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About Lemonade Creative

Lemonade is an interactive digital agency in New York City.

Founded in 2007, we specialize in utilizing distinct design, intelligent strategy, and cutting edge technology to energize business and spark growth. We believe in raising the bar for clients and shifting brand perception from factory to luxury.

Lemonade has experience with external payment gateways, enterprise level ERP integrations, CRM and marketing software. We also handle system integrations such as Wordpress, Contentful, Percolate and more.


Brand Identity
UX Design
Visual Design


Site Mapping
Web Development
Technical Support
Integration into Shopify Theme Settings
Ongoing Site Support and Edits


Art Direction
Creative Production
Vendor Management


Order Management
Storage and Fulfillment
Inventory Management
Customer Service

2 Testimonials

Reece Hudson

Adam, Nick, and the entire Lemonade team were fantastic. They truly understood both our needs and the way Shopify works, and were able to suggest and build a unique and dynamic site that we love.

Maryam Nassir Zadeh

Lemonade New York has been a great partner for our brand. they are one of the top creative agencies in New York and I would recommend them without any reservation. It's been a lucrative and enlightening experience working with them and im excited with the results.

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