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About Mark Perini - Web Design | Marketing | Social Media Consulting

My name is Mark Perini, I've been a freelance Web Developer and Social Media Consultant for the past 10 years.

The best part of my job is helping businesses take an idea and flesh it out to a fully functioning business. To me there's no greater accomplishment than helping someone realize their entrepreneurial dreams!

I've built and maintained hundreds of Shopify Stores & businesses and I look forward to working with you.

80 Testimonials

Kevin's Concealment Holsters

After moving my site to Shopify my results ranking dropped from number one to page four and I couldn't figure out how to improve it myself. The day after Mark did his work it was back on page one. His rates are reasonable and his work excellent. Another service said they'd do my seo for a straight $600 a month, which did not make a lot of sense considering they didn't know how much work I needed at the outset, or whether I actually wanted ongoing services. My site still has more tweaking needed, and it's Mark I'll be hiring for it.

Puna Chocolate Company

Mark is a very intuitive developer and very attuned to what I needed. He had the expertise on what works the best, yields the best customer experience, and conversions. I needed a website that conveyed our story and seamlessly allowed guests to learn about us and lead them to the products they wanted to order. We saw an immediate gain in transactions the day his design was activated.


As a fashion company, we were looking for a way on how to reflect our new membership business model in shopify, which most people we talked to struggled with. Luckily we got connected to Mark, and he reached out to me from an event. Not only is he a great expert when it comes to eCommerce in general, but he was also able to quickly help us navigating through multiple solutions. With his help we are now able to set up the business model in a very efficient way. Collaborating with Mark was a true pleasure in every aspect - he is an amazing expert, he knows how to find the right solution according to your company needs and his friendly, open-minded personality make him a great person to talk to.

Four Years Wasted

Mark was a super efficient and communicative expert. He helped us create some custom code for our collections pages that can easily be replicated in the future. A smart approach. He also had some good insight into general UX and SEO that we will be implementing. Recommended highly.

Quince and Apple | Treat

We worked with Mark to resolve a number of errors on our site that were affecting our SEO ranks. He was super easy to work with, efficient and corrected our issues faster than originally planned. I highly recommend him and his work.

Prince Edward Island Preserve Company

Mark was a consummate professional with a pleasant manner of doing business. He took our pretty good site and polished it up to be a great site. The user experience is much better and we have already seen a bump in increased sales. Thank you, Mark!

Vibrate Higher

Mark was great to work with. He is very professional and responsive. He was able to work on my project and complete it within a week. I've worked with other web developers and have never received the quality and timeliness that Mark delivered.


Mark Perini and his company are wonderful to work with. What began as a web consultation, turned into huge annual savings, a streamlined website, new wholesale portal and a better understanding of SEO and Google algorithms. Most importantly, I believe I have gained a great relationship with Mark and his clear understanding of solutions for small businesses using Shopify. I would refer him to anyone who needs assistance with web design, e-commerce, Shopify and the background connectivity needed to make your site successful.


I can't recommend Mark highly enough. Not only has he created an amazing shop for us, but he has been involved in every step along the way and it is thanks to him that Sprinkle even made if off the ground!
Mark's attention to detail, patience, insight, recommendations, may I say patience one more time!, is what makes him really great to work with. Sprinkle was just an idea when we started but he helped bringing it to life, and where other partners started loosing faith when we hit a few hurdles in the road, Mark was there to keep encouraging and motivating us.
His Shopify expertise combined with his Social Media and SEO skills and advise was exactly what we needed.
Our shop is ready, but this won't be the end of our relationship with Mark!

Pair Piercing

Mark just gets it. We worked (sadly) with another organization and in retrospect, it was so clear they were outsourcing our work. They took forever and never did what we asked. Mark is extremely responsive, always reliable, and delivers. He is creative and can come up with unique cost-effective solutions on the spot. Without Mark, we never would have been ready to launch for the all-important holiday season. I would recommend Mark without hesitation!

Tyneham Luxury Products USA

We have been delighted with the support extended to us by Mark Perini company ‘Social Media Consulting’.

He has helped us throughout the four Shopify sites we now have, Mark has great ideas with regards to website themes and their markets, he is very knowledgeable on Shopify and we have found him easily contactable when needed.

