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About Blend Commerce

Enhance your eCommerce with Blend.

We help clients in the USA, Canada, United Kingdom (UK), Australia and more. Most recently, we've partnered with leading eCommerce companies in Manchester, London and Birmingham.

Let our team of designers, developers, and digital marketing consultants improve your customer's shopping experience.

Think about a 5-star luxury resort. Crystal clear pools, cabanas with white linen sheets, exquisite French cuisine and point perfect service.

Sounds great, right? Now imagine the resort in the middle of a sweltering desert. No road access, no signs from a highway, no glossy brochures in your local travel agent. Horrible, right?

Like 5-star resorts crumbling in the beating sun, we see many exceptionally crafted online stores with customer-focused functionality and incredible copy, but with no traffic… It's a painful sight.

At Blend, we don't build hotels in the desert. Solid infrastructure, clear design, and data-driven marketing strategy help our clients to build thriving Shopify stores that help achieve their goals. Combining your understanding and passion for your products and services with our expertise and experience of building and growing thriving Shopify stores creates a formula that works for us and our clients.

So, how do we avoid building 'hotels in the desert' or what can we do if it's been built already?

See below to learn more about how Blend Commerce could work with you.


We have to be honest, Blend Commerce is not for everyone. As a partner, we will:

- Give you honest, frank and data-driven advice.
- Communicate frequently.
- Treat your business as a reflection of our own.

We understand that this type of engagement is not what everybody wants. But if this does sound like the kind of partner you are seeking, then schedule your free 30-minute consultation with one of our consultants now.

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Blend Commerce provides three paths for Shopify entrepreneurs - Launch, Grow and Automate. The path you'll need will be dependent on where you are on your Shopify journey, but services include:


- Shopify store roadmap
- Shopify store setup
- 90-day launch plan (Marketing for Shopify stores, including email marketing, Facebook marketing, sales funnels, SEO, Google Shopping and PPC)
- Facebook Ads


- Shopify store redesign
- 90-day growth plan (Marketing for Shopify stores)
- Social media marketing
- Out of The Sandbox Theme Update
- Content and marketing management
- Facebook Ads


- Small sized tasks
- Medium sized tasks


The Blend Commerce team has helped to launch, grow and automate a wide range of Shopify businesses, ranging from a womens clothing store, to dive stores, to selling t shirts online. Take a look at our testimonials on this page to see real results and data.

We're all also proud to be official partners of Out of the Sandbox, working with Turbo, Retina, Parallax, Responsive and Mobilia themes to create beautiful and responsive stores.

Take a look at some examples of brands that we have worked with:


Our clients stretch the globe and we have worked with clients in the following cities New York, Brooklyn, Los Angeles, San Diego, Las Vegas, Chicago, Orlando, London, Birmingham, Manchester, Ottawa, Vancouver, Toronto, Melbourne, Sydney, Perth and Auckland to name a few.


Our team consists of developers, designers, social media experts, Facebook advertising strategists and SEO consultants - all the guys you need to avoid building a hotel in the desert. You can find out more about the team here -


Yes, you could. However, our perspective is that a fully coordinated team, all with the same focus produces the best results. Every recommendation we provide in our proposals is evaluated by our whole team. Whilst this doesn't mean that a great developer can't be a great marketer, we feel that by having specialists in different fields adds to the overall strength and success of the projects we work on with clients.


We would love to be able to guarantee success, but it's simply not possible. What we can guarantee is that the proposals and advice we provide is based on the success we have enjoyed with previous clients and using data as a key driver for decision making. Our client's businesses reflect heavily on our business, so it's heavily in our interest to help create and develop strong and successful brands. Why not take a look at our client testimonials on this page?


Before considering Blend Commerce, we need to tell you what we don't do. It's only fair.

- We don't create website builds. A website is not equal to a business, and we will never work with clients who simply want a builder - we do not build hotels in the desert.
- We don't just hope for the best. All decisions made by us are in conjunction with clients and use data to provide evidence for decisions and recommendations.
- We don't do email tennis. Communication is our forte, and we believe emails can be like kryptonite for us and our clients. We use project management tools to keep clients up to speed on their project, as well as regular communication through Skype and Zoom.

