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About Klik Marketing

My name is Eric Fransen and I’ve worked with small businesses and non-profits since 1999. Wondering if you are a good fit for my firm? You are a great fit if you use Shopify (or want to use Shopify) and want to increase your online sales.

Some other benefits...

— You need to increase your website visitors.
— You need to boost your website conversions.
— You need to enhance your customer engagement.
— You want to work with somebody that understands ROI needs to be the driver.
— You don’t mind that I treat your online business as if it’s my own, and I watch over it

Our service offerings range from one-time consulting services to the option of creating your own online marketing department within Klik Marketing. Our rates allow you to have a complete digital team for a fraction of the cost of hiring full-time staff.

3 Testimonials


We needed an e-commerce site quickly and Klik Marketing knocked it out of the park for us in only a few weeks. We didn't have anything prepared and they led us through the process and helped us source images, text and whatever else was needed. Eric and his team are top-notch. We are super excited to work with him on the marketing side as well and are excited about the initial results.

Bridges Now

We are thrilled with the services of Klik Marketing and their expertise in the area of online marketing and especially Shopify Marketing. I recommend working with Eric and his team to help build your online sales using Shopify and the various digital marketing channels that he suggests.

Pray in Jesus Name

My workings with Eric and Klik Marketing were wonderful. We went from never having a sale to having weekly sales. The online marketing that Eric set-up for us has been tremendous and I think it's the big reason for our increased sales and donations. -- Chaps

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