We would have no hesitation in recommending Mark’s company to anyone who is looking for Shopify’s website’ help and support who delivers on time, along with providing honest billing.

Stephen King
Tyneham Luxury Products Ltd & Soho Dispensers Ltd

Toucca Kids

As with any startup, you have a grand vision of how you want your website to turn out. But what we have learned is that it is much harder than it seems to turn that vision to reality. We are so glad that we had found Mark to help us realize this vision. We are very happy to say that after all the hard work we were able to get there! Mark is not only talented and knowledgeable but he is extremely patient. Mark not only took our initial concept of the site and added unique design elements that really brought it together. Unlike other designers who we have worked with in the past, Mark was more of a partner who will take your feedback to heart and urge you to reconsider when he believes what we had requested is not right for the ultimate goal. He has a great balance of technical prowess and eye for design. It was both of those unique qualities that helped us create a site that we love. What brings it all together for us is that Mark as a professional truly wants to see his clients happy with the end result. And its this powerful motivation that drives him to be patient as we work through multiple rounds of edits and tweaks until we were satisfied. Creating a great site is not easy and there will be moments of frustration, but I would trust Mark to help us build another site in the future!

OndadeMar Colombia

Mark is incredibly knowledgeable. His availability and quick response makes him a great asset to any Project. All issues were promptly and successfully taken care of. His positive attitude and constant assertiveness made the general workflow as smooth as it could get. He is resourceful and was always prepared for a fix with various options. We are 100% satisfied with his work and commitment to the project and it has been successfully executed.

Be Brave Be You Campaign

The BE RBAVE BE YOU CAMPAIGN website is the 5th website I've create with the incredible Mark Perini, who I now consider one of my best friends. We did this site in record time. One week!!! We are at that point where he knows what I need before I do. He understands how important it is to have a site that is functional, visually appealing and meaningful. I highly recommend Mark Perini and will continue to grow my business with him.

Adrian East

Mark was the consummate professional and a total pleasure to work with. Very knowledgeable about all things related to shopify and beyond shopify actually. With his expertise and hand-holding, I was able to launch, on time and within budget! Mark was exceptionally easy to work with, met required deadlines, was always available for phone calls and questions. Super knowledgeable without being either arrogant or condescending, really, I had a staff of 150 IT professionals working for me during my days on Wall Street and I would have been proud and considered myself lucky to have Mark on my staff! He was just great!

Sunshine State®

SUNSHINESTATEGOODS.COM Looks amazing because of Mark!! I've been looking for someone to help me with my Shopify site without completely breaking the bank - I am beyond impressed! MARK IS TRULY AN EXPERT! He found ways for me to handle wholesale, use discount automatic emails and gift options without having to buy costly apps. He accomplishes things so fast! We just had a phone call recently & he did everything I wanted him to do during the call... the list had 12 things on it. Highly recommend Mark! So happy to find him. Sincerely, Chelsea McMillan, Founder of Sunshine State®

New York Delights

In addition to being one of the best Shopify Experts – if not THE BEST – Mark is patient. It is a rare quality in this age of now, now, now. Mark patiently helped us along with each baby step in the development of our final site. He responded calmly and graciously to all our questions and educated us along the way with the simplest approach to take. Plus, he gave excellent suggestions regarding our layout and marketing goals.

If you are a new business owner who is befuddled by trying to sort through all the qualities of the multitude of web developers online, search no more. Mark is your man. We initially had web developers who promised the world and did not deliver. When we found Mark, we were delighted. A bright light shined in our world. Let his light shine on yours. It will be one of the best decisions you can ever make for your business.

Grey State

Mark did an excellent job building our Shopify website. He is very professional and patient. He's been great about getting back to us quickly to help answer any questions and troubleshoot any minor issues we encountered.

Embody Your Destiny

Working with Mark is always a pleasure, and his results are quick and well executed. This is the fourth Shopify site that he’s helped me launch and continue to refine. As the business evolves, he finds creative solutions to unique requests that are very particular to the nature of each business.

