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Gazebo – Ecommerce Designer / Developer / Setup Expert


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  • Shopify Expert since 03/2014
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About Gazebo

Gazebo is a creative and independent web development studio.

We're specialised in making custom Shopify apps and themes. We have been working with Shopify since 2011.

We've been creating private apps for shippinglabel creation, inventory management, support, taxes and invoicing. We've released three app to the app store and we're planning to release more public apps.

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Gazebo did a great job making our webshop
He works fast, accurate and (thank god) thinks also very creative! It is nice when your webshop guru almost never say 'no' when you have an impossible request. Instead he says... 'mmmm let's think about this one... why don't we try this and that'. Great!

Our webshop is online for almost one year now. We are so glad we chose Gazebo to do the trick! He build it and did much more than just that. He gave us advice and some insight about the online retail world. He recommended Shopify in the first place for our store en online store. We work with the Pos system and this has changed the way we sell completely in a positive way! If there is a new feature we want, Gazebo still works for us, keeping our shop up to date.

So we give Gazebo 5 stars plus!

Joli Originals

We're using SimpleSync and Gazebo made several private apps to make our Shopify easier than it already was. We can now do our taxes a lot easier, create FedEx labels on the fly and have installed a support app so we can easily give our customers support.

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