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About Ethercycle

“Most agencies have it wrong! They focus on design, not revenue.”
→ Read a letter from Kurt Elster, the top choice for SharkTank contestants.


Hi there,

Looking for someone to help you with your Shopify store?

Let's be honest: aren't you actually looking for someone to help you make more money online with your brand?

Don't worry; it's OK to think about it that way. You may say you're looking for help with your website design, but that's just a pathway to your actual final goal: more money.

That's where we think most designers and business owners get it wrong- they make their decisions based on what looks cool instead of on what increases their revenues. Unfortunately, pretty won't necessarily grow your business or improve your bottom line.

Ask yourself: What would you do with 10%, 20% or even 50% more money than you are currently making? (Take a few seconds to daydream.)

Since 2009, our agency, Ethercycle, has put startups, online retailers, Inc5000 businesses, and businesses like yours in the strongest position to yield the most revenue from every visitor to their websites.

Starting in 2014, we've focused our growing team exclusively on Shopify because we love the Shopify ecosystem, and it's where we achieve the best results.

In fact, we're so good at it, we helped Rolex strap manufacturer and two-time Kickstarter success story Everest Bands see triple their revenue in just nine months, helping them reach their first million dollars in annual sales.

Maybe that's why their owner, Michael DiMartini, said:

"With the increase in traffic and better conversion, our online sales have tripled since meeting Kurt and the guys at Ethercycle. Do not waste your time and money with others, go with Ethercycle and see your sales increase."

It's no surprise. We literally wrote the book on this stuff. It's called, 'Ecommerce Bootcamp,' a how-to guide for building a strong, durable Shopify store. Based on experience from real Shopify stores, it's packed with actionable advice on building a 7-figure Shopify business.

We love helping successful entreprenuers continue their success on Shopify. In addition to Everest Bands, we've also helped other Kickstarter, SharkTank contestants, and grassroots successes such as RecycledFirefighter, KeySmart, BeardKing, and build-a-business winner Coffee Joulies all grow their businesses.

Of course, we've also worked with celebrity-endorsed brands like Jay Leno's Garage and Penn & Teller's Fool Everyone Magic Kits.

If you're doubtful, you can read dozens of positive testimonials from happy Shopify store owners below. It'll give you a range of businesses and examples with whom we've worked. And if you're still not convinced that we're the best at what we do, I want you to ask any one of them about us.

Would you get excited about similar results? It's okay to say no. We're not for everybody.

We may be a good fit if...

1. We like each other! (I only accept clients whom I like and like me.)
2. You're interested in honest advice to further your business.
3. You sell your own private label products.
4. You pay your bills promptly.
5. Your business is on Shopify (We work exclusively with Shopify store owners.)

Does that sound like you? If so...

Here are some of the services I offer to grow your ecommerce business:

1. Setup your store, start to finish, with 30 days of 1:1 support,
2. Setup your premium theme for optimum conversion rate
3. Design, Develop, or Customize a new or existing Shopify theme,
4. Build a Facebook remarketing sales funnel to keep customers coming back,
5. and even send emails to your customers based on their behavior to extend customer lifetime value.

I’m looking for the best clients to have a great, long-term business relationship. If you’re interested in moving forward to generate revenue for your business, message me, and we'll schedule a 30-minute call to discuss the details of your project.


Kurt Elster, MBA is Senior Ecommerce Consultant and founder at Ethercycle, host of The Unofficial Shopify Podcast, author of Ecommerce Bootcamp, and Ecommerce Hacks Weekly.

PS: Here are some free resources for you to grow your store:

87 Testimonials

Constantly Varied Gear

Ethercycle is always quick to reply. Willing to take on unique projects. Great turn around time and they over deliver, which is rare in this industry. Knowledge and understanding of all things e-commerce, marketing and development is a power combination that Ethercycle crushes.

Looking forward to continue working with Ethercycle in the future!