Specific to this project, he set up my SEO, a couple different custom product page templates, and a members-only blog. Most importantly, he realized a 'card shuffler' - so you can 'pick a card' from my set of reflection cards, and you are automatically directed to see the results. The cards are part of a larger art project and designed to trigger a shift in your state of mind through abstract art and uplifting words. Most people who have a deck like to pull one card to start their day. Now, they can do it online!

I highly recommend working with Mark on your next Shopify project!

Tyneham Luxury Products

We were looking for some time to connect to a web designer that understood our cross markets, between personal and trade online shopping. Looking at Mark’s portfolio, I felt we had finally found the right company.
From my first call Mark put me at ease, his knowledge, awareness and professionalism towards our tasks has ticked all the boxes! He is so aware of the Shopify product and associated Apps, it is a pleasure working with him.
Social Media Consulting are completing our goals, delivering on time and are on budget, we’re very happy!
Stephen King

TOC Bags

Simply as good as it gets! Exceptionally knowledgeable with amazing communication. Could not be happier with the job!


Mark did a terrific job building our Shopify website. His knowledge of Shopify and all of the tools that Shopify provides is excellent. Mark also has a great understanding of the industry, and was able to provide us with knowledge to help us grow our brand. Mark is great at marketing and social media as well, and provided us with a lot of information. He is extremely easy to work with. I plan to call on Mark in the future with website updates and marketing consulting. I highly recommend Mark for web design, marketing and social media consulting.


Mark at Ice Social is one of the excellent Shopify Experts we work with for our online store. We recently had a tight turnaround for some customizations and he came on board, gave us a fair estimate, worked his magic and got the job done in a very timely manner. Clear communicator, personable and helpful. Highly recommend!

Pinpaper Press

Mark is a technically proficient, full-bore Shopify expert. But what really sets him apart is the fact that he is a thoughtful, proactive, creative, and discerning business "partner" who has treated our projects as his own. He routinely comes up with solutions to challenges that have not yet emerged but are coming into view, so that he is ready even before you ask. I have worked with hundreds of freelancers and Mark is in a very small group that I can recommend without any hesitation or caveat. He will be part of our projects going forward for as long as we can keep him answering the phone when we call. The best decision you can make for your site or your business is to get Mark involved on your next project. ~ Andrew Hellman, Founder & CEO - Teroforma / Pinpaper Press

Mark Zunino

I'v ebeen working with Mark Perini for about 3 years after finding his name on the expert list here on Shopify. He has created 5 different platforms forms for me. He is an amazing person to collaborate with on design ideas and function. He is extremely fast and well knowledged in his expertise. I highly recommend him for all of your web platform needs. Great guy!!!!


Mark is professional, patient, and talented. I love the design he recommended and feel of the website, matching our brands style. He completes the project on time and within budget. I am very happy with his work. Thanks, Mark!

Lisa Robertson

Mark Perini was the most wonderful web designer I have ever worked with. I got multiple estimates, and even started working with several other people before I was referred to him. He is knowledgeable, helpful, and very responsive. His pricing is extremely reasonable. He had great ideas and recommendations regarding my website. I was moving from a Shopify Buy Button to a full Shopify store and he helped me every step of the way. He was never too busy for a phone call, and he never seemed bothered when we asked him multiple questions. Mark made my website transition as easy and as stress free as possible, and I will definitely use him for any/all future website projects. Working with him was really a wonderful experience!


Mark has been a life saver. We were on a very tight timeline to get our site up and running and we brought Mark in at the last minute as our initial web designer wasn't working out. Since we had our photos selected, copy ready to go and the theme picked out that we wanted to use Mark was able to knock it out very quickly. He spent a good hour on the phone with me before setting the site to go live to tweak a few things and has offered to do a little customization that we've asked for. We'll definitely be using Mark in the future as our company and website expands. Highly recommended!

Spoiled Sports

Mark did a great job converting our backend system from big commerce to shopify. We've been so happy with the capabilities of the new system which was changed to on his advice. He was able to answer all questions and is always very responsive.

Heart and Stone Jewelry

I found Mark through Shopify experts and he had really great reviews so I a gave him a try. Mark did not disappoint! I had set up my own store and did a bunch of Google & SEO set up on my own but was not showing up in search results. Mark quickly pinpointed and fixed the problem. Once he made the fixes I was showing up on the first page of organic search results! He also made other great suggestions along the way. I will definitely hire Mark again and would highly recommend.

