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About Jivaldi, LLC

About Jivaldi, LLC

Jivaldi is a Digital Marketing Agency that enables leading brands to drive new revenue through innovative, performance-focused services. From consulting and strategy to creative design to performance analytics, we help clients navigate and grow with Shopify—creating better e-commerce experiences that result in more revenue and happy customers.

Proven—and Proud
Jivaldi takes great pride in its reputation as a Shopify Expert, and we continue to build on our previous builds to become even more proficient. Since our initial build with lifestyle apparel company Forged®, which continues to see tremendous customer growth as a result, we’ve helped scores of other companies develop and implement Shopify solutions.

Our clients include several global, highly recognized brands such as FC Barcelona (third most valuable professional sports organization worldwide), Ubisoft (a French multinational video game developer), the Oakland Raiders (renowned National Football League franchise) and, most recently, American Sniper (the blockbuster war drama film directed by Clint Eastwood).

A Trusted, Full-Service Partner
The trust these brands place in Jivaldi as their Shopify expert speaks volumes about our capabilities, approach, and results. Yet our clients quickly come to realize that, with Jivaldi, they get so much more. As a full-service digital marketing consultant, we see the bigger picture and make sure than any Shopify implementation aligns with other client objectives and strategies.

Gleaned from more than 16 years of experience on projects large and small, Jivaldi’s expertise spans the entire e-commerce experience. Beyond delivering traditional development and design capabilities, we help companies with everything from conversion rate optimization to creative branding to social media execution—taking our clients and their marketing efforts to new levels.

So What Are You Waiting For?
Let Jivaldi into your world and see how we can amplify the value of your next e-commerce project or campaign. Working closely with Shopify developers and staff, we ensure solutions that meet your specific needs, keeping your business on the leading edge, your products selling, and your customer base growing.

Feel free to reach out to us at thrive (at) jivaldi.com or click on the 'Contact Shopify Expert' button!

27 Testimonials

Reflections - The Memory Lamp Store

My business site was 10 years old and it was time to update and improve. After setting up my Shopify site, I knew that for the more technical aspects of the site, I needed help. I am very happy that I chose Jivaldi, LLC. From the very beginning, it was obvious to me that they knew what they were doing. Jim asked very in depth questions, some of which I didn't even know the answers to, and then had his team get to work on finding the answers, cleaning up url addresses, re-directing those addresses, setting up the analytics, and other issues that I never would have even thought of. Service was quick, complete and very professional. I highly recommend Jivaldi, LLC. My Shopify site launched without a problem and business is great!
Mary Ann Fitzgerald
Reflections - The Memory Lamp Store

CHI Health

Jivaldi, LLC was great at completing our project. Jim was pleasant to work with, helped us design a clean and functional site within our budget. Jim also helped with the migration from our old platform to the Shopify platform, the migration was smooth and seamless.

I would use them again on our next website or marketing project.

Meridian Outdoor Living

James from Jivaldi, LLC responded to our Shopify Expert request very quickly and quoted us a fair price for the coding work we needed them to do. He and or his developers knocked the project within 24 hrs from the request being made and our site looks exactly how we wanted it to thanks to Jivaldi, LLC. We're in the process of hiring Jivaldi, LLC again 2 days later for a couple other coding projects because our first experience with them was first class! Thanks for the work and we're looking forward to hiring your team for many of our future projects. - Brian Hall

Crumble Stuff

Jivaldi did a very good job of setting up our Shopify site and did it on schedule even though it was the holiday season! Jim is responsive and knows his stuff. Thanks, Jim!

Menorca Sandals

James at Jivaldi LLC was fantastic - very knowledgeable and approachable and quickly understood the challenge for my site. It didn't matter that we were a few thousand miles apart, James was able to capture the issue, plan on a solution and implement it and communication was great.
I wouldn't hesitate to get Jivaldi's help in the future - they have been brilliant and most helpful.


Jim and his team was a dream come true to work with. We had an idea of what we wanted for a website and they took our idea and went far and beyond what we ever imagined. They worked with us every step of the way. You can be in New York or LA, and work with them as if they were local. They were quick to respond to emails, and very professional. They were upfront about cost, and worth every penny.