The Reclaimed Farmhouse

I was concerned about usability of my ecommerce store. I wanted to make sure the user experience was positive and that they could find what they were looking for in my ecommerce store. I wasn't sure my design was optimized and I needed Kurt & team to help me with that. Thanks to Ethercycle, my site has been completely redesigned. It is easier to shop and find products. The search is more prominent and the color scheme is very pleasing to the eye. My traffic and conversions have increased and therefore my sales have increased. I now love my site! Kurt is super easy going to work with, super easy to talk to and empathizes with any concerns. He also knows the ultimate goal is to increase conversions/sales and not just design a pretty site that goes nowhere. He realizes it has to be optimized for sales. I would absolutely recommend Ethercycle! Kurt and Paul listen to their customers and come up with solutions to solve their customers' problems. Along the way they will suggest additional ideas or give you alternatives to solve problems in different ways- maybe ways you never knew existed. They are the Shopify/ecommerce experts and know technologies outside the Shopify box and how they all relate- email integration, social media integration, etc. –Renee Van Winkle

Yvonne Estelle's

When migrating to Shopify+, I was concerned that the data conversion from my old platform would not go smoothly. It went smoothly. Data scrubbing took only about a third of the time I had allocated for the project. The Shopify site has many more modern features/apps and in just two weeks revenue has already increased 200%. I was very limited on my old platform; it's nice not to be told I couldn't offer or do something on the Shopify platform; Ethercycle found solutions to almost all my requests. I have already recommended Ethercycle to other people interested in a Shopify site.

Sand Valley Golf Resort Shop

I had launched an online store before but was in need of a new ecommerce solution for a different business I was involved in and was working with a team that had worked in retail but not ecommerce. I knew Ethercycle could do all the heavy lifting to get our store designed and ready for business with an amazing ecommerce site and that's what they did. We were able to launch our store in time for the holidays which typically accounts for 50% of our annual online sales. With a team that had never worked with Shopify or in ecommerce we were able to successfully launch thanks to the help of Kurt and the Ethercycle team. They make things extremely simple. Having worked with their team before they had a sense for what I was trying to achieve and then make sure every step of the process is crystal clear in terms of what they need to move forward and how long that will take (though most of the time they got it done way faster than they had even committed). Ethercycle knows ecommerce. They know how to design a store to be a high sales conversion machine and they're a great resource along the way if you run into any questions big or small. –Chris Keiser, VP Operations and Finance

TMF Store

Before going into a full-blown custom design, I looked around to see what our options were to improve the current theme we had (Turbo by out of the sandbox) and noticed Ethercycle has worked on numerous sites that are using the same theme so I felt comfortable hiring them - at the same time a huge concern of mine was getting this done before Black Friday which they did no problem! Everything was very transparent, simple and the work was completed in the timely manner we needed. Especially with the going back n forth, they were very professional and explained every situation. (Their use of screencast videos to explain work is a cool bonus too.)

Chicago Brick Oven

We hired Ethercycle because of their history of success. With their pragmatic approach, we saw an instant POP! in our sales on launching the optimized theme they redesigned for us. They're very easy to work with, I highly recommend Ethercycle.
Joe Bigane
Chicago Brick Oven

Bolster Sleep Company

Hiring any agency to build a new store for a new business is scary– I didn't know how the end product will look and if I'd be disappointed after spending the money. Then I hired with Ethercycle. They were very responsive to my input and suggestions, but willing to push back when they did not agree with the ideas, and were willing to share experiences from other projects on best practices. I'd recommend them, they were easy to work with, and delivered on time. –Jeff Nye,

RIPT Apparel

Kurt and his team delivered on every aspect of my project and were amazing resources of knowledge throughout the journey. The strategies we've implemented have already resulted in huge positive ROI gains. I love their deep knowledge of ecommerce best practices for improving conversion and minimizing customer confusion. I have no doubt in my mind that you will come out on top if you work with Ethercycle. –TJ