The Basket Lady

We were put in touch with Mark through our Shopify MSM and hired him to do a free shipping coupon customization that no one else could/would do. Mark was fantastic to work with and understood exactly what we wanted to accomplish. He found the best stable solution, wrote the code, tested and implemented in about 2.5 weeks. We would highly recommend him and look forward to working with him again on future projects.

Orseund Iris

Mark was really great to work with. Super happy with how informative, fast and helpful he was. Def. will be working with him again. Glad I found someone trustworthy.

Mi Jong Lee

Mark Perini actually brought to life a creative vision for our growing company. He is a talented web designer who is easy to work with and easily accessible.
It is always a great experience to work with him.

Vana LTD

Mark has been a tremendous resource for building our Shopify site! He is a pleasure to work with, incredibly responsive, and has a great sense of visual style. We often put tight deadlines on him, and the work was always done on time and professionally. If I could rank all of my previous web design partners - everyone would be one and Mark would be an eleven. Mark is highly recommended!

Ame & Lulu

Mark is our go to guy for anything website related. He is up to date on industry trends, works fast & efficiently and always has a solution. We highly recommend Mark!


We are a skincare product company and were looking for someone to built & design
our e-commerce website. We didn't think we will find someone who can do all of it together. Then we found Mark Perini.
I personally, had few websites built before, for my previous businesses, but never came across someone who can just do it all, and make me feel so at ease about it.

Working with Mark was such a pleasure, he is professional, kind, trustworthy, genuine and really smart! He's always available and very responsive!
Our website came out beautiful and we couldn't be happier starting our new online skincare business adventure!
We highly recommend him! Ravit@OILAH, LLC

Art Of Grooming

It all starts with an idea and then you need to make it happen. An idea is only as good as the execution and Mark definitely understood our vision and was able to execute - flawlessly. Amazing!

Pilgrim New York

First of all, Mark is a person of integrity and honesty. Over 7 years we've invested 15,000 trying to use other site designers in Boston and Seattle and were left with nothing, no webstore and a horrible feeling. Upon meeting Mark, as he was local, meeting in person is great to get a "read' on the person you will be dealing with. Mark was upfront, honest, he produced the work on time, and was also professional even when I asked many questions as this is all foreign territory for us building an online store. It took about 2 to 3 weeks, but Mark helped above and beyond with corrections, suggestions, helped us on other ideas as to marketing etc., he cared. That's the bottom line. Mark Perini cared that we would be successful and have a working webstore. We are immensely grateful for his expertise and help. I truly think he is one of the best for Shopify consultations or building a new site.

World Beauty

I could go on and on about what an amazing person Mark is but that would take all day. Mark is the most easy going person I have ever dealt with. Nothing was ever a problem and he was never "too busy" to pick up the phone. He came up with great solutions to what I thought were nearly impossible tasks. He really made the process of designing my website an absolute pleasure and not a chore. I cannot thank him enough for making this experience painless. You will not go wrong by hiring this guy !!!!!!! I promise !!!!!!

Farm House Collection

We had a great experience with Mark, he was patient with us and explained website information in a format that we could understand. Would definitely work with Mark again!

Ame & Lulu

We had an awesome experience working with Mark, can not say enough good things. He is extremely attentive, responds quickly and was able to quickly fix an issue we were trying to solve for many months. We highly recommend Mark!


We had an amazing experience working with Mark. He is an extremely talented Web Developer & Shopify Expert. Mark developed us a wholesale portal on our existing site, and has provided invaluable support to our business from day one. He was efficient and delivered on all of his promises.

I would highly recommend his services to anyone in a heartbeat!

Thanks for caring so much about our business as if it was your own!



Roaming Cooking® Ware

Mark completed a Press Bar for me and I thoroughly appreciated his level of communication, understanding and expertise. Would highly recommend him.

Sugar Jewlz Handmade Jewelry

I can not say enough wonderful things about Mark!!! He built me a beautiful website that is easy to navigate and will serve my business well as it continues to grow. Mark is a talented web designer but he also is a very patient person. He answered all my questions and listened to what was important to me. Mark also sat with me and explained how to run the site so I can manage it myself.
Mark went way above my expectations. I am very happy I found Mark and you will be too!

