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About Ionata Digital

At Ionata Digital we love helping business selling online and we think there is no better platform to do it on than Shopify.

Ionata Digital has over five years experience designing and developing Shopify sites for our customers. During that time we have helped bricks and mortar business launch and grow their online businesses and premium brands add ecommerce to their existing websites.

Our team of ecommerce experts can help your business at what ever stage you are at from starting up to better serving a mature customer base.

Based in Hobart, Tasmania, Ionata Digital has clients around Australia and beyond selling everything from baby slings to bath salts and bus tickets!

► eCommerce Experts

We'll help you take your digital customer service to then next level.

► Delightful design

Your online store has to be a strong representation of your brand and we love working with businesses to create beautiful and intuitive look and feel.

► System integration

Ionata Digital have built custom system integration plugins allowing customers to synchronise their inventory with existing Point of Sale software or export orders in formats required by shipping providers.

1 Testimonial

Janine Combes Tasmanian contemporary art jeweller

Ionata Digital staff are very helpful, flexible in the way they provide support and approachable.

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