In all honesty, we believe that creating a Shopify store needs to be a holistic activity that incorporates all of the strategic thinking needed when creating a brick and mortar store. Yes, you need a great store window, but if your customers can't see it, what's the point?

These options are always open but as you'll see from our booking system, our consultations do get booked quickly. In addition to this, we only work with a handful of clients per month - it's the only way we can continue to do what do with our clients.

So, how about you?

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38 Testimonials

NI Candle Supplies LTD

Blend Commerce recently assisted us with the transfer from Mailchimp to Klaviyo including the set up of all of our campaigns. In addition to making the transition seamless, they did a fantastic job in providing comprehensive training to ensure we are up to speed with the way Klaviyo works. We regularly utilise Blend's services both in continuing to improve our site and in for our marketing and firmly believe Blend's fresh approach has played a massive role in helping us achieve success so quickly!


I could not properly execute my vision without Blend Commerce. Their attention to detail and .liquid programming knowledge is second to none. With regularity, they make the impossible happen. If you ever say "well Shopify can't do that" I'd ask Blend first, because it probably can with the right people involved. I have built three stores with them now over five years, and I won't be going anywhere else.

Blend Commerce was professional and efficient at getting what we needed done. We wanted to have unique product details for every product on our site. Blend Commerce helped deliver that in custom code and provided us with great video tutorials and support. The developers and PM was very professional and friendly to interact with. Thanks for the great work!

YFood Drink

We are a health food and nutrition business based in Germany and decided to work with Blend to help us improve the user experience on our Shopify Plus store.

Since working with the Blend team in 2018, the Blend team have provided outstanding work on our theme and developed highly personalised features. These have included optimisation of our product page, navigation and review features.

In addition to this, we have also worked with Blend to optimise our sales and marketing funnel. Blend has provided us with a highly responsive design for our cart page and optimised the customer journey to checkout.

Blend’s work is always to the highest level, and we have been impressed by their ability to quickly resolve issues, even when those issues have required involvement with third parties.

We are highly appreciative of the work Blend has completed and their solid communication and support.

We are definitely going to continue our relationship with Blend and look forward to our next project with the team.


I was starting my Shopify store, I had over 45 apps and a long list of development items. I never worked with any Shopify Developer before. I did not know who to trust and who would be out to scam.

Blend exceeded my expectations on all levels. Their costs were fair, their communication was crystal clear and the quality of work was perfect.

Blend were able to ask the right questions to clarify what I wanted from them and were able to make suggestions when they saw opportunities to improve the development tasks at hand.

If I could give them 10 stars out of 5 I would.

Blend's clear communication, high quality work and prompt timings are the reason I would recommend Blend to my friends and family in a heartbeat and I look forward to the next time we work together.

Bikini Crush Swimwear

We approached Blend to reintegrate some custom code onto our updated theme, Blend were in constant communication and got the job done to our specifications, without any issues, and on time. Great job, thanks Blend.

Due West

We are are a multi-brand clothing retailer called Due West. We specialise in Premium Outerwear, Fashion and Sportswear clothing.

We initially contacted Blend to upgrade specific elements of our Shopify Theme, particularly, our Navigation and side filter menus. At the start of the project we didn’t experience any obstacles or hesitations and due to speedy email correspondence, a good understanding of our issues, and a speedy delivery, we are completely satisfied with the customisations to our theme.

We would absolutely recommend Blend, and look forward to working with Blend in the future.

Due West

Absolute Collagen

Although we would have loved to review a portfolio of previous work, Blend's rapid communication and reasonable costs made us decide to work with them to improve our product landing page experience.

Overall we had a great experience working with Blend, they successfully completed our project and we are very happy with the end result.

We would definitely recommend Blend to merchants looking to get custom development work done on their store.