The Ohm Store

We had worked with many creative partners in the past; all of whom had totally missed the mark on bringing our vision to life and effectively capturing the essence of our brand. The team at Ethercycle was not only easy to work with but a *pleasure* to work with. Using easy to understand onboarding documents, they were really able to capture our brand in a way that engages the users we want to connect with most. We walked away with a website we are proud of and will usher our business into the next big phase of growth. I have an incredibly high standard for the kind of people I work with and quality of work that is delivered. The team at Ethercycle is the best of the best. They bring an incredible level of creativity to the table, deliver flawless work, and kept our project on track all the way to completion. In three words, we'd recommend Ethercycle for someone who values: Creativity, Quality, and Ease. –Nikki Mocerino, COO

The Contract Shop™

In the past, I had been burned by several web designers and developers who all promised fast results and were either unable to deliver or too slow. I was concerned that I could get burned again, or that I'd get put in a waiting line until they finished up everyone else's projects and could finally get to mine. I was also suffering from inconsistent sales on my online store and stuck in the feast/famine cycle. I worried I would be small potatoes in the ecommerce world, because some of their clients were so big and important.

However, working with Ethercycle was a dream. My site was able to get optimized for a flood of BFCM traffic. They worked quickly and resolved any issues before Black Friday, and then some that I was not even aware were there. Their work allowed us to have a $40k gross sale instead of the $14k gross we had experienced with the same sale/promo materials just five months before.

Hiring Ethercycle was painless in every way. Everything was easy-- I didn't feel like I was bothering them, I didn't have to nag them, and they went above and beyond each time to make sure I had a site that was not just functional but also optimized for conversions. As you can see from our dramatic revenue jump, they did a great job optimizing our website for sales with a few development tweaks and suggestions.

You'd be an idiot to keep looking for a different expert once you've found Ethercycle. They helped us increase sale-over-sale revenue by $26k+ and month over month revenue has grown from ~$1500 to $2500 per month to $5-10k per month and growing. Plus, they didn't treat me like small potatoes :)


When migrating from Magento to Shopify, our primary objective as a premium brand was to have a website that was equal parts functional and beautiful to provide our customers with a great user experience. Ethercycle delivered: We got a beautiful functioning website. Kurt, who lead the project, was easy to work with and extremely knowledgeable with web design and Shopify. I'd absolutely recommend their great knowledgeable team!


My biggest challenge was time. After first starting my store myself, knowing how to add all of the functions and make the site look legit was a concern.
Hiring Ethercycle to take care of it for me resulted in a site that's efficient, has a great user experience, and has improved the perceived quality of our product. All I had to do was say what I wanted and they made it happen.
Save yourself time and money: hire Ethercycle because there is nothing worse than having a website that doesn’t meet your customer's expectation.
–Will, Bomber Strap

Kelvin Techstyles

When I hired Ethercycle, I was admittedly a little concerned if I would get support throughout the process because of their project pricing model. (This includes both responsiveness and ongoing adjustments).

What we found was that Kurt and his team were a pleasure to work with. They were very hands-on and responsive, making our brand feel like it was important to their business. They also cared considerably about the end product and as a result, were open to making changes that made sense. They also provided active feedback on business decisions and provided us with the best return on our investment given our end goal of generating clothing sales.

We enjoyed Ethercycle's laser focus on generating a visually appealing website while making it purposeful which in our case was to generate merchandise sales. It is easy to have a utilitarian website or a beautiful site, but a combination of the both, is difficult to achieve. Additionally, the help that was provided outside of the products we purchased was greatly appreciated, and Ethercycle's team always spent extra effort on critical areas, not because it was part of the scope of the project, but just because they felt it was the right thing to do.

I would recommend Ethercycle's services because of their responsiveness and return on investment. In a very short period, Kurt and his team was able to take our vision from concept to reality, and helped our company grow through the process. His team provided hands-on support and did not just leave us with a solution, but helped us to develop our brand from the inside out. Ethercycle's services are truly as advertised and we couldn't be more happy with the outcome.


As my store grows, I knew we had had issues that needed to be fixed in order to go to the next level, and we wanted someone with the right expertise to get it done. Ethercycle is an amazing and talented team. Kurt immediately began identifying potential issues, provided great solutions, and implemented them flawlessly. Because of that work, our revenue, conversions, and overall user flow is better than ever! Their workflow is by the far the best aspect of all this: seamless transition, positive results, and great communication all the way through.

