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About Metacake

Metacake is a full-service ecommerce success agency. We create visually-stunning ecommerce experiences that are designed to sell. We help our clients grow their ecommerce businesses through data-driven and customer-focused design and marketing.

For live stores, our experienced team helps to grow customer lifetime value and overall revenue through deep analytics, conversion rate optimization, and customer acquisition.

We also offer fully outsourced administration of your ecommerce store where you are able to focus on your product and we can focus on bringing online success, day-to-day.

We've enjoyed helping our clients achieve amazing success through our intentional customer-focused design and data-driven approach. Our clients include mid-level businesses as well as large retailers such as Walmart, Lenox, Macy's and Nike.

If you want to grow your brand and online sales, then we'd love to talk to you. Contact us today!

6 Testimonials

QuakerBooks of FGC

Working with Metacake was a delight. They were knowledgeable, did the work on time, and met all our needs. They were very responsive to our questions, came up with practical solutions, and the pricing met our budgetary needs. We are well please and would highly recommend them.


I am so glad that I got the chance to work with the crew at Metacake! They have helped me in more ways than they will ever know. I needed help with my website, photography for my products, strategy for social media marketing...these guys helped me with every bit of that. I really got lucky when I found them!

Palouse Brand

They were easy to work with, fast, understood my expectations - and I never had to get on the phone with them - way to make it easy for me!!!

Dr. Axe

Fast, conversion focused and I'd definitely recommend working with them.


Having just wrapped up a large e-commerce, custom build with Metacake, I cannot recommend their team enough. They brought far more to the table than just web design. They carefully crafted an effective and beautiful store. They listened to us, learned about our brand and our goals, and built a beautiful but highly functional site that perfectly reflects who we are and where we want to go. Each team member played a defined role that added a lot of value to the whole. What would often have been a stressful and drawn out process was very smooth and fun. We are very excited with the end product and look forward to future projects with them.

George Brooks
Ecommerce & Product Manager

Narrow Gate Artisans Store

The crew at Metacake offered both a beautifully engaging and user-friendly site for our store. They were very easy to work with and offered the right amount of feedback in order to get get exactly what we wanted. We even had them on a tight schedule to get things done and they were very patient with our needs and feedback on the site despite the looming due date. Everyone at the shop seemed very knowledgeable in their given field and exampled that is our every day interactions. They were very organized and responded quickly to our questions and concerns about the site.

If you want a site that is aesthetically pleasing and visually engaging that offers ease of access and browsing to users then Metacake can give you that!

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