Absolute Collagen


Being based in Australia, we were initially sceptical about working with a Shopify development partner so far away. Different countries, different currencies, different cultures. We needn’t had worried at all about working with Blend. By means of introduction to the project, Kivari, the label, is an Australian bohemian-luxe fashion brand. Designed for the modern free-spirited bohemian woman. Due to a solid growth period and in order to continue this level of growth, the brand needed a refresh, starting with the website. We were ultimately aiming for a cleaner design to really highlight the amazing photography and garments, and created a better user experience. Crucially, we needed advanced backend controls to improve internal efficiencies as we grew. After working with Blend for a very short period, I found that communication wasn't a problem nor a blocker. I loved the fact that I was able to speak and communicate directly with the lead developer on the job, who also acted as the project manager. We felt that this was a big point of difference in the management of the project, not offered by other comparable Shopify Expert agencies. As a result of the project, we now have an exceptional mobile responsive website that is easy to use, even for internal stakeholders with little Shopify experience. We have a new theme which can be easily edited in the future but currently serves the purpose of showcasing our garments and branding effectively. In essence, we’ve been able to add a great new asset to our business. In addition to the above, Blend offer great turn around times and a competitive package price, given the team’s demand and credentials. I would absolutely recommend Blend for a client looking to upgrade their Shopify theme to Turbo. Blend are extremely well versed in using and developing this theme and are constantly striving for perfection and customer satisfaction along the way. We can certainly see why Out of the Sandbox selected Blend as partners. I couldn't rate Blend Commerce higher. They were able to deliver a great site with amazing customer service and support, both before, during and after launch.

Wee Squeak

Hey, it's Susan Bradley from Wee Squeak . We sell toddler shoes that squeak with every step, at

A few months ago I was on the hunt for an agency to do our store redesign. My one key goal was that I needed to INCREASE MOBILE CONVERSIONS in a big way.

When I began talking to Shopify agencies, I started to stress about the project. I sure most merchants know how that feels.

My big fear was that it would be a never-ending project and that I might end up with something worse than what we started with… and I had visions of costs getting out of control for hidden "extras" that I didn't even understand.

I had worked with Blend Commerce on a few small projects, and ultimately decided to hire them for the big job!

We started with a store wireframing and then a roadmap for our store redesign. Their roadmap service outlined a firm scope of work and fixed cost for the project before I committed to the redesign.

My big issue was that our mobile traffic was growing fast, and we needed to improve mobile conversion. When I started thinking about a new site, our mobile traffic was 70%.

By the time we hired Blend our mobile traffic was around 80%, and my mobile conversion was averaging less than 2%, so it was obvious that I needed to take action and fast.

After working with Blend as a partner, I can say that I really didn't experience any of the horror stories I've heard about and was afraid might happen. In fact, we've had some great improvements since launching our new site 6 months ago. I really think that much of the improvement can be attributed to Peter and the team at Blend. Our new site is pretty amazing.

As an example, here are some stats:

- Mobile conversion rate is up 26%
- Overall conversion rate is up 16%.
- Revenue from mobile is up 40%
- Overall revenue is up 26%
- Mobile bounce rate is down 28%.

I have been heavily involved with e-commerce and social media marketing for a number of years. I know there are lots of choices when it comes to hiring an Agency to design a new site.

For me, what stood out was that Blend didn’t come to the project with preconceived ideas. They asked what I wanted to achieve and then stayed focused on that. They didn't muddy the waters with a lot of extras and "bells and whistles". They understood that user experience and increasing conversions on mobile was our "one big thing". I wanted to design for mobile first, and they actually made a point of showing me everything on mobile first and walking me through the user experience. In fact, a few times Peter had to remind me to get off the desktop version and approve the mobile pages first!

The whole team was super responsive to our needs, and after the project was completed, they didn’t disappear. They actually continue to be a source of support when I need help.

I do, and will continue to, recommend Blend Commerce to online merchants looking to get the best from Shopify.

It is great that Blend have a small and focused team, but this does mean that they only take on a few projects at a time. I think it's worth the wait.

