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We are entrepreneurs, just like most of our clients, we have the same mentality, the same goals and face the same kind of challenges.Whether they want to transform a traditional brick and mortar store into a clicks and bricks business, want to try their wings at purely online retail, or run just about any other kind of
business; we know what needs to be done,have the tools to do it. Our scope of services range from online marketing (Product marketing - commerce marketing - webresearch - lead generation) to webdevelopment (Application development - datafeed - webdesign), covering all business services (Process optimization - administrative optimization) in between.

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Freddy Pantroom Benelux

We are amazed by the way they handled our complex setup. We run 2 fysical stores in 2 different countries and 5 online stores in 5 different countries. For each country we have a different bookkeeping and accountancy to take care off. Flip the bird's team was very efficient with connecting and creating an automated feed for each corresponding administration to optimize the workflow and make our business run very efficient.
They did a market research for us, defining our target audience and ideal customer profile. That way we were able to use our marketingbudget very efficient and achieve a high conversion rate and ROI. Flip the bird is executing our online marketing and have managed to built our online sales from zero to a +100K monthly business in just more then a year time. They are helping us with the optimization of the overall customer experience to maximize our customer acquisition and retention. We couldn't be more satisfied with this partnership and would definitely recommend them to anyone in need of such services (except for our competition ofcourse :)! ). Thanks a lot and looking forward to the next steps in our cooperation

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