Hickory & Tweed

We were new to the Shopify platform, having come over from Magento. While the features of the platform seemed appealing, we were looking for someone to lead us through managing and maintaining a professional site design (at an affordable cost). We also needed someone who could work with an integration partner, as we were migrating our current product catalog from Magento to Shopify.

During the process, Kurt provided solutions and workarounds that made a site migration (and its hurdles) manageable. Being new to the platform, Kurt helped guide us through all of the features and functionality of the standard package - while also adapting to our unique store migration.

Kurt went above and beyond to provide solutions to issues that were outside of his usual purview. He even walked us through Shopify and its features after he completed the initial setup and design. I feel like I have a solid understanding of how to maintain my site moving forward.

I would recommend Kurt & Ethercycle to others looking for a smooth Shopify site setup. He is straight to the point and is very prompt in addressing feedback/revisions. We love the design of our store, and it is a huge upgrade from our existing Magento store (without an upgrade in cost).

Cozy Bump

Before working with Kurt, I was hesitant about his fee at first because I’ve wasted my money on other programs and never made the money back. My website was getting between 2,500–3,000 visits/day but I was only converting at 0.35% which means I was blowing a lot of money on traffic just to get a sale. Within 24 hours of hiring Kurt, my conversions jumped to 1.1%, then 1.26%, and now its been hovering around 1.12%. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to do the math; working with Kurt has more then doubled my income. Aside from the fact that he doubled my money, he also did a few extra things and didn’t charge me. I'm 1000% a believer in Kurt's ability to the point that if he said, 'if you run through that wall your sales will increase,' I would do it.

Tactical Baby Gear

Our website had been performing well, but we had a few bottlenecks we wanted to improve. Knowing Kurt and his expertise from guesting on his podcast, I came to him (and his team) with some of our own customer service concerns hoping to find a solution. As a result, we came up with some great solutions to alleviate the concerns we had, which freed us up from customer service, letting us to focus more on running and growing the business. It's been great to outsource theme development to a team that really knows what they're doing, it's an investment in our freedom. I'd absolutely recommend Kurt & the Ethercycle team. –Beav Brodie,

Rada Kitchen Store

We wanted a good partner to make sure our Shopify website was set up to be attractive and provide a positive user experience while helping us grow our sales. That's what we got with Kurt who has been a fabulous partner for our project. He is a true Shopify and ecommerce expert. He tackled our project with incredible efficiency and responded to our questions and feedback quickly. We love our new website and appreciated how quick and easy Kurt made the design process. I think Shopify and Ethercycle are a fabulous combination for any business wanting to sell online.

TNH Outdoors

Our team had no experience building an e-commerce store. We needed an integrated system or approach to complete our orders using our current warehousing solution. Moreover, we needed a professional look to our website. By hiring Kurt and the Ethercycle team, we got everything we asked for and more. In an online world filled with people cross-selling, upselling and vendors only thinking about themselves, Kurt is a true gentleman and a pleasure to work with. I will be referring Kurt to people in my mastermind and so on. –Richard Greenup, TNH Outdoors


I had an annoying SEO issue with my Shopify Plus that I needed to resolve. Kurt was able to immediately identify the cause of the problem, and got it fixed, all same day. Thanks Kurt, really appreciate it!

Eminent Tattoo Machine Supply

I hired Kurt and the Ethercycle team to punch up my website. My top priority was to have my store look how I wanted it to, not generic and cheesy. In a call together, I worked out my vision for the site with work, and then he went to work. Now my store is easier to navigate through and has a more modern, clean look. I loved the ease of working with Kurt and his team. They got the job done quickly, my site looks great (and doesn't use stock internet photos like another guy I hired wanted to do) and all of my questions were answered right away.

