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About kagcommerce

About Us:
KAG Commerce is an ecommerce Company formed to Develop and Manage our own eCommerce Website www.fashionequation.com . We have a team of 6 Strong Professionals who have 4 years of experience in developing and managing a fast growing Online store. So whatever may be your requirements or issues, we would have definitely been there,seen that and done that.


We specialize in the Following Services

* Shopify Store setup & configuration
* Shopify theme customization & designing from scratch
* Third party applications integrations (Live chat, whislist,fresh desk, mail chimp field) with shopify store
* Checkout settings, shipping method configuration
* Blog integration with shopify store
* Moving store from some other platforms to Shopify
* Banner Designing and Creative content to get your store started
* Complete Professional Product Photo shoot with cataloging
* SEO, SMO, SEM, Affiliate Marketing, PPC, remarketing for Google and Facebook etc
* Logistics integration with auto notification for your orders,fulfillment and deliveries
* Customer support and ticketing system setup

To Summarize, we dont just setup stores and abandon you, we will help you get started and start selling your the products the right way. We will help you and train you in all areas such as Customer support, logistics management, inventory control, listing and selling on other marketplaces.

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2 Testimonials


At www.fashionequation.com , we have worked with at least 3 different platform and development companies before turning to SHOPIFY and KAGcommerce, and I can blindly say that this is the best decision I have made in the last 7 years of running my business. They are an absolutely never say die team of professionals. Our website has over the months been constantly improved, heavily customised and optimised for our business model. I have never felt their team fall short of my expectations and they are constantly giving new ideas and suggestions to grow my business. These guys are not just tech people they really understand how online retail work and provide an omni channel solution. We are currently working with them to setup our Shopify POS for our concept and Franchise Stores, will continue my testimonial once that is Up and running.


KAGcommerce is a team of highly enthusiastic young professionals. Love working with them. They took my small home based business to a national level. Gokul was very patient and understanding during the initial stages of FREE Consultation sessions. I must say that they have been my mentor in as far as online business is concerned. They have accommodated all my requests, be is small or big and did lots of changes and customisation during the initial stages with absolutely no extra charges. I must say that shopify - platform is an absolute pleasure to work with.... and I completely trust Kagcommerce team to manage and upgrade my online business on a daily basis till date. Also they help me out with Photography, Product cataloguing and SMO marketing. Keep up the great work team :)

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