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About Keith Thompson

I build shopping experiences for the web that reflect the visual culture of creative brands.

I provide responsive design and development to craft websites that grow businesses with a consistent brand experience. It’s important that these produce results through the memorable experiences they create.

Whether you are looking to get your e-commerce business set up, migrating from another platform, making changes to the form and function of your current site, or are interested in a bespoke theme, get in touch at

All work is done independently here in San Diego, never outsourced.

16 Testimonials

Danse Haus

I feel very grateful and confident starting my web store with Keith by my side and guiding me every step along the way.

Sleep Club

Keith was fantastic to work with - professional, reliable, fast, and incredibly helpful. He was available to answer every question and was always willing to research and find solutions for all of our requests. He understands the craziness of development and his thorough technical knowledge makes him very, very good at what he does. You can trust Keith to get the work done on time and more importantly, get it done the right way. Overall, it was a real pleasure working with Keith and I would highly recommend him to anyone.


Keith was excellent. This was my first time using a developer to create a shop and he was the perfect fit. Explained everything super clearly and took the time needed to make sure everything was exactly how I imagined it. He was always very easy to reach when I had questions and is still answering them today, even after the contract is completed. I plan on working with Keith again in the future.


Keith was very responsive and helpful from the get go. We had a call before the project started to go through the briefing and desired outcome, he understood what we wanted from the beginning. Throughout the coding process, Keith continued to provide helpful feedbacks and was efficient and fast. He finished our website coding 2 weeks ahead of our finish date and we were able to launch our website much earlier, which was excellent.

Easy To Grow Bulbs

Keith has been spectacular to work with. He is great at listening and understanding our needs and then provides recommendations for changes based on our needs. Keith is always willing to help on trouble with on the fly questions and I NEVER have issues getting ahold of him (like I had with larger agencies). He has superb technical skills, is timely, and great communication set him apart from other developers we have worked with in the past. Even when something may not be possible one way, he can usually find an alternative method to produce the result we are looking for. All the changes he has made for us were above and beyond our expectations we will continue to use Keith for all our Shopify development needs.

If you want someone you can rely on to get the job done right, work with Keith!

ACD Gallery

It was a pleasure working with Keith Thompson! I told him my needs and he delivered a final product that was above and beyond my expectations! If need a shopify expert your search is done, only go to Keith Thompson! 110% recommend!


great service, excellent work, very professional. would work with him again.

Claudius Vertesi

It was great working with Keith!
We meet twice for my Project & he helped me design & modify my Website to my personal needs.
We went step by step through all the details, he explained well & we exchanged our design Ideas!
What I liked best about working with Keith, was his great patience to answer all of my questions & to make sure I understand everything!
Keith is great to talk to & has good experience in what he does!
Depending on what You need he can help You get it or figure it out together with You!
I would recommend working with him!

Not Monday

Was a pleasure working with Keith to set up our new site. He was very helpful and walked me through everything in detail. He made sure that I had things set up exactly as I wanted them. I've had occasion to reach out to him a couple of times since the initial set up with questions and he has always been available and more than willing to help. It's been a great experience so far and I will continue to work with Keith on the site.


Highly recommend Keith, he is extremely proficient in all aspects of shopify's platform. Always goes above and beyond and executes timely projects that will exceed your expectations. Never outsources his work and will help put your ideas into action. I will of course continue to work with Keith on this venture as well as others that may arise.

Mona Moore

We are so happy to find a developer who gets it. Keith was timely, communicative, receptive and easy to work with. He gave us great advice on what Shopify apps to use which would best suit our needs and made wonderful recommendations based on our aesthetic. We plan on continuing working with him long term to upgrade and make changes to our site.


Keith Thompson handled things accurately and quickly and is great to communicate with. We will use him always.

Sincerely, Justin Marvonek and team at Sun Horse

Lot 54

I would highly recommend Keith for any of your web development needs. Keith was highly responsive, super clear, and put the customer first. He did an excellent job checking in with me to make sure the design was coming along how I wanted it to look, and added helpful suggestions that allowed for a collaborative process that came out excellent. He was fast, highly knowledgeable, and easy to work with. I would once again highly recommend choosing Keith for all your web related needs.

C&A Enterprises

My experience with Keith was very smooth. Keith is very knowledgeable and answered all my questions to my satisfaction. He designed the store front theme and logo along with setting it up so it would be easy for me to manage and operate.. What I really liked about Keith was his professionalism and manners. He was very courteous and patient. I was a novice and he helped me to understand the whole process and design of my store. He stayed in contact with me almost everyday and was available to me whenever I called. I had a vision of how I wanted my store to look and operate and he delivered. He was able to complete the project well within the time frame we agreed upon. I am very pleased and happy that I now have a store that looks very professional and easy to use for not only me but for my customers. I would highly recommend Keith to all my friends or anyone else that needs an expert to help design and setup their e-commerce store. Keith did an outstanding job for me.

Corsica Goods

Keith was professional, helpful and always available to answer our questions. He brought our website to a whole new level--it is sophisticated, beautifully designed, and easily accessible to users. We loved our experience with Keith Thompson.

Near & Dear Fundraising

Keith went above and beyond for our new start-up and we couldn't have asked to work with anyone better for our first website building experience. Keith was beyond patient, detail-oriented and extremely professional. He was very responsive to all of our needs and came up with some amazing solutions that would have stumped other web designers. We were just 2 moms with a big idea and Keith helped to turn our business into a reality. THANK YOU, Keith! We will look forward to working with you again as we grow!

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