Healthy Model Life

"As a successful Amazon merchant, I already have a lot on my plate, and I was worried that setting up a Shopify store would be another distraction. Then I hired Kurt, and that was the right decision. Kurt has done a fantastic job of just getting it done, without me having to do hardly anything. The best thing was how comfortable it is to work with Kurt. It didn't take up my time at all. I like to get an expert to do things, and Kurt understood my business. I would trust Kurt for any future projects."

Vintage Home Boutique

Ethercycle are truly Shopify experts they know how to maximize your site to make it run efficiently. They also know how to make your site more appealing to your clients. Kurt and Kurt are exactly the type of guys every small or large business needs in their corner.

Off Grid Depot

I contacted Kurt when I decided it was time to get a professional theme setup. When researching experts, I was concerned that my project wasn't going to get done promptly, but after hiring Kurt, I was pleasantly surprised by how fast and efficient Kurt was at communicating with me and doing the work. He delivered. Kurt was easy to work with, responsive and understood my vision. Kurt knows his business and delivers. He went over and beyond to make sure I was happy.

Tango Charlie Apparel

My concern has always been money, being a small business every penny counts. Kurt's price point was more than competitive on all services so I decided to make the jump. I knew that Kurt is a leader in the industry and would help us move the needle. We are in the first stages of handing our ad campaigns over to them, again my concern is delegating and ensuring that others have my companies best interest in mind.

I assumed we'd move the needle, what I didn't expect is how much. We're seeing continual improvement, growth, conversions. It's been 7 days and we've made our initial investment back and still have 24 days to hyper focus on our target market. The tips and tricks you learn from Ethercycle and their Unofficial Shopify Podcast are only the tip of the iceberg, I cannot wait to scale up.

If you want to grow your business, then call Kurt, he can help. Even if you think you've got the market on lock, trust me you don't. He'll help you niche down, and slowly chip away at your competitors winning business one client at a time. The next level process's that he's utilized are simple yet very effective.


We did our research for a Shopify expert to partner with and that led us to Ethercycle. Having just recently completed a theme setup with them I can state that we made the right choice. Kurt and his team are extremely professional, great attention to detail, quick to respond. They've earned our trust and any future work. I wouldn't even consider looking outside of the Ethercycle team for any projects.

Neverlift Racing LLC.

I couldn't be happier with the services from Ethercylce! Kurt is amazing to work with, and takes the time to really understand your business, and the struggles you may have. Their knowledge on growing a business is on another level than anyone else I have dealt with in the past. Straight to the point of what needs to be done. I will continue to use Ethercylce for ALL my marketing, designing, and Ads help. If you are really looking to grow your business, choose these guys, and you won't be disappointed!

hustle up

Before hiring Kurt, I was worried about meeting deadlines with setting up my new Shopify store. I hired Kurt to complete the store and theme setup. Working with Kurt on this project has been a pleasure and moved much faster than I anticipated. He was proactive in making suggestions and leading the project forward. I'd recommend Kurt and the Ethercycle team to any niche business looking to build a professional site."


Before hiring Ethercycle, I knew I wanted to get Facebook Ads set up in a manner that started generating revenue as soon as possible without spinning our wheels. Once Kurt and the Ethercycle team got to work, their efforts began to pay off within the first 45 days. After 60 days, the results were phenomenal. They allowed us to focus on running the business while they got customers in the door through effective Facebook Ad funnels.
Ethercycle is knowledgeable, friendly, and responsive. There's no fluff with this team. They know what they're doing. Just hire these guys. If you have any doubts, Ethercycle stands behind their work and will do what it takes to help you get the most out of Facebook Advertising. Don't try to do it yourself. Also, be patient— it does take more than a month for things to be set up and optimized.


After listening to the Unofficial Shopify Podcast and looking at dozens of exceptional Shopify sites built by Ethercycle, it was obvious that Kurt and his team were true Shopify experts. And when I talked to Kurt on the phone about our project during the initial consultation, I knew his company would be a good fit for us. I had very limited time to work on a website so it was great to just turn the reins over to Ethercycle and let them handle all the theme setup and tweaking. Our site was nearly perfect right off the bat, with only a couple of VERY minor formatting errors, and they were extremely responsive and fixed those immediately after I pointed them out. Couldn't be happier with our website and looking forward to working with Ethercycle in continuing to build our business!