The guys really do bring a lot to the table and have tons of experience. They offered up some suggestions that added real value. They were flexible when it made sense and kept me focused on our goals.

Great team and great results!

NI Candle Supplies LTD

I'm the founder and owner of NI Candle Supplies - we provide a unique customer experience in the wholesale candle making supplies industry. I commissioned Blend Commerce to create a website that was both user-friendly and appealed to both B2B and B2C users, It was also crucial that it was easy for us to manage, especially with having to juggle the other elements of running my business. As a result of working on the Shopify store setup, we have an amazing website that has received a lot of positive feedback, sales are going well and we are really pleased with how everything has come together.

It was great to work with a small, yet knowledgeable team - something that competitors could not necessarily offer us. Adam (who leads the marketing team) has great marketing skills and our blog posts are brilliant! Peter knows the development side inside out! We really appreciated the on-going support following launch, and this was very useful as we strive to grow the business rapidly. We also feel that the ability to access social media management services through their sister company, Blue Pineapple, was fantastic - it's so much easier to have everything in one place!

If you're looking to launch your Shopify store, I'd absolutely recommend Blend Commerce. Blend took our dream and made it a reality, one that has come together even better than we could have possibly imagined. We are blown away by not only our website but how all of our marketing and email communications look and work seamlessly. Thanks so much!

PerfectBee Store

Here at PerfectBee, we provide beekeeping education and products to amateur and professional beekeepers across North America. When we initially contacted Blend Commerce, our intention was to streamline and improve the customer experience for our store and discuss ways to scale our business.

We decided to work with Blend Commerce on a 90 Day Growth Plan and Shopify Store Teardown. This was a result of a recommendation on a Facebook group, which prompted us to investigate. After we conducted our own investigations, we decided to book a free call with Blend. After the conference call with Adam, this gave us great confidence we were on the same page.

We were very impressed with both services – detailed reports that were very actionable. We were particularly impressed with the upfront questions which led me to believe Blend understands that cookie-cutter advice is not the best approach, which does seem to taken by many of their competitors. We certainly felt a strong desire from Blend to understand our business before making proposals.

I have to say that we particularly enjoyed and valued the store teardown video, but all deliverables were very effective. The conference calls were insightful and valuable and the detailed report was a great way to capture what we discussed, including in the store teardown.

We’d definitely recommend Blend to other companies in the growth phase of their Shopify store, and we certainly plan to work with Blend Commerce again. In summary, we were very impressed and thankful for the deliverables by Blend and enjoyed our discussions.

SNOWFLAKE kindermöbel concept store

great support

The Hidden Mist E-Liquids

Very Professional Service, I explained the job, they understood it, I purchased the service, work was done within a few hours, Perfect.

Camera Hub

After running a number of successful B2B and B2C brick and mortar businesses over the past 20 years, I decided to expand my portfolio to e Commerce. After talking to countless developers and agencies, I finally found Blend Commerce. Out of a whole bunch of developers I had talked to, Blend we’re really the only ‘team’ that I found that could understand how I wanted to implement my business and had all of the tools to do it.

I initially started working with Blend on their demographic profiling report. This really helped to define who my brand should focused at - both with respect to the look and feel of the site and the marketing. I must admit I was blown away by the depth of the report and it really did help to define the whole business and the strategy for my Shopify store.

After the demographic profiling report was completed, I then worked with the development guys to start on the process of designing and building my store and the marketing team to create and start implementing my marketing strategy. In my mind, it was very clear that the report that had initially been created was driving the focus of the build and the marketing, which really helped to thread the whole program together.

Even though i’ve had some issues with my supply chain through the process, the Blend team have been absolutely fantastic. They have bags of vision, enthusiasm and really take the time to understand what their clients need. In fact, I’ve actually been told how to save money on my site when coming up with a few ideas that the team knew don’t work very well.

My only regret of working with Blend is that I hadn’t done it sooner - Great job guys!

Tadpoles & Tiddlers

Running a brick & mortar store comes with a significant monthly overhead in fixed and variable costs that usually leave very little, if any, budget for additional expenses. Blend's pricing is reasonable and fair and I found great value for money in the project they coordinated.

