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About Mike Wagan

Hey there, Mike Wagan here, E-Commerce Developer, Shopify Expert & Conversion Optimization Specialist.

My goal is to give small to medium sized businesses leverage by providing them quality & honest work in developing their online e-commerce websites.

A little bit more about myself; I have been working with online businesses since 2007, I finished my Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science at the University of the Philippines, which is one of the top Universities in Asia.

Me & my family are based here in the Philippines and we do enjoy traveling.

I’ve worked with about 50+ businesses now. I’ve had clients from US, UK, Australia, Sweden, New Zealand, Canada, and also local clients.

I currently specialize on the Shopify E-Commerce Development field, helping businesses with their setup, design, develop, market, and optimize their Shopify stores.

This year is the best time to start growing your online presence. Whatever product or service you are offering, it all comes down to how good you present them on your website.

Are you just starting out with your site, or maybe you have already setup your online store but you’re sales are not picking up, or maybe your online store design is not updated or worse, its not yet mobile friendly? Or you might need some help with your Facebook Advertising or Google Adwords campaigns?

Any task related to your Shopify store requires designing, coding, setting up widgets, plugins, modules, payment gateways, and maintenance, let me help you with that!

Have leverage on your business today by letting me contribute my expertise to your company. I will personally work on your E-commerce website with my team of skilled web developers and internet marketers, and ultimately bring in the results that you want!

Here are some client feedback:

“Mike is really sharp with Shopify Optimization, and helped us get more conversion from organic search traffic.” – WOD Nation Gear, Shopify Conversion Rate Optimizatin

“Mike delivered on all our wishes and the end result is what we wanted.” – Geckoresearch, Marketing Consultation

“The job was completed very well and in the correct timescale.” – Rook Records UK, Shopify Marketing Consultation

“I hired Mike for the first time to fix an integration issue. Mike did an amazing job on this project and was able to complete it in under three hours. Great communication, attitude, and work quality. Will definitely work again in the future. Thanks, Mike!” – My Video Breakthrough, Clickbank/Wordpress Integration

“Mike is extremely good at communicating his progress and his work is absolutely top notch! Very glad I found him for our website refresh and email pop-up collection solution. Will definitely work with him again.” – Claudine Wines, Shopify Design & Marketing

“Mike was extremely good at communication and did an excellent job in record time! A+++ I will definitely be working with Mike again.” – Nabee Socks, Shopify Marketing Consultation

“Mike did a great job and completed the tasks successfully.” – Black Mask Royal, Shopify Template Customization


Let's bring your business to the top!



I encourage you to TAKE ACTION & Contact Me here on Shopify Experts for a FREE Consultation with your Shopify development inquiries.

Also check out my blog for any work-related updates & tips at mikewagan.com

2 Testimonials

Prime Travel Cases

Our site looks really good from all the work that Mike Wagan and his team has put into it. The price is really fair and waaay reasonable than the rates that we can get here locally in US. Also, all the products that have been added to our store looks exceptional and the timing of delivery was on point.

He is always available for communication and was also able to fix any issues that we encounter.

He even made some tutorial videos for us when we needed help in the Shopify Admin area. Really great experience with Mike!

Travel Loco

The Travel Loco website was built from the ground up by Mike. All the requirements were done accordingly - from product research, best converting template, checkout processors, up to facebook and google adwords marketing were done by Mike, within the time and budget.

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