We've worked with the Ethercycle team on a couple of projects now and have been completely blown away, not just by their developments skills, which are top-notch, but also the speed and professionalism with which they work.

We've thrown what we thought to be pretty complex projects their way - including building a custom crowd-funding platform, hosted on our site - and each time they've hit it out of the park.

As a design company, we tend to be a pretty tough client to work with. We nitpick all the details and won't stop revising till everything is "just right". It leads to nice results but it also can lead to strained relationships with service providers who have to deal with us on development projects. Besides executing all of our designs perfectly, they were so gracious along the way, never complaining or pushing back, even as we sent them all of our iterative tweaks and requests.

I wouldn't take the time to write a review like this for any old vendor. These guys are special. I want to do whatever I can to help them succeed simply because I feel they've already done the same for us on all of our projects and that's above and beyond what they technically "had to" do.

Monta Watch

After working with the Ethercycle team for about two and a half years, and seeing incredible results both in return on our investment and quality work - we knew they would knock it out of the park on our latest venture. MONTA and Everest (our companies and brands) are in the luxury products business and have grown over 800% with ethercycle as our only web development firm. They already understood the marketplace we needed to compete in and we knew that a custom theme was truly the only option.

They quickly organized our thoughts on to an electronic story board. After really nailing our expectations on the creative side they quickly developed the site and within less then thirty days we had our site fully up and functioning. After some additional guidance we are confident to enter the super competitive landscape of the luxury watch market with a real expert at our side. If you are on the fence, get off it and go with Ethercycle. They are the only choice we have ever found to have the knowledge, expertise and speed we require to work in the ever changing landscape of online sales.

PS - we have used a ton of web developers in our tenure. Ethercycle is the best by far. period.

Vivian Lou Insolia® Insoles | Wear shoes 4x longer without pain

When I re-branded my product, I knew I needed to have a much more SEO-friendly site that matched my new packaging & branding. To achieve that, I hired Kurt at Ethercycle, who was extremely helpful and asked the right questions in regards to what I wanted, what I was looking for in a site, etc. He provided expert insight as it related to SEO, length of page, font pairings, positioning of elements (video, pictures, etc) and even potential apps. He designed an amazing site that met all of my needs - and was extremely patient and responsive to my edits. As a result, I LOVE the new site! He was able to bring my vision to life! It represents the new brand so well! It was a pleasure working with Kurt, and I would absolutely recommend him and his team!"

Tyrant Designs CNC

Before hiring Ethercycle to take care of my theme setup, my biggest concern was not having the time to explain in detail what I wanted.

Kurt is a great guy. He took my benchmarks and ideas, plus a lot of his own ideas, and came up with a beautiful website that surpassed what I hoped for. I'm ecstatic. I find myself looking at my site just because of how happy I am with it.

I liked most that he was able to start with my idea and run with it beyond what I could have imagined. As a result, our conversion rates immediately improved.

If you've ever wanted a professional looking website that matches your vision, Kurt and the Ethercycle team is the way to go.

The Art of Manliness Store

Before buying working with Ethercycle, my biggest concern was time. I needed to transfer my online store to a new platform in less than a month. I knew I wanted to use Shopify, but I also knew I didn't have the time or expertise to make the transfer on my own in that short amount of time. Kurt and the folks at Ethercycle took care of everything for me. I just provided some direction and a few files, and they took care of all the rest. They got the job done in just a few weeks and I didn't have to think about it all during that time. Saved me time and bandwidth! I loved that that they took care of EVERYTHING. I didn't have to keep checking in on them or telling them they did something wrong. They just got the job done. I'd recommend Ethercycle for the business owner who already has too much on their plate. Sure, creating a Shopify store is something you could do yourself, but you'd spend days messing around with things to get them just the way you want them. Save yourself the time, bandwidth, and hassle by having the pros at Ethercycle do that for you.

