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About Leanometry LLC

Leanometry is a digital agency based out of Santa Monica, that designs, develops, and takes ideas to market in only 30 days.

To see more of our work, please visit here: http://leanometry.com/work

We have expertise in creating:
• Custom Shopify Themes
• Shopify Customizations
• Custom Shopify Apps
• Web Design
• Corporate Identity
• Pre-launch Referral System
• Custom Programming using the Shopify API

To see some of our Shopify projects in action, see below:

1. Kate Farms

2. Folsom and Pine
password: folsom

3. Dapper & Done
password: dapper

4. American Nautical Services
password: nautical

5. Gen Pen
password: test

6. Cal31
password: cal31

To see more of our work, go to http://leanometry.com/work

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5 Testimonials

Dapper & Done

I hired Leanometry to create an eCommerce/subscription site for me, and they did an absolutely tremendous job! They went over and beyond what they needed to do to help with my project, and I'm thrilled to have worked with them (plan on continuing to work with them).

Robert and Simona make a fantastic team. They're such a good fit - Robert is an amazing designer who helped with the overall design of my site as well as putting together a really nice logo. Simona is a fantastic developer who was really able to customize the back-end of my site so that it's easy for me to update.

From a pricing standpoint, they're very fair - and, in actuality, put in way more work into my project than they needed to. As someone who is on a more limited budget, I am grateful.

They're friendly, patient, and willing to put in the extra effort to deliver a fantastic product. As a company that focuses on creating MVPs, they have also uniquely positioned themselves in the marketplace.

Working with Robert and Simona has been a great experience, and I highly recommend them!

Justin Hong
Dapper & Done (www.DapperAndDone.com)


Leanometry not only delivered beyond our expectations, they made useful suggestions that dramatically improved the look and functionality of our website. Their immediate response to emails and calls was refreshing and they walked us through every step of the customization. Their work ethic and pleasant disposition made our website build an incredibly positive experience. Leanometry will definitely be our go to company for all things Shopify.

American Nautical Services

Leanometry was great company to work with! We are very pleased with the results of their work! We would highly recommend them to anyone interested in a new website!

Folsom & Pine, LLC

Very easy to work with. Very transparent about the process and good at expectation setting. Creative, but not over the top with a bunch of bells and whistles I didn't need. They delivered beyond my expectations where they knew they could add value - meaning they listened to what I said and spent their time focused on what was important to me. Overall great work.


Our featured item is a highly customizable piece, well beyond our capabilities to implement.
Leanometry integrated our ideas with ease, making key suggestions and in the end took
what was a wish-list item and turned it into the main feature of our storefront.
The Leanometry team was communicative and receptive, they showed a great deal of flexibility and outside the box thinking when tackling our jigsaw puzzle of a product. We look forward to working with them again!

We happily welcome any requests for further input regarding our experience with this more than capable team:

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