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About Hand Hugs Design


My name is Jessie Matanky and I am an independent graphic designer, web site designer, animal enthusiast, & general code dork based out of downtown Portland, OR.

I have been passionately making clean, visually stunning websites, print work, logos, animations, illustrations (and, of course, little monsters on the side) for the last ten years professionally. I have worked on all sorts of projects, large ones, small ones, those needing a lot of creative planning & simple ones. Basically, if you want it to look good, I’m your girl.

I have been working with Shopify for over 8 years now. As a proud Shopify expert, I know the ins and outs of developing and designing successful e-commerce stores and can provide a wealth of information about conversion tactics, online marketing, and more.

I know that making something look good is only half the battle; your website also needs to sell your product effectively. I take pride in my resolve to help you with both of these aims; also knowing that a website is never truly 'finished' and should be monitored and tweaked consistently to make sure you are staying at the top of your game as an e-commerce store owner.

12 Testimonials

Shwood Eyewear

I've worked with Jessie on numerous web projects over the years. Whether it's designing a whole new site from scratch or simply making routine updates, Jessie always delivers great work and helpful insights. Her vast skillset covers everything you could need, and she's always working to stay ahead of the curve. I would definitely recommend her for your next ecomm project.

Ma Wovens

Jessie is highly professional yet very approachable and easy to work with. She can tackle your requests in a timely manner and even provide feedback and advice that is invaluable for your needs. Her background as an artist and designer provides the ability for you to rely on her for aesthetic decisions as well as the creative build for your website. I was able to rely on her for just about all of my needs. She is fair priced, and an awesome person to work with. I have already recommended her to others looking for a person to create their Shopify site Thanks again Jessie!

Darcy Bacha

Jessie was with me from the moment the idea was in my head to the moment the site was launched. Every request was met and surpassed and formed into one of the simplest yet sophisticated photo websites there is. Highly recommended

Redwood Tack

Jessie has been perfect in every way.

Osloh Bicycle Jeans

We started working with Jessie in 2014 when we asked her to build a new website for our apparel brand, Osloh. In addition we asked her to put in place the back-end from top to bottom to ensure we had a smooth process from order taking to shipping to our customers worldwide from our 3PL. She installed Shopify to handle that, uploaded all our SKUs (there are many) and fixed any issues. From thereon through to now Jessie has been responsible for handling outbound campaigns to our database via Mailchimp, managed seth database itself, and all social media posting, She has also been responsible for keeping our website fresh and filtered customer questions to the correct person inside our Company while handling any questions with regards ordering.
Throughout this time she's been a key part of our team and essential to ensuring that, even as a small brand, we adopt the habits and customer expectations of a much larger one.

Minoux Jewelry

Jessie is knowledgeable and easy to work with. She's open to your ideas, and also has the experience to offer guidance and direction when you need it.

She refined and customized all aspects of my Shopify store, from the theme, to the email templates to helping choose and set up the best apps for my needs.


When I was searching a web designer to do my site I wrote down a list of all the websites I liked. And my favorite one was the wooden sunglasses store shwoodshop.com and it turns out hand hugs designed it. So i contacted her and gave her the general idea for my site and she was extremely helpfull in getting me started. I had a million questions (this was my first website) and first business. She worked on weekends and made sure the site was exactly how I wanted it. She is very knowledgeable about how a good layout should be for a e-commerce site to get the most sales out of it. I love my site slomocup.com it is very sleek and clean looking. And I will refer her to any one looking to get a legit website done. Hand hugs is awesome!


I've worked with Jessie a few times now, and once again she delivered a top-notch website with all the functionality (and more) that I was looking for. She is truly the perfect turn-key solution for anyone looking for a Shopify site that looks great and is easy to update and maintain in the future. She offer's a great mix of design and development that I would recommend to anyone.

Chai Jewelry | Chai Bracelets, Earrings, Necklaces and Men's Chai

It was a pleasure working with Hand Hugs. Jessie took the time to understand what I wanted and was able to design a site that is both beautiful and functional. Delivery dates and price quotations were met. In several instances she made suggestions that improved the end product. What I valued most was that Hand Hugs provided both high quality design and technical skills all in one. Looking forward to working with Jessie again in the future.

Olympic Provisions

My website is amazing. Jessie has great design skills and is awesome at Shopify@

Shwood | Wood Sunglasses | The Original Wooden Eyewear

Jessie is a Shopify master. Shwood prides itself on clean, innovative web design, and Jessie is always able to bring our vision to life. Whether you are looking for a simple web shop, or a fully customized e-commerce solution, I would fully recommend Jessie to get the job done.

Taylor Murray
Shwood Eyewear
Brand Manager

Brian's Olive Oil

Jessie did a fantastic job in putting my website together. It is very professional looking. It is really cool the way the pages scroll and buttons highlight. The end result was better that I expected. Since my computer skills are limited to cutting and pasting, she had to help me with setting up email addresses on my IMAC, IPAD, and IPhone. I will hire her again.

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