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About Firebrand

Firebrand is a digital transformation agency. We start, build and grow brands.

Never one to let location stand in the way Firebrand services an International client base with customised solutions from the best little city in the South, Dunedin. Our 14 strong team brings together experienced designers, developers and marketing, project, content and SEO experts to deliver a full suite of services.

We help brands connect and engage in a digital world, designing websites that drive responses and building marketing strategies that generate results.

We know creating the right solution starts with great partnerships, so if you’re looking for an agency that listens, with the skills to boot, we’d love to join you on your digital journey.

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Firebrand are worth 6 stars! Great team with an absolute ":can do" attitude in every task we throw at them. Have assisted greatly specifically when presented with the latest Multi Channel challenge that we threw at them.

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