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About Inc.

Fashioncan develops and manages websites and online boutiques for independent and emerging fashion designers. We handle all the technical aspects so that you can focus on your collection. You ship the product, leave the rest to us.

2 Testimonials

Jennifer Glasgow

I have worked with Leigh for many years now. We have built a wonderful online business together. Her efforts and attention to detail have resulted in a growing online presence, better sales, better after sales service and in so many other respects.
I can't imagine having to do the work by myself as an entrepreneur with a brick and mortar boutique, a fashion collection and an online store. With her experience and intuition, I find I can count on her to lead me through the vast landscape of online sales.
I truly believe Leigh has been one of my greatest assets in this industry.

Allison Wonderland

Leigh built my webstore and updates it. She built the site keeping in mind what was important for my brand and choosing the best options. There are new products to add every six months and an inventory list to update bi-monthly. She always has the updates done on time and any changes get done quickly. She also keeps track of my mailing list and send out mailers through out the year. It is very easy to communicate with her. She keeps up with the current shopify apps and figures out if any of them would work for my site.

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