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About Little Rocket

Little Rocket designs and launches exceptional commerce systems.

Our team will create a stunning experience for your customers, help drive sales with digital marketing, and get more from the systems you rely on.

Contact us at 1.888.400.7321, or visit to prep a project today.

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22 Testimonials

IZ Adaptive

Little Rocket has been diligent in their work at every turn. They have given their very best in every aspect, and worked tirelessly to provide us with the best service. They conduct themselves in a genuine and professional manner, are extremely helpful, and willing to go the distance.

We would happily recommend Little Rocket to anyone that sought their service. If you are looking for a Shopify Expert, Little Rocket is it. They'll help you bring your vision to reality with great service, and an extensive knowledge, not only of Shopify, but of the logistics involved with ecommerce in general.


Little Rocket provided expert guidance, development resource and technical leadership to augment our existing in house development teams. They are very knowledgeable about the Shopify platform and were willing to work in a manner that complimented our way of working.

They solved some very tricky business specific issues we were facing which we would have had significant trouble with, if it were not for their deep understanding of the platform.

They were, and still are, our go to for recommendations on apps and their integration, as well as understanding benefits and limitations of the platform.

Further to this also designed, built and tested some bespoke business specific apps we needed which were simply not available on the Shopify platform.

They come highly recommended for technical leadership and guidance on the Shopify platform.


Little Rocket has been a pleasure to work with and have gone above and beyond our expectations. The website looks great and works great. Little Rocket has ensured that we are maximizing Shopify's features as well as integrating useful 3rd party software such as Trade Gecko. Overall Shopify has been a great e-commerce platform for us thanks to Little Rocket's hard work and diligence.


Erik was extremely helpful in explaining the ins-and-outs of growing a customer base, and directing shoppers to my Shopify store. He recommended some great tools that I am working with to grow a loyal customer base. Super friendly and knowledgeable, thanks so much!

Unique Fine Fabrics

Having an excellent website was critical in the progression of our business. Little Rocket was tasked with creating a site that was not only user-friendly and intuitive but matched our brand and products we provide.

From start to finish… and even after we are absolutely pleased with the site and the service we received. Little Rocket took the time to fully understand our company and developed a site which is exactly what we were looking to achieve. Their team comes equipped with the knowledge and know-how to create a great site. We highly recommend them and will use them in the future for other ongoing projects.

Century Novelty

We were put in a difficult situation where we had to move our web site to a new platform on extremely short notice. After doing a lot of research we landed on moving to Shopify, and hired Little Rocket to do the project. I cannot say enough good things about Little Rocket and their team. They set very clear expectations, time lines, and project costs. We had some difficulties with another part of the project, and they went above and beyond to help us wherever they could.

One of the things that was most important to me is how responsive and available they were during the project. There are a lot of bad choices you can make on website related projects, using Little Rocket will never be one of them. Little rocket feels like an extension of your team, and I am confident you will be happy with your decision to use them.

Tokyo Smoke

The entire team at Little Rocket were fantastic and worked within our tight timeline to create a beautiful website. Erik was incredibly thoughtful throughout the entire process, consistently offering great advice and support on how to optimize our site and backend systems. We are excited to continue working with Little Rocket.

Unique Fine Fabrics

Erik and the Little Rocket team are simply amazing to work with. They succeeded where many tried in creating a beautiful site geared towards our B2B customers.

From our initial consultation we knew we were in good hands. Little Rocket helped sort out our large catalogue of products and designed a site extremely intuitive and easy to use. Never any surprises and exactly what they promised.

Always available and dead on with targets, they offered such great expertise to not only ecommerce but our whole online footprint. Not just site developers but partners in ecommerce. Our website was always an afterthought but now has become an amazing tool for all our customers and something we’re proud to show off. I highly recommend them for your next project.

Joe Quatraro


Little Rocket turned our passion and vision into a reality. We decided to continue collaborating with Little Rocket because they understood from day 1 what we were trying to achieve and become. Their professionalism, knowledge of the marketplace, hands-on support and forward thinking - gives us the confidence to do things that we wouldn’t otherwise. We think very highly of Little Rocket making them an integral part of our daily web operation.

My project consisted of moving a well established website from one cart to another. It was a fairly large projected lasting several months. The team at Litttle Rocket is fantastic. There were some bumps along the way as there always are but Little Rocket never shirked responsibility. This is very high praise indeed. The project lead Erik always took my calls and responded in a professional manner. I got the feeling that he truly cared about my business and my success. I am retaining Little Rocket for ongoing maintenance and marketing on my new Shopify website and I am happy to give them my full endorsement.