Jena Richards Weddings

"I can't thank Kurt enough! I so appreciate everything he's done, my new theme looks fabulous and I know people will want to shop now! The work was completed quickly, he responded to all my emails within the same day and in a couple of weeks he was finished with the project - so impressed with his website rescue... my site is more than I expected. Kurt is truly a "master of his art", I highly recommend him and I will definitely continue with Kurt and Ethercycle as my Shpify Experts.
Elsa P.
Jena Richards Weddings

Made Man Nutrition

Kurt and the Ethercycle team have been amazing! From initial consultation to web development to ongoing recommendations regarding everything from useful apps and online marketing, their level of service and their expertise are exceptional. I can't say enough good things about these guys.

Strapped Watch Company

When I got in to ecommerce, I started with a store on another platform I put together myself but was never happy with the design, features, or performance. Once I decided to move to Shopify, I looked for a local expert and after talking to Kurt, decided to give Ethercycle a try. They were enthusiastic about my products and knowledgeable about ecommerce. Once I sent them my products, Kurt went to work on photographing them in a spectacular fashion, and setting up a store based on my brand. Once setup, we work collaboratively to complete my revisions. The result has exceeded my expectations, and I'm looking forward to future wins with Ethercycle.

Cloud Forge Vaping

The site Kurt built for us looks fantastic. We honestly couldn't be more pleased. Kurt assembled the site that we were hoping for. He saved us a lot of time by building the initial site based on his experience of what is successful, and then revising it with us together. Kurt and his team are diligent, quick, and completely competent. He's a real pro, and we appreciate it.

Everest Wholesale

After a very successful redesign of our website and a clear increase in conversion by using Ethercycle we decided to go a new direction on our B2B sales with them. Our issue was that we were using our retail site to also process our B2B sales which was both confusing for our sales team and our clients. Plus, the retailers that sell our straps did not have an easy and quick solution to purchase items after our business hours or if they were in a rush.

Ethercycle created a simple, clear, and concise secure retailer environment for our sales team to use as a CSR system and to boot our retail clients have 24 hour access to easily purchase a single item or 20 whenever. Additionally, we started using a simple email campaign to our retailer and it has dramatically helped increase the sales performance. To be honest our ROI with this simple platform addition has been around 15 times what we invested in it.

If you are looking for a retailer/wholesale solution do not waste your time trying to add an app, have the staff at Ethercycle apply their Shopify solution. We have been delighted with the results and our clients absolutely love it.


After reading Kurt's fantastic newsletter, I reached out to him about adding a few new features to my site. After a quick chat, he took care of our issues same day. Thanks, Kurt!

Just Porter

I'm grateful to Kurt for sharing insightful information with me about my site! It means so much when someone goes above and beyond. Especially, because we're still growing.


As a first time ecommerce store owner, I can't tell you how much Kurt's prompt responses meant to me. It's been hugely beneficial to have access not only to his experience, but his promtp turn-around time for both support issues and advice is beyond exceptional.

If you need someone to take your site to the next step and do it promptly I would be recommend him day and night.

B Driven

Kurt helped us develop a great price match tool, provided us insights in his first call with us, and conducted a survey of customers that generated actionable insight to drive our marketing strategy forward. Hopefully we’ll be able to implement all that he mentioned.

Vapor Skunk - Best Dry Herb and Wax Vaporizers

Kurt is the very professional and knowledgeable. I have really enjoyed working with him and will continue to do so as our business grows.

Reaver Systems

I'm a do-it-yourselfer as most of you probably are. And you probably think what you created is pretty damn good! After all, it's your baby... right?

I'm like you: read enough blogs, subscribed to enough lists, and watched enough YouTube videos, and I can figure out all this ecommerce stuff.

I mean come on... it's not rocket science!

Until... you don't know what you don't know.

Kurt from Ethercycle told me my site was "pretty good" but could be better. So I listened.

He suggested a newer, more responsive premium theme. I was using a basic, simple, free theme that I thought was fine.

So I followed his advice, spent the cash for a premium theme. I was blown away by the easy of use and the plethora of options a premium theme contained!

