something we can be proud of once we launch. Not only the development, but the knowledge they provide you with, is something that can really help you manage your store after its all developed! We are forever grateful, and forever Minion Made supporters.

Green Label Roasters

Minion Made was able to resolve a big backend problem we were having with our original store. They identified the problem and we were able to transfer our template to Shopify and did so in a very timely manner. Not only does our website look great but the support has been great as well. Thanks again Minion Made, and especially Vinny, we look forward to working with you guys again.

Picture Your Photos on Wood

Working with Minion Made has been excellent. We are very happy with the quality of the website.
In our case, we wanted a simple website as compared to those selling similar products.
End result - a really nice site !! Anyone using Minion Made will not be disappointed - they did what they promised.

Maria Paulina

Working with Minion Made was a great experience. Their team is extremely knowledgeable in all things E-commerce and Shopify. We are excited to launch our store and could not have done it without the help of Minion Made. For anyone looking at starting an e-commerce website on Shopify, we would definitely recommend Minion Made above all others!

Craig's Grill Seasoning

Minion Made hit it out of the park! They changed my theme to accommodate my business type. They also made it very professional looking from my previous layout. They are so efficient when the only hold ups were due to my schedule. I wanted help with SEO and conversions. The site design is built to help convert site visitors to buyers. I am so pleased! Great job!

You guys are awesome.

Glowing Vessels

You guys are awesome, really had fun working with you all on this project. Not only did you all go out of your way to cater to my business needs but you did so diligently. I enjoyed everything including the vision and creativity of your team. I would definitely recommend you guys to others.

Convivium Press

I fully recommend the Minion Made team for their excellent design and set up of our new website. Minion Made represents for us good values, such as excellence, honesty and diligence in responding to our needs, and we have come hand in hand with leading edge technology and high impact design, as we were expecting from them. The expert way in which they helped us organize the contents of our website and the ecommerce tools, in perfect coherence with our needs and requirements as a Publishing House, show that they are right up there at the level of the leading designing and digital marketing companies, treating each client in a personal and respectful manner. We will surely keep working with them in future projects, and recommend them unreservedly.

Forever Young Swimwear

It was a pleasure working with you guys. I feel from the beginning there was great communication and a desire to understand what we were wanting in the design of our website. It was nice to have prompt responses to our requests and ultimately a finished product that fit our needs and vision. We will definitely be contacting you again with any future projects. Thank you

Liv Chic

Vinny at Minion Made created a beautiful e-commerce site for us. He was very responsive, getting back to me quickly every time I had a question or wanted to add something to the site. Their project message board really helped keep everything organized as we went through the process of adding content and pictures. I highly recommend Minion Made for any similar project.

Setup The Upset

Minion Made's work has been invaluable for us. We saw in instant spike in conversions with their help for SEO and our sites redesign, generating targeted customers and conversions.


Minion Made Team,

Hey guys I just wanted to say thank you so much for the wonderful job on the website.
It is exactly what we pictured and I can't thank you enough.
My girlfriend will be starting a private tutoring service and we will definitely reach out to you regarding that project.
Thank you again for all your help & patience with us.

-Anthony T. Elix

Minion Made did an amazing job at taking a website we currently had on another platform and bringing it to Shopify. We wanted to stay as close to our previous theme as possible, but they managed to design a brand new theme that we couldn't turn down. The theme they designed was much more professional looking and optimized for conversions, but they still managed to keep our basic branding requirements very noticeable. Especially after dealing with a problematic developer in the past, Minion Made exceeded all of our expectations and proved to us what a true web development company can do! They were also quick with follow-ups post launch to help us out with questions we had. Highly recommended!

Cooler Time

These people are good. We prematurely launch our site and thy are still working on developing it. We are planing to use them again on future developments

Shop Stork. | Online boutique for the seriously cool.

I am so happy I chose Minion Made to create and help launch my e shop. They were very responsive and designed a beautiful, easy high quality shop platform for me. They created a logo that stands out and is brilliant, I cant say enough about how awesome they are.
Thank you so much for helping bring my vision and dream to life.
owner, Shop Stork.


Job well done.

People of the Sun

Not only did Minion Made provide me SEO services, but they also taught me the intricacies, the inner workings of google ranking. I would use their services again!

