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We’re digital makers: designers and developers and strategists who consume as much online content as we make. We’re young and enthusiastic and funny and our taste in music is questionable at best (at worst, it’s inexplicably bent toward the 80s… we don’t understand it either).

We launched in 2011, independently owned and working on a portfolio of memorable digital experiences with partners like GEICO, United Way, and The Webby Awards. Our work sells, persuades, and provokes. It’s the result of a process that’s part research, part experimentation, and part data science. Here’s how it begins: we find out what you, your business, and your customers need. Then we learn as much as we can about what makes you tick and what your customers respond to. We ask questions and answer them. We make assumptions and we test them. We design prototypes and we build them. All to find the opportunities that will help grow your business.

So that’s us. What’s in it for you, the client? We know digital is tough to navigate, with emerging platforms, a fragmented media landscape, and who knows what coming around the corner tomorrow. Our goal is to build long-term partnerships and help our clients leverage technology to solve real and pressing business problems. It’s a measure twice, cut once approach: strategy forms the backbone of every project, keeping the goals in sight, the messaging focused, the visuals consistent, and the technology effective.

After NASA cracked rocket technology, after they blasted off and landed on the moon, they planted a flag. We’re here now, and we’re planting our flag, too.

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Rug & Home

The Huemor team is incredible, and we find them to be true partners. We interviewed a ton of agencies before deciding to work with them. Beyond their strong technical competence, they always focus on doing the right thing which is highly rare in a business where many agencies choose to take shortcuts in order to cut costs. They are also always available (whether it is during the holidays, or after-hours). We can count on them to always be there to support us. We have been so happy with our partnership, that we have chosen to continue working with them post-launch.

Recognition Source

The team at Huemor simply knocked it out of the park for us! Our goal was to have the best site in our industry and from the feedback we've received thus far, we've accomplished that goal and some. The proof is in the numbers- we receive product reviews daily now whereas we received 8 last year in total. We've received 2 award nominations or honorable mentions on various design sites that has driven traffic to our site, almost 500 daily. The biggest compliment we can receive is the daily feedback we get from clients that are blown away by the design, the cool features and the ease of use.

Mike, Jeff, David, and Amiee have all done an outstanding job for us, and their excitement about our site and and our vision for the site in the beginning was contagious. It was a pleasure to work with them, they never nickel and dime us. They always were around to discuss concerns, even during the holiday break. I would recommend them to others looking for an e-commerce site. Just take a look at ours to see what they are capable of. thx. Jad.

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