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About Levels Creative Services

Hi I'm Micah, I'm 34 years old and based in Wellington, Hamilton and Auckland and am NZ Made. I'm a self-proclaimed multipotentialite who is addicted to creativity, movies, music, travelling, photography and writing.

I aim to always be learning and growing. I have my Master of Arts with Distinction and over 6 years shopify experience, in both set up, development and management. I'm patient and easy to communicate with and really enjoy the process of bring ideas to life from conception to completion.

Since 2011 I have built over 25 shopify websites and Levels Creative Services is a way for me to offer up my skills, to both smaller budgets start ups, or larger companies who need to update their entire brand and online presence.

www.levels.co.nz offers: Branding, Copywriting, Graphic Design, Marketing, Social Media Consultancy and Website Development with Shopify being my favourite platform.

10 Testimonials

Mabel Art

Working with Micah was quick and easy. She took our instructions and feedback well and I couldn't be happier with the final product. Unfortunately we have now moved on to new projects, so the website is down, but we really enjoyed the process of working together with her and plan to hire Micah and Levels Creative Services again in the future. Thanks Micah!

Candy Rush

I've know and worked with Micah and Levels Creative Services for years, she's helpful, always giving us plenty of options to choose from, taking into consideration our budget, needs and future proofing. She's multi-talented and we love the creative work she did on www.candyrush.co.nz, including our logo and branding update as well as the set of social media and website build. We have just hired her for our new project!


I had a really tight deadline and little knowledge of how Shopify worked. Micah worked to hard to deliver a site that worked perfectly, taking time to educate me as we went and ensuring I had everything I needed, not just what I wanted. She was very easy to work with and a great communicator. Would recommend!


Great experience, gave us heaps of tips and ideas. Clear easy to follow instructions. Personalised service to help us understand shopify better. Great customer service and post launch help with questions. Attention to detail was great and the website looks great:

Command Aviation

Micah was always available to help us even after she had completed the project. Loads of support and her reliability and kindness makes her a pleasure to continue to work with. I wouldn't have any problem recommending Levels Creative Services and am so happy I hired her.

Perfect Ponchos

Micah has been absolutely fantastic at helping Perfect Ponchos get off the ground.

Her help and advice has been above and beyond. We would be lost without her!

Thanks so much Micah for your hard work and professionalism.

United Sweets

Micah is very knowledgable, with a great skillset and intuition to let us know what we wanted before we even knew it. Easy communication and also optimistic and happy to deal with. I really enjoyed working with her.

Sweet Blooms

Levels Creative helped me change my shopify store when I changed my business design. Easy and helpful. Also happy to go through things at anytime.

Rummage Store

Micah exceeded our expectations. She was very friendly and patient and taught us a lot about using Shopify, as well as building a beautiful website we love. We defiantly recommend her and will work with her again in the future.

Made With Respect

Micah @ Levels Creative Services has been amazing, she went above and beyond and is now considered a valuable part of our external team. Micah showed phenomenal commitment to our project and developed and designed a fantastic website for our business. Micah is certainly an asset to Shopify.

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