Franck Bohbot

Extremely professional and easy to work with. I let them take the reigns and couldn't be happier with the finished product. I am excited to launch!

Style Supply Club

Really awesome company. They are fun and energetic and seem to really enjoy making websites!

2 Good Apples

Such a smooth easy process from start to finish. We enjoyed working with Minion Made and highly recommend them.

Salerno Distributing

We felt welcome from the very beginning and enjoyed working with Minion Made throughout.

Olive Ewe Boutique

I contacted Minion Made on 7 January 2015 to assist with some work that I needed handled for my website (online boutique via my Shopify store). I called and spoke with Vinny, who was the manager on the job. Vinny was extremely knowledgeable and thorough. Everything happened so quickly, the customer service and quality of work was TOP NOTCH. My job was completed the same day and they knew exactly what to do without much direction at all. I will definitely be using them again in the near future and I would HIGHLY recommend them to anyone I know requiring technical assistance. If I could give them 10 stars I would. I'm HUGE on customer service being a business owner. Minion Made is right up there with Neiman Marcus & Chick Fil A (those are two businesses (not including my own) that I have ALWAYS received IMPECCABLE service from . . . Minion Made is now on that list. Great job with selecting these guys. ~ Lawana Batson (Olive Ewe Boutique)


Minion Made completely exceeded my already high expectations! They were professional, easy to communicate with and incredibly affordable. What really took their work over the top was the actual web design they did for me though, adding their own spin on what I'd asked to make it better than I even could have imagined. I can't say enough how Minion Made is the best choice in web design by a mile.

Okki Nokki

Minion Made has done an exceptional on my new website. Perhaps better than the result is the process which narrowed down on my needs and wants and executed a fully functioning site in days, not months. They went out on the web and found the materials to make the site that much better without me asking. And of course, the price was right!

No Rulez NY

I thought it would be impossible for me to find a web designer to customize my theme and make me store look exactly how I wanted to. I pretty much lost all hope until I came across Minion Made. Minion Made assured me that they would do whatever it takes to get my website done to look exactly as I wanted to and function exactly as I wanted to in the time frame that I needed. There were no delays and I was never told something couldn't be done. They did an AMAZING job bringing my vision into a reality. Their support team was extremely helpful and was quick to answer any questions I had. The second I sent an email asking something it was almost fixed right away. I couldn't have asked for a better company to give my trust to making my business go to the next level.

Minion Made is BY FAR THE BEST out there. I have worked with several different companies and there was not one other company that did as great of a job. I will definitely continue using Minion Made for all of my design and coding needs. I am excited that I had the opportunity to build a relationship with such great and talented individuals.

Picasso Jasper

We are so impressed with how quickly Minion Made turned our ideas into a "store"-- literally brought tears to our eyes! Communication was better than expected- we didn't even know where to start/what we wanted & they were able to read our minds:)! Can't say enough about MM! Thanks so much & we look forward to our ongoing partnership!

Catherine Angiel

I reviewed minion midway through my project, and was very pleased. My project has now come to an end and I felt they deserved another thumbs up. Thorough, creative, responsive and brilliant. I will no doubt use them again for future projects.

Catherine Angiel

I reached out to numerous experts and Minion was the best. They looked into my specific needs, and made great suggestions to improve my website and its performance. They did not try and sell me, they cared. It's a wonderful surprise to work with a company that over delivers, and they thus far have done so. I am also pleased they are available to speak by phone, and are located in NY. I find that is a great help in communication.

Napsack Club



These guys are great! Seamless experience in transferring shops. So glad we found and entrusted Minion Made to take on our project!


I can't stress the importance a web store is to a company that heavily relies on sales from our very own web store. Minion Made has created a site that is easy to use for our visitors allowing for expansion far past our expectations. They have bent over backwards for us from the very start in creating a brand that we are extremely proud of!

The BEAT Dance Tour - Web Store

We are so happy to have dealt with Minion Made in the creation of our brand as well as the over all development of our company. Minion Made kept in constant contact throughout the entire creation process. Their pricing and process really put us at ease working within our budget going above and beyond what we were expecting!

Save On Toners

Minion Made has been incredible. From the very beginning I felt comfortable in their pricing and support as they developed a web store that exceeded my expectations in every single way. I certainly recommend them for any and all branding, development and design services. Their support, pricing and project outcome is unmatched with respect to my experience with other companies!!

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