The whole team at Blend gave me a knowledgeable and current perspective of Shopify website development. We were working on our Shopify site for 7 months prior with a great deal of frustration before commissioning Blend Commerce. In fact, they had us up and running in under 5 weeks.

What stuck out for me in comparison to other agencies we worked with was that Adam and Peter are great listeners! They understood our brand and delivered the website with the customization that exceeded our expectations. Their marketing team have their finger on the pulse with respect to current social media channels, Google Analytics and marketing trends. This was very evident after working with them on their 90-day launch plan process.

We’ve already recommended Blend to other Shopify entrepreneurs them and will continue to, for all of the above reasons.

Since our website launch we are continuing to use Blend's marketing services to get our blog up, email marketing, sales funnels and social media channels all synced and running smoothly. We continue to learn something new with every meeting. By far, hiring Blend Commerce has been one of the best decisions for our company!

U Suck at Golf

U Suck at Golf is a lifestyle apparel company geared toward the average everyday golfer. Our goal is to bring out the lighter side of the game with funny and unique products that every weekend golfer can relate to, while still offering the quality that our customers will trust on and off the course. USAG started out of the passion for embracing this f***ed-up game and to move away from all the seriousness and stigmas that are often associated with the sport. It started with one viral t-shirt and almost a year later here we are with over 10,000 shirts shipped.

After the success we saw in the first year, we felt that we were really leaving a lot on the table as we had no experience in building out a site or brand whatsoever. We contacted Blend Commerce in hopes of improving the overall trustworthiness of our website. This included things such as branding, navigation, and optimization for conversions.

Blend Commerce were amazing, to say the least. Their lead developer, Pete, worked with us every step of the way to develop a website that we were happy with and on the same page with. He completely restructured the navigation, which is flawless right now and added an “ease of use” for the customer. We also gave the site a more branded feel by incorporating consistent fonts and color schemes. Last, we restructured the product pages to add “trustworthiness” and give our customers confidence in shopping with us.

We saw an immediate increase in our Conversion rate and are now averaging about 4.5% which is still not the best, but much higher than where we were at about 2%.

(Pre-Blend: Jan 1st - May 30th - 1.73%… Post-Blend: Jun 1st - Jun 13th - 4.3%)

We feel that Blend Commerce has put laid the foundation for us and we can keep on increasing that number through our marketing in the coming months.

Overall Blend Commerce were a pleasure to work with and responded to all of our requests immediately. I would be confident in recommending them to anyone looking to improve their website. Being the average Shopify store owner, we have no experience in coding and website development and can only take it so far, which is fine when first starting out, but when looking to scale your store to the next level, I believe that the investment with Blend Commerce will surely pay off.

The Boutique Rack

I decided to work with the team at Blend during my first consultation. They were open, honest and gave me a very clear view of what I needed to do to transition from being a brick and mortar retailer to a Shopify store owner.

I opted to work with Blend to initially complete the Demographic Profiling Report. I must admit I was skeptical at first, as I wondered what the guys could really tell me about my customer base. Well, I was wrong! Whilst a lot of the data they collated did prove my assumptions, I found out some very useful specifics on my target market. The guys at Blend were then able to use this to clearly map out how we could implement these findings into the design and marketing of my store.

Since my initial consultation, I've worked with Blend for over 6 months. They're now helping me manage my marketing and my store, which has been a real weight off my mind.

If you are looking for a no nonsense, honest and helpful team, you're in the right place.

Inner Fire Apparel

As most Shopify store owners will tell you, finding a development partner that can communicate well and deliver what’s needed is hard to find. It’s absolutely crucial that we can deliver changes to our site quickly and effectively, so as to avoid any impact on our conversions. What I personally love about Blend is their ability to understand what we need and get it done. Blend are an integral partner to our business.

Brooklyn Bicycle Co.

