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About Larsen Consulting Solutions Oy

***Finlands first and only Shopify expert***
*Palvelemme myös suomeksi*

Putting together an online store is a big step. Whether you’re just starting out or you’ve already had some success with e-commerce, a new website could make or break you.

And why is it important for you that you succeed?

Well, maybe you hate the idea of a corporate 9-5 job and working for someone… or you want to enjoy the freedom such a business can bring you – travelling where and when you want, setting your own working schedule, and so on.

Either way, an online business is exactly what you need and you just have to succeed.

There’s a lot on the line too – time, money, customers and more. Even the most ambitious people will think, “Well, what if my store fails?”

I know how that feels – I’ve been there. You’re taking a big leap into the unknown and you don’t know what’s on the other side.

But hey… that’s where I come in.

The two biggest frustrations for any entrepreneur are:
- Lack of time.
- Doing tasks that have little impact on your business.

So when it comes to your site, you need someone that will save you precious time AND do an outstanding job while making everything super easy for you.

Specifically, what you need is:

✔ Someone who knows what they’re doing. It’s no secret that my field is filled with amateurs – cheap with every sense of the word. Most aren’t even willing to guarantee they will deliver.

✔ Someone who makes it painless. You have other important things to worry about, remember? You can’t just sit here trying to micromanage someone who’s supposed to be helping you. Leave your site to me and go do things you’re great at instead.

✔ Someone who understands conversion optimization, which is often left out. Most Shopify experts are good at coding, but that’s about it. They don’t even think about how they could get your visitors to buy/convert.


“Initially I was a bit hesitant to hire him because the bid was higher than what other people offered, but I am happy that I did because Samuel was able to finish the difficult Shopify shop customizations very fast.”

“[…] I did not expect such professional with deep knowledge and amazing communication from a freelancer. Will continue working together!”

“I've worked with Samuel before and I decided to hire him again because I was really pleased with his work. I had a great experience again, he understands the business side of eCommerce and had a lot of good ideas on how to improve my stores! I will likely work with Samuel again in the future.”

“It was a good experience working with him. No complaints whatsoever, would hire again!”

Conversions are the main thing I have in mind when designing a store. And my websites have sold a million dollars’ worth of products so far.

The next thing I have in mind is making the site usable and its code clean. I don’t want your users to have a hard time navigating your site (which happens with a lot of websites) and I don’t want you to have to scrap all your code whenever you just want to tweak something.

Besides these two, my other goals for you and your business are enhanced engagement with your visitors, boosting your brand awareness, and keeping your image up at all times.

This ensures...

1) You end up looking good.

2) Your clients enjoy interacting with your company, and...

3) You're always at the top "top of their minds" when they're ready to buy.

You can get something amateurish together, but it’s not going to get you sales because it’s only filling the minimum requirements.

But if you want a pro website that gets you sales… and if you want it done by someone who is able to work on his own and spare you all the technical details… you’re in the right place.

As you can see, I have the experience and I have the expertise to get you exactly what you need. Feel free to invite me to apply to your job so we can chat further.

Samuel Larsen
Founder, CRO Gurus

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We selected Samuel Larsen to build our new Bergstop online shop and have been very satisfied by his design and services. He explained in detail the options and consequences and had the patience to go through changes which came up in the process. We still go back to him for mayor changes and regular maintenance, and are very happy about the good collaboration.

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