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About Long Nguyen Photography

I have always had a strong passion for photography and adventure and have always made it a priority in my life. With this in mind, I have decided to take my passion, combined with my knowledge, and pursue a career that would combine the two.

Iā€™m multi-talented, bilingual and proficient in Media Relations, management, sales, product tester, collaborator, logistics, customer service, athlete management, and social media.

My camera does not limit me to two dimensions. I have experience as an active project designer. My communication skills allow me to be not just a photographer but an ambassador to my clients and organizations as well. Through the pressure of deadlines, I have come to excel at working in fast-paced environments.

My varied experience ā€“ from NCAA football, baseball, basketball, motocross and mountain bikes to photojournalism and portraits - makes my photography unique based on my ability to transfer, incorporate, and navigate seamlessly from one style to another.

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