Peter was an absolute delight to work with and far exceeded our most elevated expectations. We knew from our initial call with Peter that we were in for a treat when he took the extra time to fully understand our business, making suggestions to both address near term business challenges and reduce the risk of other future challenges. We’ve gotten heaps of praise since we relaunched our site and our conversion rate is also tracking considerably higher. We look forward to continuing work with Peter.


Peter was very clear with his communication and always responded promptly to any questions. He was thorough with his work to ensure that there were no issues once we pushed the updates live and he even brought in a 3rd party to double-check his work.

Even after the project was completed Peter was very helpful and made some little tweaks and changes to the design.

Highly recommended!

Red Wagon Meals

I was in the process of reconstructing my website and I needed help. After experiencing sticker shock with several other companies, I came across Peter at Grips On. From the very start I knew I was in good hands. He made me feel like my project was important and I wasn't just another number. My project was completed above my expectations. I can't testify for all the other Shopify experts, but I do know that Grips On is now my go to company for all my stores modifications.

Read Between The Lines®

Peter helped our company with challenges we were experiencing with the mobile versions of our two new websites. He was responsive, kind, knowledgeable, and patient. Would definitely work with him again, and glad to know him!


Absolutely hands down the best developer I have ever worked with. We will have a long ongoing relationship as we expand our stores and brands.

He is fast, gets what we want with minimal input (My fault) and executes professionally.

Spirit Cat

After talking to a few shopify experts I found Peter. I was impressed with him from the start and working with him was great. He made a handful of small edits and one major edit to my shopify store and I couldn't be more pleased with the results. He took the time to talk to me ahead of time to really understand what I was looking for which I really appreciate. I will definitely be coming back to Peter in the future!

The Huckleberry Patch

Peter re-designed and developed our custom header and although a difficult task, considering the composition, Peter helped us make it fully mobile responsive. We love our new header!

Feed the Party

Absolute pleasure! Looking forward to working with Peter again soon!



"My experience with Peter was really great. Firstly he took the time to understand what I need. He did not rash in cash out. The other way around, his first advice to me was great and free of charge! I believe I found a real partner that I can always count on. Happy to work with you Peter and looking forward to the next opportunity of working together."


Peter was the best Shopify developer I have ever worked with. We held strong and solid communication from start to finish, and I intend to use him for all future shopify and E-commerce needs. His prices are more than fair for what he provides, and the fast speed of delivery is a bonus. I have paid thousands in the past for what he delivered quicker, and in better quality. The training session for my handover was flawless and definitely worth it. 5/5

Sunny's Hair

He was thoughtful and went over and beyond the specs of the project. I highly recommend.

Coastal Riders

Peter was great! The work was completed when he said it would be. He followed up with a screen share to make sure we understood what was done and how to incorporate it, and, He sent along documentation as a reminder. No Complaints

Wine Sensations

GripsOn responded to a tricky little Shopify tracking issue very speedily and fixed our problem in a flash, with great communications and at a very reasonable cost. We would not hesitate to recommend Peter and GripsOn.

Westland Cycles

Peter did a great job! Awesome service and result.
I will for sure be back again!

Comfort Group

Absolutely best help I could have hired. GripsOn continued working until everything was finished and we were completely satisfied. Customers also told us they really liked our websites functionality and appearance - great work.

Totally recommend as we are still working with them on a few projects as we are expanding.

Awesome quality - Thank you!

Dharma Eyewear Company

It was a pleasure working with GripsOn - they did everything in their power to work with my budget as well as every single one of our needs. Amazing work and I will definitely use them again for my next project.

Copper Mules

It doesn't get any better than working with Peter :) He knows what he's doing... and gets it done on time... He has great communicational skills and always makes himself available. I will be using Peter for all future Shopify needs!!


Great job! I'm very happy with his service and his final product!


An incredible experience from initial contact, through creating and setting up my website to helping me with getting "traffic". Peter, the owner of Gripson, did a great job in a very short space of time. He went the 'extra mile' and I am very satisfied with his quality service and ongoing support.
I would highly recommend his services to anyone needing to set up a great website.

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