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About Lamb Agency

Lamb is a sophisticated provider of high-quality Shopify and Shopify Plus solutions.

We have built and manage websites that turnover $100 million in revenue per year.
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+ Plus many more

+ Internationalisation / multi-region
+ API integrations
+ Multicurrency
+ Magento Migration

We reviewed every Magento to Shopify case study we could find online to find why people moved away from Magento to Shopify.

+ Brand heavy web design
+ Mobile optimisation
+ Bespoke eCommerce capabilities
+ Integrations

We have had some exceptional success in replatforming from Magento and other platforms like Open cart to Shopify and Shopify Plus.

+ Shopify Plus Multi-site migration
+ Increase mobile performance (was at 0.5% conversion rate)

We worked with Adreno to migrate their legacy Magento 1 platform to Shopify Plus. This involved creating 3 different stores and a focus on interface improvements to fix the poor mobile conversion rate.

+ We were able to successfully migrate the website withouth any major issue or interruption to the eCommerce store
+ We facilitated a 75% increase in conversion rate across the whole store over night (at 125% increase on mobile devices)
+ The project achieved a complete return on investment in 21 days!


Lamb services both Melbourne and Brisbane markets face to face, and the national and international markets virtually.

5 Testimonials

Comics Etc.

When our store, Comics Etc, was in the need for a new website we were dragging our feet. Based on past experiences we were expecting a lengthy process stretched out to about a year and costing us a small fortune. Lamb was doing the maintenance of our old website when we decided to just dip our toes into the waters on a brand new site and was blown away. Not only did they say they could deliver a brand new system within a couple of months the price was a fraction of what we paid last time. They got the brief down perfectly. We only had to make minimal changes as they understood our needs from the ground up.

The system they implemented has cut down on workload dramatically, saving us hours (and in some cases days) a week on steps that were now automated. They also helped us set up and use Shopify POS in conjunction with our site giving us real time sales data across multiple platforms with no extra work required. If something sells out in the store, Bam! It is instantly sold out online!

The interface for the POS and the back end of the site are really simple to use yet has all the functionality and reports you could ever need. We will never go back to another POS. This one has everything we could need.

The support and documents Lamb have provided at set up and when needed has been flawless.

We live them 5 Lamb Cutlets out of 5.


Lamb built our new site back in March 2016 which was a simple and effective procedure compared to other site builds i have experienced in the past. From the day of our new site launch the site has preformed beyond expectations. Lamb have always been willing to offer immediate and ongoing support and advice with our site and overall we are very pleased with everything lamb has provided for us!

Citra & Co

Great experience from start to finish, Lamb went above and beyond to ensure we was satisfied with the work done. Very happy with the website, it's exactly what we were after and is performing significantly better than our previous site.

Chalmers Pyjamas

The team at Lamb were swift in turning around our requests and they are always up for a customisation challenge!

The Dairy

I could not recommend the team at Lamb more. They were fantastic to work with both on the design and functionality of our website. Not once did they miss a development milestone or struggle with any technical aspect.

The team was informative, responsive and always quick to help resolve any issues. And since completing the project they have continued to be proactive in suggesting new updates as things change on the actual Shopify platform.

Thank you so much. I will be recommending you to anyone who needs a website!

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