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About Interstice Consulting LLP


At Interstice Consulting, we are passionate about helping entrepreneurs to succeed.

Our Digital Marketing practice area assists entrepreneurs to scale their e-commerce sales via performance marketing.

We have been offering web development and e-commerce marketing services since 2000.

With such longevity in the sector, we have the ability to look beyond tools, platforms, and tactics. We take a business-oriented approach towards building enduring value.


With offices in Singapore, Moscow and Montreal, our team is international, multi-disciplinary, experienced, and business-oriented.

In addition to our core team, we maintain a network of domain specialists in areas such as Facebook ads, Google ads and Amazon, which we bring into each project as necessary.


Our target market is owner-managed brands with under $10 million in annual revenue which are primarily offline retailers (or wholesalers) and which are seeking an expert to manage their online marketing on an ongoing basis.

We also work with smaller companies which have ambitions and a roadmap to reach 7 figures in online sales.

We prefer to partner with our clients over the long run, serving as their outsourced digital marketing team.

We collaborate on developing our clients' online strategy and have a strict bottom-line approach.

Although we are headquartered in Singapore, we work with clients around the world and adapt to their time zones. We are currently working with clients in the UK, Denmark, Iceland, Canada as well as the East and West coasts of the United States.


. Jewellery
. Watches and fashion accessories
. Sports apparel
. Children's clothing
. Menswear
. Sporting goods
. Nutritional supplements


. E-commerce site setup and migration (to Shopify) including theme customization and app selection
. Online advertising (primarily Facebook, Instagram, and Google)
. E-commerce marketplaces (primarily Amazon)
. Email marketing
. Social media marketing
. Cross-border e-commerce expansion / translation / localization
. Conversion optimization / landing page design and testing
. Search engine optimization
. Copywriting


Please contact us at: if you have any enquiries. We offer a free 30-minute initial consultation.

4 Testimonials

Not About Pink

The Interstice team is helping me prepare my Shopify site. A consultant was assigned to comb through my set-up and I was emailed a detailed list of suggestions and recommendations. All of the items presented to me made a lot of sense. The team is very patient & professional, we went bullet by bullet.

On top of consistently providing me with helpful ways to utilize sections better and format my product details I was also sent emails with encouraging trending news related to my product!

Overall such a great team to work with. They all have a high level of expertise when it comes to the different apps (to add) so that the user experience is made better.

Looking forward to the next stage for my startup and working with the Interstice team.

AURUM by Guðbjörg

We are Iceland's leading jewellery brand, established in 1999. We started selling online in 2006, and we first got in touch with Interstice Consulting in 2015 because we needed a consultant to help us improve our online presence and sales. They helped us formulate an overall online business plan and to execute it. After we started working with them, our online sales start increase rapidly. We now have an annual marketing calendar and feel confident that we are maximizing our marketing opportunities. Along the way, they helped us migrate to Shopify and implemented very effective online marketing campaigns with Facebook and Instagram ads, as well as email marketing. They also help to manage our social media groups. It is also important working with a company like Interstice Consulting to guide you where to put the money on the ad to get the acceptable result. The social media world is huge, and you can easily spend the money on the wrong places.

Singapore Top 10 Shades

Interstice Consulting implemented our Shopify store from the outset -- consulting with us on the design, theme selection, app selection, and conversion optimization. We found them to be very professional and patient. They have continued to support Top 10 Shades by running our social media groups (especially Instagram) and managing our paid campaigns on Google AdWords, Bing, Facebook and Instagram. Even PR and influencer marketing. I would highly recommend them for their expertise and online business acumen.

Elie Beaumont London

The Elie Beaumont London brand of fashion watches is sold through an extensive retailer network in the UK and abroad. We started selling online, directly to consumers, in 2015. We've been working with Interstice Consulting for a little over a year. They initially helped us on paid ad campaigns and email marketing. This year, they helped us migrate to Shopify and implement a premium theme, including managing a couple of small custom coding projects. Within Shopify, they helped us to identify apps which are adding value to our business. I would highly recommend Interstice Consulting. From our experience it's rare to find a single company with both technical and business capabilities. They are constantly advising us about new strategies in online marketing, and they helped us automate our e-commerce reporting so that we're on top of sales trends every day. Their expertise has been key to our progress in growing our online sales. We look forward to continue working with them going forward!

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