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About HyQuality

Founded in 1997, HyQuality is a professional design studio in New York City, providing a full range of website design, e-commerce, branding, and marketing solutions to our clients. In all of our creations, we focus on the delicate balance between design and function. Your presence to the public is a direct reflection of your company and everything it has to offer. We help make that reflection look as amazing as possible. Our clients have diverse backgrounds that include both startups and large corporations. One thing all of our clients have in common is that they need professional service & quantifiable results within a reasonable budget & timeframe. And what we do is give them exactly what they need.

Being a relatively small design studio, we are always contactable, approachable and most importantly we work hard to create the best website solution that delivers real tangible returns. We are not just a design & development company, we are people who understand business and work hard at understanding your requirements to create effective solutions for you. Our creative eye and marketing ingenuity share a single focus — to build meaningful connections between your brand, your business, and your customers. We don’t create for the sake of it. We create to drive sales, build brands, change opinions, cut-through and make big things happen. Our goal is simple: Do great work for great clients that gets great results.

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Hy Serure at HyQuality personifies a true leader in digital technology innovation, development, and execution. He has an in-depth knowledge of Shopify and a thorough knowledge of the various app plugins that was invaluable in creating our customized Shopify website. His talents and skills are wide ranging, from expert development to creative design implementation and functionality, combined with both his back-end and front-end perspectives which was all utilized to deliver us a top-notch, optimized customer web experience. He is the ultimate partner that can be described as such: can do attitude, collaborator, problem solver, reliable, professional, conscientious, committed. His collaborative partnership is refreshing and genuine.

Taylor B. Fine Design Group

Hy was able to take a problem that the shopify support team on the phone, chat, and email was not able to solve. Also- emailing the creators of the current theme I am using were not helpful. From the moment I first sent Hy an email, I had a response within seconds. Minuets later- it was fixed. Hy is not only a Shopify expert- he is a Shopiy genius. Five starts is not enough- he deserves 10.

Universal Standard

It was a real pleasure to work with the team at HyQuality. They met every deadline, did everything they said they would, and more. Their technical acumen complemented our creative team very well, with great suggestions on how to improve on ideas, or bring new functionality. They were quick and well organized and the end result was excellent. Thank you!

Another Garde

I wasted a lot of of money and time with one 'cowboy' digital designer and developer who promised me the moon but then could not deliver or worse delivered something with such a messy code that nobody could do anything about it. So when I met HyQualityMedia I was very generally pissed off, nervous and skeptical. I am also very difficult in terms of design layouts. But HyQualityMedia really impressed me with their diligence, great problem solving, attention to details and top notch client service. Every time I raised a need, I was thoroughly explained the parameters and options (design, tech, and budget wise). Instead of being offered the moon I was given timely and realistic options which is always better!! I felt that they were genuinely interested in building something beautiful and sustainable with my team (which includes a top developer on the advisor board who and was able to review Hy's Dev team code as we went along). I cannot wait to launch the site in the coming days and would absolutely recommend HyQualityMedia.

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