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About Mikamai

Mikamai has been building e-commerce sites since it was founded in 2008. Based in Milan, Italy we have worked with brands to create effective brand and communications strategy, high quality design that couples best practice with innovative techniques, years of technical expertise and our love for creating effective strategies thru technology.
We build custom web and mobile app but for quick, effective, and straight forward sites we use the Shopify E-Commerce Platform with exceptional results and satisfied clients.

- Brand identity
- Shopify store setup
- Migrations to Shopify
- Custom theme design and development
- Shopify app design, development and installation
- Support and maintenance: ongoing design and development

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We are a Vintage shop with 3 stores located in Milan, we needed to have an ecommerce and to be more visible for our retail customers. Being a small company we needed to have an easy to use platform. Mikamai helped us to find shopify and built our ecommerce. After that they helped us to start to use shopify. With Matteo and Andrea from Mikamai we did a 2 days of training to all the shop personal with main topics creation, management of content, catalog, reporting, users and other minor features. We are now working togther. Matteo and Francesco have been very helpful and able to communicate with our personal wich hasn't a formal training in ecommerce and digital marketing.

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