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About Handwoven Industries

We've been designing websites since 1997. That's an insanely long time. Find out how you can leverage that experience to improve your existing website or build a new ecommerce site from scratch that will leave your visitors happy and engaged.

As a member of the Shopify Experts program, we eat, sleep, and breathe ecommerce. Want your store to dazzle? Or maybe just get out of the way and move units? We're intimately familiar with the ins and outs of the platform - as well as many others you may be migrating from - and can help turn your vision into reality quickly and securely.

20 Testimonials

Wild Shaman

After all the unsuccessful trials with bunch of people, Iā€™m so glad to have a chance to work with Dave! He get things done done done āœ… just like that. He is fast-paced and reachable, it was so nice to be able get answers right away. The most important thing is now my website looks just what I wanted to look like!
Yes he is definitely an expert, one of the best ones
Highly recommended.

Lucky Bloke: Global Condom Experts

I could not possibly outline the excellence that is Handwoven Industries in less than 1200 characters. Highly competent, quick, reasonably priced, very personalized service. Smart and trustworthy. Words were always followed up by action. Did I mention competence? After being disappointed with the lack of talent and professionalism of many developers - including high cost boutique firms and Shopify experts that have grown so large they can only handle simple projects and completely lack creativity, Handwoven Industries was an A+ experience. (I wish I could rate them higher than A+.) First, they repaired the damage of a different Shopify expert, we then worked together on a new site. (All for less than the initial quote of the former development madhouse.) My only concern with leaving this review is that they'll be too busy in 2018 to work on the next projects I have on my list. Seriously, if you need a solid developer. This is your team.


Dave was awesome to work with. Very knowledgeable, very helpful, answered emails quickly, and helped us out so much. Highly recommend.

West End Select Shop

I reached out to Dave for help on my Shopify store. It only took a few quick emails before he was able to fix issues that i had lived with for way too long! He seems very organized, professional, he's a great communicator and I look forward to working with him again!


Dave has been excellent to work with. Smart, fast, and knowledgeable! We highly recommend him.

Ponyboy Vintage Clothing

Dave from Handwoven Industries was fantastic! Great communication and got my issue fixed quickly and affordably. I will definitely be using Handwoven Industries again!


Working with Handwoven was nothing but a pleasure, Dave was always on schedule with all the deliverables and gave great insight on engineering/troubleshooting of our Shopify custom template. I would recommend him to anyone looking to improve their website.

Bolling & Company

I have rarely worked with anyone as competent, clever or pleasant as Dave Lowensohn. His work on our website was extraordinary - he took our vision and actually delivered more that we were asking for on a very difficult project. If you can get Dave to work on your Shopify website you are damn lucky.

Stuff Girls Like

Dave helped me out for a very short period of time (1 hour) - but in that hour, was quick, efficient, and helpful! He helped fix problems that my other Shopify Expert left me confused, and took the time to demonstrate things to me so that I know exactly how it was fixed. Dave was friendly & personable - and immediately made me feel comfortable sharing my information with him. Would recommend Dave to anyone, and will be recommending him to my family for some web assistance.

Volare Oils

Great experience.


Work was done quickly and correctly.


Will definitely use for any future work.


Dave from handwoven industries is brilliant. He went through the process went above and beyond . I've actually listed him as my admin so that if I need him to tweak something on shopify it can be done straight away. He comes highly recommended

Cordoza Nail Supply

Dave was excellent to work with. He quickly contacted me regarding the website work I needed done and had it done before the time he promised. He was great at communicating and answering all of my questions. We will use him in the future for any work we need. Highly recommend.

Folia Water

Dave was incredibly friendly, helpful, and easy to work with -- getting a custom coding job done in no time! High-quality and fast service. 10/10 would recommend!

Make It Good

Dave did a great job of communicating what could and couldn't be done during the planning stage - no surprise delays or missing features once we were underway. Now we can customize whatever we want in the store settings and only need to bug him when we need major changes. Highly recommended!

Ellen Gunderson Traylor's Port Hole Books

Dave was fast, friendly and extremely helpful. Solved our issue quickly. Couldn't ask for better service. Highly recommend.


Dave is a great collaborator and helped implement the redesign of our Shopify website. Not all code is created equal and his code is clean and well organized. Not only does he have the ability to take care of the back end, but he has a keen eye and was able to make UX and design suggestions when needed. He is solution oriented and incredibly professional - I would hire him again in an instant.

Hipster Row

Dave was awesome to work with! He listened to what I wanted and implemented it exactly they way I wanted it. He was extremely professional and was very fast with his work. I would highly recommend him to anyone. I am extremely pleased with his services and work!! Thank you Dave!

Red Room Commons

It was a pleasure working with Handwoven Industries. From concept to final product, they provided an awesome experience. They took care of all of our questions and concerns with extremely fast turnaround, but also provided valuable insight to improve our desired product. Red Room Commons prides itself on the customer experience and Handwoven Industries was able to help us deliver one of great design and functionality.

Posh Girl Bath Boutique

Dave was very skilled at what he does and I would totally recommend him and plan on using him again if needed.

Mabel and Zora | Womens Designer Clothes, Shoes, Accessories in Portland

Dave is wonderful, we have developed a great working relationship. This is an area that I don't understand at all and he is able to help me to understand what he is doing and how it will help out our store. We designed our own website and he was able to tell us what he needed from us to code it & make it into a real, working website that looks exactly how we wanted it!
I highly recommend him!

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