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About Loftopia

Loftopia is a lifestyle entrepreneurial business: We work from a loft and it is a place in which human society, natural conditions and work/life balance are so ideally perfect that there is complete contentment.

Loftopia creates contemporary custom Shopify sites and offers digital marketing consulting for select eCommerce partners that are operationally complete and match our core values & abilities.

7 Testimonials

Cums about 2 years ago

Loftopia worked with us as we were running WooCommerce; we started to have performance issue and they recommended we move to Shopify, best transition ever!!!

American Jewelry and Loan about 2 years ago

Loftopia has been our long time partner for eCommerce and website needs. They originally helped us set up WooCommerce, and once it was no longer meeting our needs moved us to Shopify. We are loving the Shopify platform and the "Loft" is able to support us with all of our needs, and work arounds when needed.

KestrelUK about 2 years ago

Store #3 with the Loft! Still doing great work!

Ritmo about 2 years ago

We used Loftopia to take over our US distributorship of our products. They were able to quickly recommend best practices and get us set up and rolling!

Swimovate USA about 2 years ago

Great experience, very knowledgeable about Shopify, delivered on time and budget

Kestrel AU over 3 years ago

I love the Loft! They did a great job and helped us set up shop, billing, credit card, site design and integration into Unleashed Software. Our systems are tight and functioning great. I would highly recommend the Loft!

KestrelMeters.com over 3 years ago

These guys are great, very helpful, quick and do a great job. They helped us get all the right add-on's in place and solve issues.

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