Niche Mrkt

I truly enjoyed working with Mark, and I would highly recommend him.

Throughout the entire process, Mark has been absolutely pleasant to work with. He's responsive, knowledgeable, supportive, and, most importantly, patient. As a newcomer to e-commerce, I had some anxiety, fears, and loads of questions. Mark addressed all of this with great ease; he never lost his cool or demonstrated any frustration. Moreover, Mark served as a reliable support system. He'd often take a call with me simply to help alleviate any uncertainty I was feeling.

Mark is also a great resource. He helped me find my photographer (who then helped me find a makeup artist and stylist), recommended certain apps for my store, and even offered up social media experts.

With Mark, you not only get a beautifully designed website, you also get a reliable expert, advisor, supporter, and friend.

Quite simply, hire Mark!


Mark is always attentive to questions, quickly responds, and provides helpful tutorials when needed. Very pleasant, understanding and knowledgeable. Highly recommend!

Sasha + Lucca

From day one Mark has been providing invaluable support to our business, taking on many roles, ranging from web design to social media. We went over our objectives for the online store, key design features we wanted, and Mark delivered on all fronts, exceeding our expectations. His deliverables have been on time, and he remains very responsive, as we finish up "back office" functions. He follows our guidance, but at the same time has been providing alternative solutions that may have a better impact on the way the online store operates, and we appreciate his ability to execute and advise at the same time. Would be happy to work with Mark again.

French Mouse

Mark was helpful and a joy to work with from the beginning. He is very knowledgeable and very patient to explain everything. He is very accommodating but at the same time he infuses great ideas into the work. The result is beautiful.
I am very happy i found him and i will recommend him to my friends.
Thanks Mark!


It was an absolute pleasure working with Mark Perini. He is a professional with a broad scope of design and tech knowledge who quickly understood our needs in developing the Shopify website for Evologie Skin Care. His recommendations and solutions were always on target, especially when it came to mobile. The development stayed on track to meet our planned timing. Mark has become a valued member of our team who we will continue to rely upon as our business continues to grow. Joanne Cardello, Executive Director of Marketing

Maserati Compound

I had left Ebay like thousands of others recently feeling wronged and partially in shock after being with them for fourteen years plus. Having searched for the right platform and people to hook up with I found Shopify , read the reports , emails , reviews and decided that overall you looked pretty good to me. Remember now my business is a " Known " place in the world and I have many long term clients , friends and customers. This had to do with them as much as me. When they visited would it be a fine experience or a brash mess ?
I found Mark Perini through what I can only describe as Jedi Mind Magnetism and made contact with him. Wow , what a difference from Ebay ! A very bright young man who was well schooled in his craft and knew just when to step in and guide you and when to listen or hit the books on your particular thing and come back to the table ready to move ahead with things. My confidence grew with him and over the course of building the site I stepped out of the 1990's and into 2015. Mark covered every aspect of the fine art of presenting one of these sites. He is very responsive , unflappable , honest and talented. Out of the darkness into the light.

Surya Brasil Online

Mark is a great professional, always available to solve my questions.

Biena Snacks

Mark is a fantastic Shopify web developer and designer. He is highly competent, very easy to work with and produces excellent work. Not only does he know the Shopify platform very well - he is also a great graphic designer. I would highly recommend Mark for any number of Shopify projects.

Unbreakable Dames

We highly recommend Mark for all of your website programming needs. He really knows how to get the job done well and add value to your site. Due to his expertise with Shopify, he was able to get the job done extremely fast and therefore saved us a lot of money in regards to our budget as well. Thanks again, Mark.


Mark has an in-depth knowledge about the Shopify platform. He responds quickly, is a problem solver, and is truly a great partner to have to launch your website. He has been a life-saver in helping me with changes to the look and feel of the site, as well as functionality and tying in social media and analytics. I highly recommend Mark Perini.


Mark was kind enough to speak with me on the phone and even travel to my office in Brooklyn to troubleshoot my site and help my team understand what it was to have a website. I really appreciated his professional assistance in launching my site! Thanks Mark!