As a digital agency with a focus on creative, we are always looking for developers who can not only execute our vision, but build upon it to enhance the final product, and we found that in Little Rocket. They were flexible, understanding, and solution oriented in bringing our design to fruition and communicating with the team was easy and productive. Through their assistance, vision and hard work, we were able to deliver a site that was perfectly in line with, and even surpassed, our client's expectation. This was only further validated a few weeks later when the site was recognized for outstanding Ecommerce Design by Shopify. It was an honor we share with Little Rocket and we look forward to working with them on many projects in the future.

Westward Leaning

I loved working with Little Rocket. They were very reliable, clear, communicative and fair. The final product was exactly in line with designs, with excellent functionality. Fees were reasonable and transparent. I would work with Little Rocket again in a heartbeat!!

Love Lines

Little Rocket was instrumental in developing our brand, digital presence and launching us on Shopify.

We are a small team so having Little Rocket on our side gave us the confidence to go big, and the results have been worth the investment! Shopify has given us the freedom to scale our business and Little Rocket was instrumental in making sure we launched successfully. Pew Pew!

bibelot & token

Erik, Christopher and everyone at Little Rocket were friendly, efficient, and great to work with.

They took on the relatively tiny project of updating my shop's look and feel - and were generous with both their time and their understanding - taking under consideration the restraints of running a small, one-woman-business.

They understood what it was that I was looking for, that my budget was rather tight - and yet, here we are - and my site looks pretty swell, if I do say so myself!

I wouldn't hesitate to contact them again, or to recommend them to others.

Many thanks, Little Rocket!

Framar International

Hired Little Rocket for the rebuild of my website. It is literally stunning! They did such a good just figuring out all the little kinks and tweaks that I needed. Eric is literally available around the clock, which is always nice. They walked me through everything and suggested things to do that I did not know were possible. All in all, I'd definitely recommend them and will be working with them again in the future.

Framar International

Porte Mode

Little Rocket came on board to help us with a project that another developer had left us with half way. We were in a real time crunch and a huge bind - they helped us sort through the previous designs and fixed all the issues we had so that we could go on to work with them and develop a fully functional seamless website that totally captures our vision. We worked in two distinct, organized phases and got all our nitty gritty stylistic and functional elements in place due to their unwavering dedication to our project.

Erik and his team have gone above and beyond to help us with our website and more and today they are not just our web developers but an extension of our Porte Mode family. We are grateful to them for all their hard work, commitment, talent and creativity and look forward to a long lasting working relationship with them in the future.

mini mioche

Little Rocket were easy to work with, helpful and got exactly what we needed done in a timely fashion. We would recommend working with them.

Twisted Sisters

We have never worked with someone as fantastic as Erik before. From day one, until completion he walked us through every step of the process of setting up our shopify account. I am sure we were not the most organized clients he has had, but Erik was very patient and extremely accommodating. His suggestions were invaluable and we felt comfortable in allowing Erik to take control and use his expertise to guide us through the development stage. His communication skills are excellent and approached things with a quiet calmness and confidence, We are so thrilled to have found Little Rocket... and Erik.

Little Rocket is The best kept secret!!! Erik was very professional in rolling out our store. He explained each step of the process and provided a project management web portal to track tasks and review progress. Final store edits were communicated, agreed to, and executed in a timely manner. It was a smooth experience.

Ready Mounts CAD/CAM

Erik from Little Rocket Inc. is a top notch expert that I would highly recommend to anyone starting up their Shopify Website! He was there for every step of the way and many times went well beyond what would normally be expected. His professionalism and knowledge of the product helped us launch our site ahead of schedule.

Unica & Co.

Little Rocket was instrumental in developing our store, co-ordinating the initial run of 80 products to be photographed and helping us through post launch support.

The team was incredibly helpful in setting up a suite of additional Shopify apps which have so far helped Unica & Co. exceed it's sales expectations.

From day one Little Rocket was there to ensure we felt comfortable and confident that we were not only getting the best service and minds on our project, but the reassurance that we had direct line to one of the best Shopify teams in the Shopify experts network.

Thank you so much for your help in creating a success, we look forward to working with you on new projects!

- Unica & Co.

ps. Check out :)

Tadame Boutique

Little Rocket did an excellent job ensuring all of my project needs were met! Overall, the completion of project was accurate, fast and very well orchestrated. I cannot recommend Little Rocket enough as they truly have the level of expertise and quality needed to ensure the success of your Shopify store.

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