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About id-Booth SG©

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We take pride of being a true home based entrepreneur who understand running a business from home while being surrounded by busy environment with love ones and getting things done in any manner that build with respect and trust. Runs 4 businesses on selling products including food, offering designing services, business solution for branding recognition, packaging needs and prints.

Experienced in the career environment related to virtual office, serviced office - Servcorp, professionalism, excellence customer service, logistic business center - hotel industry, marine industry as sales executive and mentored by leaders. This enable us to offer marketing solution and advise out of goodwill.

We also provide after-build-support where clients able to reach out for any troubleshooting, seeking for tips and advise through our blogs. Purpose is to ensure that having a website will help ease business process loads and creating a strong support community in near future.

All of this purely start from the heart and helping businesses to jump start.

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8 Testimonials

Noor Confinement Singapore

Working with Sis Sharifah from ID-booth means first and foremostly that what you want to get done, get’s done! The service is professional at all times and the responses are quick. There has never been a time when they have not reacted to a problem or a service requirement with speed and efficiency, along with sound advice. We’ve been extremely happy with all the help she has done on our website, they look amazing. They have an unlimited amount of patience also, some days when we are swarmed, we admit we had to leave the project into silence and the next we bombard them with queries and issues and they continually take them onboard and tackle them. Thoroughly recommended. Thank you again ID-booth team.

Swan Plushized

About id-Booth SG©:

We’re grateful to have worked with Sharifah (id-booth SG); professionally to kick start my online shopping web. We started with no head & tail about web designing; thankfully for her, we managed on the full configuration of the web. Sharifah meticulously looked into our needs and the vision we had for the web. As our concept for the web can be quite challenging, Sharifah ensured the theme and colour selected values reflect our brand values and serve our preferences. She was patient to introduce website system introduction via video & audio to ensure we were on the right track. Her direct support and fast response has been the key to make the entire process a breeze. We highly recommend id-booth SG expertise for your website designing needs!

Swan Plushized Team

Emma Clozet

Creating a web designing was a daunting task for me. I really have no idea where to begin; but luckily a friend of mine(Seri); recommended me to her. With a brilliant mind and concept like hers, well, who need Again, a million thanx to u, Sharifah!

And not forgetting our late night chat, she will always be there thru thick and thin never a second complaining and keeps on mentoring me all the way.

Aleeyah Sofia

I started out my website by myself and Sis Sharifah approached me, to help me out to check the existing store settings that I had set by myself and to make changes so it will be more user friendly. Plus, she also gave me advices and tips on how to sort out orders, products list etc. Thumbs up for the service!

Blooms by RS

Initially when we first started out visualizing the ideal website to showcase our products and services, we were quite apprehensive that it would not turn out the way we wanted it to be. We were relatively inexperienced in designing a website that would adequately represent the feel and colour scheme our company stood for. We wanted our users to have a hassle-free experience while navigating through our range of products to suit their needs. We finally got all of those and more through id-Booth SG Shopify Expert who had been very patient and meticulous in following through with us and who had also been very prompt and polite in every single one of her correspondence with us. We'd highly recommend id-booth SG Shopify Expert expertise for all your website designing needs!

The Austere Home

I contacted id-Booth SG to help with out with the Hover effect in regards to my Editions Theme. Sharifah was really helpful in getting my issues sorted out within the first hour.

Demurely Anggun

Such an awesome designer and so generous with her knowledge. MasyaaAllah. Didn’t expect my website turned out to be a big bang! Everyone loves it and complains that once they enter my website they can’t stop shopping. Haha. All thanks to id-Booth SG for delivering such a fantabulous work.

Play Dress Up

I would like to thank Sharifah in setting up my Website. She is very helpful and willing to help even after her working hours. She is a very nice person to work with and she did an awesome job in building my website. I would highly recommend @idboothSG to anyone who wants to build their website.

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