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HRVST amplifies the potential of good, hardworking people. It’s always been about collaboration and community; we started with our friends and grew from there. Today, we are on a journey to grow brands — together.

The market is full of branding agencies that focus on outputs. We don’t. We go beyond style and strategy to propel potential, build actionable plans and handpick top talent from our collective network to execute the vision. We have a knack for seeing what others don’t.

HRVST cuts away the superfluous and streamlines success — and often that means taking the path less travelled. We show our client the fastest, funnest route to their goals. There is no set avenue to success. We remove assumptions and approach the challenge from a different direction each time. Forget what’s been done before — let’s go somewhere new.

Our outlook is bold and we seek clients to match. Those who get levelling up means investing in themselves and growth requires leaving their comfort zones. They make noise to get noticed. They are growers and showers who are all-in. They want to look like they’re in the pack so they can play with the top dogs.




We identify problems, build solutions and position clients so that they can maintain and scale anything we create.
• Digital planning
• Business plan analysis
• Organizational strategy
• Training

We put ourselves in users’ shoes and analyze their needs to create exceptional experiences — every step of the way.
• Content strategy
• Systems design
• Prototypes, wireframes & user flows
• Persona development

The small details have a huge impact. From personality to prose, we design and develop every element of your brand.
• Positioning & messaging
• Logo & visual identity
• Style guide
• Brand book

Good design is easy on the eyes. Great design is easy for the user — building equity and converting into results.
• Responsive web design
• Mobile
• Print
• Packaging

From showing services to shopping, our digital architects can build a bespoke online structure based on your needs.
• Ecommerce
• Front-end development
• Back-end development
• Systems development life cycle

You have a story — let us tell it. Our creatives produce narratives that cut through the noise and get you noticed.
• Video
• Photography
• Copywriting & editorial
• Social media


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6 Testimonials

Furballs Inc.

HRVST is one of the best companies I have ever work with! They are extremely professional, creative & timely and their work is impeccable. They were always there to answer any of my questions & I would highly recommend them to anyone looking for experience & expertise with Shopify :)

Ruined Rep

I was having a couple of design issues that Hrvst was able to help me with. Once we started they opened up my eyes to so much more


Went above and beyond in making sure that our customers had seamless and incredible mobile shopping experience!

Au Bon Thé

Great service, patient in finding the right solution for my site and explaining the solutions. Easy to work with, I recommend this team


The team at HRVST is outstanding. Their speed, efficiency, and quality of work are second to none.

We would highly recommend them to anyone looking for a Shopify expert.

Pop Shoes

super helpful in walking me through any of my shopify needs!

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