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About Goram & Vincent

Goram & Vincent are a creative agency with a global client base working across diverse industry sectors. Our talented team of design thinkers, branding experts, digital strategists and business consultants are based in Bristol and London, UK. We have extensive experience in building, maintaining and marketing highly successful Shopify stores, from boutique traders to global brands.

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Collect and Display

Extremely professional, helpful and friendly.

Watch Elements

We first sat down with Goram & Vincent at their Shoreditch office in January 2015. We were already running our online watch store, Watch Elements through popular online shopping platform, Shopify but were looking to develop our site both in terms of design and front-end user experience. We searched high and low for a design agency who “got” what we wanted our business to be and how we wanted to develop as a brand. From the outset to now we couldn’t be happier that we found the guys at Goram & Vincent… and not only for the fact that Damo’s love of watches keeps us in business!

So far we’ve made both small and fundamental changes to our online store which have massively enhanced the customers’ shopping experience, our conversion rates and helped grow our business in hugely competitive arena . Having worked with some really cool clients in the past, Goram & Vincent understand our goal for each design change and the work completed is never less than top-notch and super quick on delivery.

Looking ahead Goram are already helping us with new ideas for the site and further we’re about to start two new projects with them next month. Love you guys and keep up the great work : )

Dusty Ape

The team at Goram & Vincent introduced us to Shopify and knocked up a store to demonstrate it's capabilities speculatively before we engaged them. Damian and his team coupled great representative text, quality images and a suitable structure from our discussions with them.

After leading us through the process of editing, we are now able to edit and manage our site independently, calling on G&V whenever we want to try anything new or when we are looking for new design guidance.

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