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About Half Helix

Half Helix is a digital agency that is building, growing, and guiding the next generation of e-commerce companies.

We make websites and apps with a focus on eCommerce for clients all around the world, ranging from self-funded entrepreneurs to multinational corporations.

Why Half Helix?

We are technical specialists.
We have a detailed approach to project management.
We use design-led thinking at every stage of a project.

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6 Testimonials

Nova Natural Toys & Crafts

Peter and the Half Helix team have been helping us with development, maintenance, and template consolidation across three of our sites for a few months now, and they have been great. Peter is quick to contact us with any development updates or questions he and his team have, and he is always very transparent with their work and their process. When we ask for something to get done, it occurs quickly and always without a hitch, and if we need clarification he is happy to give it. Half Helix is always on top of anything we give them and very thorough in making sure it's done right and that we are kept completely in the loop as updates occur!

Gypsy Sport NY

Half Helix worked with me to design a website that meets all the needs of my brand. I dont know much about coding or web-development, but their team was very thorough and patient with my questions. Best of all, they always delivered on time!


Half Helix developed and launched our online store perfectly and on a very tight schedule. There was almost no de-bugging required afterwards and to this day the website runs smoothly.


10/10! They're truly masters of their craft!

They executed our directions perfectly! Excited to work with them again!

Plus great guys to work with :)


Expert at Shopify/web and fixed a glitch that would have cost us thousands if not fixed....and same day before Thanksgiving!!!! Beyond loyal and can't recommend enough!

Pop & Suki

Our experience with Half Helix was awesome. Peter was wonderful to work with, and was on-call 24/7. We approached them with a last minute request over the Thanksgiving holiday and they turned it around super quickly...even working on the actual holiday. They were also happy to make the adjustments we needed and never complained once. The final product is exactly what we wanted, and everything was super professionally done. Pricing was also super reasonable. Could not recommend them more. A+

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