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About Impression Technologies LLC

Since 2001, we have nurtured a valued portfolio of clients in many different markets, including music and entertainment, food and drink, lifestyle, fashion, and other personal brands. Our suite of services includes everything any business needs to thrive online: ecommerce, social media, Internet marketing, pay-per-click advertising, graphic design, content creation, email marketing, brand management, affiliate programs, and influencer relationships. Our mission is to allow our clients to focus on building and growing their business, knowing that all of the tools and platforms are in place to support them in whatever their goals and challenges may be.

2 Testimonials

Fabrics & Fabrics

Matt from Impression Technologies has been wonderful to work with from the very first day. He was able to understand our business model and our goals very quickly, and contributed with lots of ideas early on. His overall experience and knowledge in the field of e-commerce is evident, and his marketing ideas and contributions to our operation have been super helpful. We are excited to see how our implemented strategies take off in the coming year. In terms of pricing, Matt understood exactly what kind of budget we were on, and offered many services within that budget. Lastly, Matt’s communication style is a pleasure as he is super tactful and thorough in all his explanations and discussions with us.

Leather Works

Our new online store was launched quickly and produced immediate results in online sales. Impression Technologies was able to assist us with both the design and development of the store, as well as online marketing and social media to promote our products and drive sales.

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