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Flexify – Ecommerce Designer / Developer / Marketer


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  • Shopify Expert since 06/2013
  • Projects starting at $12,000


About Flexify

Hi, we are Flexify.

We plan, design and develop digital tools for our clients.

Our international team consists of three experts in Switzerland, Germany and the UK who take care of planning, design and development. Coordinated by the core staff, temporary teams are assembled on a project-basis.

1 Testimonial

Flexify is one of the smartest, most strategic agencies I've ever worked with. They know how to drive ecommerce. They got out of their way to have us make revenue as fast as possible. We had our first customer within a day!
They also provide us with a great app to automate our fullfillment and shipping processes.
We'll continue working with them to scale our online business - highly recommended

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