I highly recommend calling them. I know how scary it is to invest in an online product, but your worries can rest with JIvaldi and his team. You couldn't find a better teammate.

We can't wait to start the next project with them.

Monte and Melissa

P.S. Feel free to contact us if you have any question about JIvaldi.

Restructure Store

I was trying to place a coming soon image on my homepage while I open my store, and I did not how to do it, so someone on the chat told me that I had to comunicare with an staff member for them to help me with this, and I talked to James and he was very kind and fast and helped me with exactly what I wanted so I was very grateful with his help! and the best of all that it was pretty fast.

Villy Custom

Villy Custom is a high-end custom cruiser bike brand that allows visitors to customize and purchase their bike online. Invested by Mark Cuban and Barbara Corcoran from the hit ABC television show, Shark Tank, Villy Customs is is held to a very high standard by our investors and customers alike.

We had just transitioned from WordPress to Shopify and were in desperate need of a new Custom Builder when we met the Team at Jivaldi. After some deliberation, we selected Jivaldi to build our product customizer and do so within a tight timeline of 60 days.

Ten days in Jivaldi had a temporary solution in place and, as promised, Jivaldi launched a BADASS custom builder 60 days later. As part of our agreement, Jivaldi also presented a digital marketing plan that we are currently using to convert leads.

I would recommend these guys 1,000,000x over! If you have the chance to work with Jivaldi and you THINK you have an idea of how you can improve your e-commerce goals, THROW IT OUT THE WINDOW and let these guys work! Allow them to take control of the wheel and let them do what they do best. They are true Experts!

Airion Watkins-Clark
Chief Marketing Officer
Villy Custom

FitVine Wine

Excellent team to work with. Very reponsive and easy to communicate with.
Professional and would highly recommend and definitely use again.
Thank you

Milk Snob

I am so happy with the result! They went above and beyond in order to complete the vision I had. Very fast and professional.

Thank you so much!

Save Your Sole

I would highly recommend James and the team at Jivaldi who have gone above and beyond to help Save Your Sole and our shopify site with our newsletter link from Shopify to MailChimp. Their expertise and guidance has simplified signups to our newsletter through our site and their extensive knowledge of the way that Shopify interacts with other programs is great. I would not hesitate to use the team for additional projects that we will be working on - especially to help our team fulfil our requirements with regards to digital marketing on our new site. Thanks James & Jivaldi!

GO Wild Camo

As a company Jivaldi is great to work with. Professional all the way and excellent communication skills. I would definitely recommend them if you're looking for digital/ ecommerce help.

The Female Triathlete

Matt and his team at Jivaldi were extremely helpful.

I needed something that, while probably simple and straightforward for an experienced developer, was out of my realm of understanding.

Matt was a great communicator - made things easy to understand for me and was very responsive.

They were great to work with and I got what I needed very quickly.

Very pleased and would definitely recommend them.

MyDentalCE.com | Continuing Education & OSHA Training

Jivaldi, LLC provided my company with extremely timely and insightful suggestions about improvement of my website with Shopify. Jim Ivaldi is a consummate professional and understands the needs of the client (me) and the ways to attract customers by understanding the user experience. The clearly written plan made sense immediately, and at the get-go my confidence level was very high. And it was a pleasure working with a professional person who is just that: professional! Jim is a great communicator and makes the sometimes mysterious process of website design strategies understandable to move forward with business growth. Thank you Jivaldi, LLC!!!!!


I am overwhelmed by the helpful nature of Jivaldi. James is a clear communicator who went out of his way for my company. I highly recommend working with Jivaldi!

Godfather Gifts

The guys at Jivaldi did a great job on my shops! Excellent communication, fast implementation - I could not ask for anything more than what they did & how well they did it! If you have a Shopify store & need any kind of custom work done, I highly recommend Jivaldi!

Letarte Swimwear

I have worked in e-commerce for several years across several companies and used plenty of 3rd party contractors to complete design/development tasks. The Jivaldi team did a fantastic job implementing the feature I requested quickly, cleanly and effectively. It works great across platforms and looks great as well, which is all too often a difficult combination to find! Highly recommended.

