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About Headway

With over a decade of experience designing successful retail and commerce experiences, we enjoy helping driven brands reach their potential.

Your success is our priority. We personally invest in each of our clients we have the opportunity to work with. We truly believe our success is tied to yours. If you choose to work with us, know that you not only get a top-notch commerce solution, but more importantly a mentor and workhorse pulling for your success.

Our services include:

1) Shopify Store setup & configuration.
2) Shopify theme customization & designing from scratch.
3) Adding custom options using customizer plugin & Jquery.
4) API integration with amazon, ebay, facebook, twitter , Instagram.
5) Custom theme designs based on your individual ideals and requirements.
6) Responsive design .
7) PSD to Shopify.

Our Other Service which we can create custom.

- Store development
If you have already chosen the design that fits all your requirements, just provide us with it and we'll turn it into an unbelievably powerful store.

- Migration to Shopify from any other platform
Our best developers are always ready to assist you in your desire to move forward and migrate the existing e-commerce site to Shopify. You should enjoy all the powerful benefits of Shopify.

- Existing themes modification
We will fix all the bugs which are there in your store and make sure that it works on each platform perfectly.

8 Testimonials


Mr. Fayazz Ahmed was very quick to help me and add what I wanted in my store. He also double checked it after to remove a bug on the top of my page and did so very quickly. Thank you!

Sincerely, Tommy

This was my first time working with a developer and I was so impressed with the level of professionalism recently in working with Expert Boys. It began with the first phone call with the salesman who took the time to answer all of my questions and provided me with timelines for how quickly the work could be completed, then to my designer who continually kept me in the loop and responded quickly to my questions. It's difficult to find companies who follow through on commitments, but Arctic Grey met every one.

They went to work the day I was in contact with them, sending emails and requesting information, and communicating daily. They worked quickly to correct the issues that I was having with the site, and they were able to create a more modern updated look for my website. They provided instructional videos of the corrections that were made so I can make changes going forward. This company can be trusted and is an expert in their field.

I am so pleased that I hired them to help in the development of the remodel of my website. I would and will recommend Arctic Grey to anyone who needs the help of a developer.


Expert Boys did a terrific job in building my Shopify store. The Expert Boys team provided complete continuity from the initial designs stage to launch; they particularly were highly communicative, responsive, and understanding of the designs and functionality that I was targeting. Details were never missed, updates were rapid and thorough, communication was frequent and clear, and the entire experience was positive and generally linear. Most impressively, out of 9 Shopify developers I contacted before launching, Expert Boys responded back to me first, was the second lowest bidder, and easily provided the most value. The changes are made relatively quickly and while the hourly rate is higher than many other firms, the speed and quality of the work is worth it. I am another satisfied customer. Highly Recommended!!!

Glass Aqua

Wow.... Seriously these guys rock. We had Fayyaz help us with a problem with our shopify theme. Essentially we needed to hide a few things and make parts of the site "dark" while others were visible to the public.
In my opinion these guys offer the most value for your money. They are highly skilled and experienced ecommerce entrepreneurs, and know what works with web design, web development, email marketing, and adwords advertising. During my experience they have been super helpful to me with getting my online stores started up. Their expert opinion has led to better click through rates, and higher conversion rates. I am also pleased with their great attitude and ability to help even on weekends and in the evenings when most other companies are closed. I would like to personally thank Fayyaz and Expert Boys because they were more than willing to work with our company even though we are on a lean startup budget.
They continue to help us grow, and I would highly recommend them to any ecommerce company looking to grow fast! The simple way of putting this review is if you're looking for a company and team who can get the job done, and more importantly get the job done right, you've found it.


Working with Expert Boys is always a pleasure, and their results are quick and well executed. This is the fourth Shopify site that they helped me launch and continue to refine. As the business evolves, they finds creative solutions to unique requests that are very particular to the nature of each business.
Specific to this project, they also set up my SEO, a couple different custom product page templates, and a members-only blog.
Their knowledge of Shopify and all of the tools that Shopify provides is excellent. They also have a great understanding of the industry, and were able to provide us with knowledge to help us grow our brand. They are great at marketing and social media as well, and provided us with a lot of information.
Most importantly, they realized a 'card shuffler' - so you can 'pick a card' from my set of reflection cards, and you are automatically directed to see the results. The cards are part of a larger art project and designed to trigger a shift in your state of mind through abstract art and uplifting words. Most people who have a deck like to pull one card to start their day. Now, they can do it online!
I highly recommend working with Expert Boys on your next Shopify project!

Pretty Athletic

I worked with Experts Boys on an e-commerce site that they helped me customize and get running from scratch. I had my site up and running from initiation to completion in a matter of weeks, there was no confusion, no gimmicks, and I ended up with a site that was just what I needed. At the end, they handed over the site, thoroughly explaining all the details and how to manage it day to day. I would not have asked for a more perfect experience. The entire process from start to finish was a pleasure.
Experts Boys are extremely detail oriented and they are fast and responsive when it comes to customer service. I HIGHLY recommend them, they are amazing.

PCOL Cultural Committee

It is difficult to write a review that can capture just how extraordinarily talented Yasmin is. She is the ultimate perfectionist and balances that perfectly with an appreciation for budget and time constraints. All around, there is absolutely nothing I would change about this experience. I sometimes found myself wondering when she sleeps! She was always available in spite of the significant time difference! Needless to say, I would not hesitate to hire Yasmin again. In fact, I fully expect I will hire her again - and I'm looking forward to another fantastic experience. She has great team. Highly recommend.


It has been the utmost pleasure working with Yasmin and her team on implementing the development of our new website design. Not only is Yasmin diligent, hard-working, and easy to work with - she is extremely flexible and focused on ensuring work is completed to the highest standard. Yasmin is extremely patient and communicative. Whenever I had a question regarding the work, Yasmin was always available to speak and I never felt as if I was unable to get hold of her - even though we work in different countries.

Yasmin is extremely trustworthy and I can personally ensure that she will get the job done. Yasmin went above and beyond as a Shopify developer on our most recent possible to ensure our entire website was flawless and working perfectly. I know that not all developers take the same kind of diligence with their work, which is something that makes Yasmin truly unique.

If you are looking for a Shopify developer who is committed, trustworthy, hardworking, and reliable - Yasmin is the person for your job. Yasmin is a true Shopify expert. I cannot say enough great things about the wonderful work she did to get our site up and running.

Yasmin and her team have a very high approval rating and I now see why. Development can be a large investment, so it's important to go with a Shopify expert who is experienced and trusted. I truly believe that there is no project too large or complicated that Yasmin cannot execute on with perfection. I highly recommend her skills and services.

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