Teroforma Wholesale

We worked with Mark Perini on a variety of projects ranging from small custom theme adjustments to the full set-up of a wholesale B2B site - soup to nuts. He helped us create members-only access, import product catalogs and existing customers, adjust the look and feel of our sites and customize automated email templates. He’s professional, responsive, direct and has great user-interface recommendations. Hire Mark Perini Web Design, Marketing & Social Media Consulting. You’ll be glad you did.

Shop Abeles Heymann

It has been the utmost pleasure working with Mark from Mark Perini Web Design, Marketing & Social Media Consulting. Mark redesigned my Shopify store from beginning to end. He provided valuable advise, added features and apps seamlessly, giving my site a professional look.

In essence Mark added tremendous value to my website.

Mark is a consummate professional to work with. He is experienced as well as being razor-sharp insightful beyond his years. I will continue working with Mark.

More importantly I highly recommend him for anyone looking to improve their website, marketing and social media.

Pet Beds For A Cause

I got about 3 names from Shopify and Mark Perini called back almost immediately. One of the others finally emailed but much later. Mark has been a pleasure to work with and I find him totally professional and always gets back to me right away. I will continue to work with him as we update and expand our site. Thanks to the Shopify team for recommending him,
Gary Goodwin & Company LLC

Zuri Atiya

Working with Mark has been a great experience. Mark is extremely knowledgeable, professional and is attentive to detail. I could not ask for a better website. I see myself using Mark continuously, pertaining to projects for my website. Thank you Mark, and I look forward in working with you again.

Meridian Solutions

Not happy with our existing site which ran on Zencart and had all kinds of bugs, we decided to change over to Shopify. We contacted half a dozen designers, but Mark was the most responsive from the outset, and it turned out he was our best choice for what initially seemed daunting. His rates are fair, and he is super responsive (from day one) to our emails, even for the teeniest issue. Always patient, he has such a positive can-do, no-worries attitude and is definitely a pro in what he does. In the beginning, we also wanted someone who was nearby and who we can interact person to person because some details, especially design issues, may not be best handled via emails or phone calls, and we were lucky that Mark's office was nearby. He did visit us in the beginning to give us a briefing as to what to expect, and at the end to handover and demonstrate the new site. He gave us additional suggestions as to what apps we may need or look into and what we can simply gloss over. Thoroughly professional, we can't imagine going with anyone else with a web design project. Thank you Mark !


I LOVE MARK! I Love my website
He's Knowledge
He's Capable
He's Smart
He's Creative
He's Kind
He's Responsive
He's Responsible
He's Intelligent

What More could you ask for?

Ibiza Love Child

Mark was very professional! He saved our website and helped us understand the shopify system. A+++ super guy and highly reccomended.

Wootz Life

Mark has a keen eye for attention to detail. His design recommendations were very insightful and he truly cares about the user experience which is incredibly important when your primary business is online.

He was also very patient as the remaking of our website was a process over a number of months and Mark took the time to make sure everything was exactly how we wanted it.

I highly recommend using Mark if you want to get the best website for your business.

The Jorno Store

Fantastic all around. Mark has amazing design instincts and a wealth of experience with Shopify stores. He is fast, responsive, and easy to work with. Definitely my first choice for any future projects. Highly recommended.

BTM Vintage

Mark knows what he's doing, is beyond helpful and will respond to any questions you have right away! He customized my site so well you couldn't even tell it was originally a template! I can honestly say he is one of the most professional people I have ever worked with. WORK WITH HIM!

Eyes of the World Imports

We interviewed a few different experts and chose Mark. We really liked that he had a contract that spelled out exactly what we were paying for and the services he would provide......He was very professional and has even answered follow up questions quickly after his work was complete. Mark came up with some amazing ideas and his work and creative personality shines!
If we ever need more work done we hope he will be available. Feel free to check out our beautiful site!!! We haven't launched it for shopping yet but are hoping to do so soon.

The Mae Collection

I will definitely be coming back to him for any future help I need, he got everything done in a quick and timely manner. Not to mention his work is awesome. I would highly recommend Mark to anyone needing to add some TLC to their shop.


