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About Hauser Consulting, LLC

AJ Hauser has over 15 years of experience in the digital marketing arena. He is a certified Shopify Expert specializing in business development, Shopify SEO and conversion optimization. He has helped over 300 stores increase online sales.

He is also a partner at a successful marketing firm, and he runs a popular YouTube channel that feeds traffic to his own Shopify store - meaning he lives and breathes what he teaches.

A few years back he began coaching Shopify store owners on a one-on-one basis. He works with a small handful of select clients, and is willing to take on a few more at this time. If you are interested in selling more, ranking higher in Google through SEO, optimizing the conversion rate of your store, or growing through paid ads, then please get in touch.

17 Testimonials

MJ's Online Shop

I hired Hauser Consulting to build my ecommerce store. AJ and his team did such an amazing job and were awesome to work with. Their experience really helped get my store up and moving!!

A Rustic Feeling

I LOVE working with this Shopify Expert ! This was the first time I've ever worked with a Shopify Expert. We had some great conversations and I was able to explain exactly what I was looking for and I can tell I was "heard" AJ is easy going, very professional, friendly and his follow up was excellent ! I'm extremely pleased with the work that was done on my website and I will definitely be contracting them for future work.

So far AJ Hauser has shown himself to be very knowledgeable on how shopify works, and what is required to generate traffic thru your store. I will continue to work with AJ until I have reached my goal. I would highly recommend anyone looking to start a shopify store to contact AJ Hauser. You wont be disappointed.

You will love it !

Well I am brand new in EVERYTHING so I was trying to hire an expert based on my needs but I needed a bit of everything ! So after reading reviews after reviews and different pricing from all experts I thought I would hire AJ as the reviews were excellent but also the Audit analysis was something I was interested to see. Not dissappointed at all, it covered it all, it is a 40 pages long, very instructive and detailss oriented, gives you all postive and negative points of the website so now the road is clearer for me, we'll see now next step, the audit is really worth it, highly recommend it. So far I am very satisfied, cannot wait to keep working with AJ. thanks again.
Aurelien from

USN Products, LLC

AJ and the team at Hauser Consulting were great to speak with. They are very friendly and knowledgeable. Their report was very detailed oriented and left no stone unturned. It was specific to our website needs and goals and we are very excited to start working with them knowing what their audit has found.

Sierra Yarn

The amount of information I received in order to improve my webpage was amazing, also the comunication with AJ was great! Looking to keep working with them.

The Deal Force

Aj been a great help he has done everything soo far he said he was going to do i cant wait to keep working with him i recommend him to anyone thanks again aj

Ilene Berg

I am very thankful to AJ Hauser and the Team at Your Shopify Coach for helping me to identify the elements of my website that have hindered my company from getting quality web traffic. As CEO of the small business, Ilene Berg Shoes, I often find myself wearing many hats and rarely can I spend a lot of time on any one aspect of my business. I turned to AJ Hauser to help us analyze our website and our web traffic. I couldn’t be more impressed by the thoroughness of the audit he did for us. He covered every possible aspect – this audit was well worth the money. I highly recommend this team!

Ilene Greenberg
CEO, Ilene Berg Shoes


Complete professional. I started working with AJ long before he began coaching one-on-one. I think it's great that he made that transition. He knows Shopify inside and out.

Away We Go Tours

AJ has been a part of our team for several years now, and his marketing advice (and help with the development of our marketing plans and print material) has proven time and again to be extremely valuable.


In the short time that I have worked for AJ he has quickly harnessed my SEO and online business needs but more importantly he is an energetic, super-reliable, detail-oriented, good communicator and he really makes you feel he has your back and is part of your team! I look forward to a continued relationship with AJ as we strive to meet all of my online business goals!

Clear.Water.Sky. | #GSWOT

We've worked with AJ on countless projects, from SEO to Social Media Advertising, to Conversion Optimization and every one has been successful. He has consistently met or exceeded our expectations and we are happy to recommend him.


So far so good - very happy - thanks!


This is one of the best companies I have worked with in a very long time, very professional, fun and energetic team of people, keep up the fantastic work

Mirza Swim

AJ has been a pleasure to work with so far! He is customer service oriented, responsive, and very detailed. He put together a 40 page SEO audit for me that not only included SEO tips, but branding and marketing tips as well. The report was thorough with explanations, visuals, examples, screenshots, and suggestions. Most SEO audit's are not like this when it comes to quality and effort. I'm looking forward to continuing to work with AJ and his team to get my website up in the search rankings. I highly recommend working with AJ and his team at Your Shopify Coach!


Even though we just started working with AJ on our Project. Its been a pleasure and more relaxing experience than I have ever had putting the pieces together. The Audit has been a Huge Win for us in showing us a road map in what we need to do and what path to stay on. More to come.

ShopFAH Boutique

Working with AJ was awesome. I was hesitant at first because I have been promised so many things in the past and it just was not what I was looking for but AJ delivered. His website audit is definitely helpful and will give you insight tips on things you may normally overlook. Overall I am pleased and look forward to working with him more in the future. I recommend him without hesitation.

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