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About Flugel Consulting, LLC

Flugel is an online retail consultancy specializing in consumer engagement and multi-channel integrated strategies. Our goal is simple: optimize a brand’s online presence to improve retail performance. We increase brand awareness and engagement levels by collecting real time consumer information and habits and delivering the data in an actionable format. All of our strategies work together and support each other in generating growth for your business.

7 Testimonials

Collier Rose Ink

Flugel Consulting was instrumental in helping us set up our website. Not only did they help us navigate the Shopify platform, they also gave suggestions for ecommerce best practices. In addition they recommended a few apps to help streamline our backend process and improve our operations efficiency. Beyond their technical expertise, Gray and Taylor were patient, professional, and prompt. When starting and growing a business finding cross-functional partners with all of those attributes is not an easy task. It is without hesitation or reservation that I recommend Flugel Consulting.

The Art of Creating Shops

Working with Flugel Consultants over the past 3 years has been a great experience!

We are a complicated company with lots of moving parts and they have been able to navigate our business quickly and give great advice on how to promote our business, set up multiple store fronts within interlinking sites. I am tired just thinking of the process, yet they made it a pleasurable process every step of the way. Not only are they extremely knowledgeable….they say what they mean and mean what they say! Over the years, the have helped us rebuild our website(s) from the ground up, within budget, efficiently and effectively. When ever there is an issue (usually user error), they quickly help to fix the issue and have given us sound and professional advice every step of the way!

We continue to count of them and feel very lucky to work with such a group of professionals - they are rare gems!

The Longboard

I would definitely consider the guys at Flugel Consulting experts on Shopify! They are prompt in their work, extremely knowledgeable, and have helped us to create a professional store for our restaurant that works well with the rest of our website. They have great knowledge of the ins-and-outs of the online shopping experience for our guests visiting the site, and were excellent in setting up images, parameters for sales, and the overall flow and presentation of the site. We often call on them to make quick changes or explain how certain area of the site work so we can make edits as new inventory arrives, and they are 100% on point and prompt with their advice.

Door to Door

When we first started working with Flugel, we were looking to establish a new online retail business. They guided us through the process and helped ensure that what we were building not only looked great, but was integrated seamlessly with our internal operations. We had concerns with how the business would operate, mainly with shipping costs, before hiring Flugel, and rightfully so as shipping a 50lb product is a tricky job! We didn't exactly present them with the easiest of tasks but could not be happier with their work! Since the launch of our new store, Flugel has continued to do great work helping us with everything from marketing to pricing strategy. We've seen our business grow and reach new customers each month. The guys at Flugel are a pleasure to work with and we're excited to continue our relationship with them.

The Southern Trapper

Flugel implemented a transition from squarespace to shopify and I was very pleased with the level of customer service and knowledge that Flugel provided. The transition went down very smoothly and I am very happy with the service shopify provides. Since making the switch 4 months ago, I have shared my thoughts about flugel and shopify with many entrepreneurs, and always provide good remarks about flugel and shopify.

Caitley Symons Textile + Design

Flugel Consulting has been a life saver to me and my business. They have helped me fill in the blanks of starting an online business where my knowledge and expertise have left off. Outside of their great skill and knowledge of the industry, they are kind, respectful, professional, reliable and do what they do with big heart. They believe in getting to know their clients which is key to creating a solid working relationship. I feel very fortunate to have them on board to help my business roll into action. They have been a joy to work with.

Marsh Wear

I have worked with the guys at Flugel for over a year now and they have played an important role in where my business is today, and the growth we have seen over the last year. They assist with everything from marketing consultation and site modifications to overall eCommerce strategy and have created a great working relationship. I highly recommend Flugel to anyone looking to grow their business.

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