Mark did an outstanding job, with only a single product he didn't have a lot to work with but the site looks great and is easy to use. Mark was a pleasure to work with, ready to answer any question and open to suggestions, this has been a very easy and pain free process.

Prints and Photos

Mark is someone who you can rely on and trust he did an incredible job helping me move over 8,000 items from a very outdated Miva site. I love everything about our new Shopify store and the way he has customized it for us. It's great to know that we have Mark available to us in the future to help us along as we grow. I've worked with many web design people and I know Mark is a cut above most of them for sure.

Miss QT

Fast and accurate delivery, exceed expectations, Mark ran the extra mile after the initial request.
Thanks Mark! I am fully satisfied.

Glasses Under 40 Dollars

Great experience working with Mark. Guided me through out the entire web store building process and sure does know what he is talking about. I would recommend him in the future to my friends and family. Thank you!

Okki Nokki

Mark is a Shopify Ninja! I had a series of issues for him to tackle that had me pretty frustrated. He had fixes within a day. He is quick to respond to my "newbie" questions and concerns and seemed to know what I looking for before I did! Mark did a superb job on my social media profiles and made sure the look and functionality was consistent with both my site and my brand. I have already hired Mark for another (much bigger) project and would recommend him without reservation to anyone needing an expert!

Kevin Hees

Creating an e commerce website was the biggest hurdle I needed to jump for my new brand.
Mark made it not only easy but an incredible artistic journey. He took the time to educate himself
to my brand, its story, and its message. He was front and center and available through the end of
the year holidays. He was patient and very educational. He delivered on time and on budget!!! I am so thankful to have had this experience with him and look forward to all the great creative ideas that we will tackle together from now on.

Canine Royalty

What can I say about Mark, other than that he is amazing to work with. He's got very solid ideas of what makes a website modern, clean and most importantly, attractive to customers.

This was my first time launching an e-commerce site and Mark was incredibly patient and knowledgeable about design aesthetic and back-end solutions. He's very responsive to questions/timelines and completed project on time and budget.

I look forward to working with him again when we enhance our offerings with new products and seek social media support.

Joann Grace Designs

I have worked with Mark for a little less than a year and couldn't be more pleased. He is very professional, always willing to help, and readily available. He has helped grow our social media sites with innovative contests and marketing strategies. I couldn't be happier with working with him. Highly recommend him for any consulting and marketing initiatives.


Mark rolled in like Rambo and destroyed tasks in record time. Not only did he help me with setup, css, mailchimp and copywriting- he also helped me tweak some Javascript too. I was blown away at his responsiveness and design eye. A truly great value on Shopify.


Mark’s ability to visualize and execute beautiful and functional websites is clear. I’ve received only positive feedback about the style and simplicity of my website and I’m thrilled that Mark has given me such a well-received consumer-facing product. Mark truly is expert in his understanding and integration of the Shopify platform. His real value, though, is in his ability to explain complex concepts and interact professionally with me, members of my staff, and colleagues. Mark is a professional through and through – driven, intelligent, patient, and extremely talented. I would highly recommend his services to anyone in a heartbeat.

Fetch & Main

I really enjoyed working with Mark. He is knowledgeable, patient, and an all-around great guy. He helped me get my shop up and running when I felt like I was wasting time trying to figure it all out on my own. He answered lots of questions and gave me ideas and feedback. He was a pleasure to work with and I highly recommend him!

Ola Beauty Care

I worked with Mark to set up my online store for Ola Beauty Care focusing on effective anti-cellulite solutions. I was impressed with Mark from the time he responded to my request for proposal through the time when we finished my website. Not only is Mark a knowledgeable professional but he is also a very enthusiastic and patient collaborator. No matter what type of request I had, Mark never said "no" and always did his best to accommodate it.

Mark is action oriented, efficient, and responsive. He makes himself available to address questions and provides excellent customer service.

I would recommend Mark to anyone. He will deliver a great result and will work with you until you reach your goal.

nathan&moe jewelry

Loved working with Mark, a super nice, patient guy (key when working with someone not so tech saavy!) and just 'gets it'. Understood what I was trying to accomplish and got it done. Would absolutely use him again! And always available for any questions or changes.

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  • Design
  • Marketing
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