Bikini Luxe ™

It is rare that I am truly impressed with a someone as much as I have been by Jim and his team. We initially contacted them regarding some page speed loading problems that we had. Not only was his quote more than fair his expertise and professionalism really shines. We had been in contact with numerous overseas firms with better rates but honestly there is something to be said for keeping it local.

He took the time to break down each and every problem and to explain it and how it needed to be addressed. I originally chose him and his team due to a comment on his linkedin profile "we build websites and mobile apps in our sleep". And they really delivered. Not only did he fix all the issues he identified new ones and fixed those as well.

The team then took it upon themselves to give me one of the most comprehensive and helpful break downs of my website. Places it could be improved, helpful suggestions and other potential problems that we had not seen.

Overall if you are looking for a true shopify expert and truly professional team to help you, Jim and his team at Jivaldi should be your first and only stop!

CEO Candice Galek


The folks at Jivaldi have been great to work with. They were super thorough, thoughtful, and helpful. They really spent the time and effort to come up with smart, relevant suggestions for our store. Highly recommend!

Groove Roller

As an early stage start-up managing costs is paramount. Jivaldi's team worked within our budget to set up our e-com store.

I consider them a partner rather than a vendor. They provided thoughtful suggestions in developing the site that were consistent with our capabilities, budgets and longer-term plan.


The best experience iv'e ever had with a designer team.
Fast, flawless, and the result is just stunning.
Use Jivaldi service, you really won't regret it.

Gwen Beloti Collection

The Jivaldi Team is AMAZING to work with. The staff is professional, prompt and precise. They fixed things in my site that I have been having trouble with for a while. I highly recommend working with Jivaldi. I'm pleased that they were able to assist me with their level of expertise and great customer service. They offered top notch service and provided great advice. Everyone on their team was pleasant and knowledgeable. I look forward to working with them on future aspects of my site. When you come across a reputable company such as this one you definitely want to keep them in your contacts. :) Thanks Jivaldi


What a wonderful team at Jivaldi! They were able to build an online application/submission form for our nonprofit that is replacing our previous manual submission process. It's an excellent tool that was greatly needed. It works seamlessly, and will allow our organization to meet more needs around the country. Jivaldi was extremely easy to work with, professional, responsive, and time-efficient.
We couldn't be happier.
We are grateful and would not hesitate working with them again.
Thanks Jivaldi!


Athena Street Creative

Jivaldi has been a phenomenal company to work with. Their customer service is prompt with their response time, and always went above and beyond to make sure I knew how their work process went, exactly what they were going to do, and who was involved in my project. I always felt confident that they were doing a great job and that I had no need to worry. I needed Jivaldi's help making customizations to my shopify site, within 2 days I was sent a custom plan. I was impressed with both their responsiveness and the first class service I received in creating my proposal. After they finished customizing my site they sent an email explaining exactly what they did (including what files were edited), and how I could use the new features. Then entire process took a week.

I was looking for a company that could help me out in an efficient manner, but provide excellent quality - Jivaldi was the clear answer. I am very confident in recommending Jivaldi and will use them for all my future shopify needs.


Forged® relies heavily on Jivaldi to not only to manage our Shopify site but play a critical role in driving our marketing efforts. Their ability to take on national campaigns for a large audience, and working in a fast-paced environment allows us to scale our campaigns quickly and efficiently. Nearly all of our work is run through Shopify and they make this happen in a big way. A great team to have at our side for both Shopify and digital marketing as a whole!


I've worked with many developers in the past 10 years that I've been a web entrepreneur. Working with Jivaldi has set a new standard for the quality and attention to work for me. Not only did they listen carefully to my concerns, they've also constructed clear and impressive wire-frames and annotated drawings to help their clients understand what it is they will be doing. Every step of the way has been both delightful and productive, and I highly recommend this professional firm.

Project Repat

Jivaldi did some amazing work for us in an extremely professional and timely manner. I was so impressed with the communication, providing us with detailed updates on the work that was being done. I would definitely recommend Jivaldi for anyone interested in improving their conversion rate on their website.

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