Thanks to Kurt's suggestions, my store improved.

My bounce rate dropped from a high of 61.88% down to a whopping 48.74% over the same time period compared with the old vs new theme.

That's a 21% increase in what I call the "stickin' around" rate!

But here's the real meat...

An 89.1% increase in top-line revenue over the same period!

If you want improvements like this, you should talk with Ethercycle.

Nufoot Shoes

Ethercycle helped us refine our goals and then adjust our marketing campaigns to match those goals. More importantly, Kurt helped us understand the reasoning behind the decisions so that we can continue to build on this strategy ourselves as well as apply the new skills to other areas. I would contract with them again for sure - and probably will!


Working with Ethercycle was a very gratifying experience! The thing I loved most about working with Kurt was that he listened to my needs and gave me an honest approach on how to optimize my website and business. He advised me against spending money on things I didn't need even though he could've made more money from charging me for those services. In this day and age that is a rarity and I couldn't be more thankful! He completed his work in a timely manner and the communication was great. He always answered my questions and took the time to explain things to me that were more complex. I would highly recommend Kurt Elster & Ethercycle to anyone who wants to improve their Shopify platform and attract more customers. Thanks again Kurt!

Haute Goat

We were very pleased with the work done by Kurt Elster and Ethercycle. He delivered as promised and ahead of schedule. He was very clear in our discussions, extremely responsive when we had questions or needed polishes on the site. And he has been terrific on the follow-up, working with us to get our numbers and conversion rates up. I'd give him 5 stars.


Omg Kurt is the BEST! I cant even say enough about the amazing support I have received from him. He helped me start up my online boutique from having nothing done to getting my first sale within a month! This guy is truly the best, and very knowledgeable. I reached out to him all time, and I am sure he was rolling his eyes at me half the time but he never made me feel bad about it and he tried to answer all my questions with patience! I know my store would not be up and running without him today. Thank you Kurt, truly, thank you. If anyone is debating on whether or not to use Ethercycle...Dont debate. Just do it. You will not regret it. Julie

Condition Culture

Ethercycle was fantastic. We had one phone call to get introduced and for me to explain the high level needs of the project, and from there everything was handled via email, which is my preferred method since I'm juggling the day-to-day of my business. The outcomes were great - they worked efficiently, listened intently, and communicated clearly. They also made some solid recommendations based on best practices, which gave me confidence in their ability, and also made my site better. In addition to that, they were fast, fast, fast. Would certainly work with them again, and would gladly recommend.

Padgett Hoke

I had a wonderful experience with Ethercycle! Kurt has been incredibly fast with his communication, - very detailed and thorough. He was very professional and knowledgable and really easy to work with. He promised quick turnaround on the services I hired him to complete, and he delivered in lighting time - exceeding my expectations. I would recommend Kurt in a heartbeat to anyone looking to further their Shopify business. I am excited to see the results of his hard work and look forward to utilizing his expertise to further my jewelry business. Thank you very much Kurt!

Bettinardi Tour Stock Putters

Excellent work from the guys at Ethercycle. Kurt was a pleasure to work with and dealt with all of my issues promptly and had me up and running with the tweaks I needed done within 10 days of our initial meeting! Don't look to anyone else...these guys are great!

Nick Venson Owner

Astro Gallery

Kurt and his team are a fantastic bunch of folks — always willing to meet you where you need to be AND go above and beyond, utilizing their past experience optimizing storefronts to make the best of your project. I'd highly recommend Ethercycle and hope to use them again for more projects down the road!

SBF Motorsports

Kurt was awesome! He has solutions for any budget which was refreshing considering the other companies on here seem to target a specific price. He had my new design / site up and running in less than 1 week! He's a true expert at what he does. Regardless of your budget or your web design skills I STRONGLY recommend contacting Kurt to get a quote. Before you spend thousands of dollars you need to talk to Kurt at Ethercycle first.

I will hire Kurt / Ethercycle for all future shopify design projects. Contact him now, you won't be disappointed!



Ethercycle was fast, professional and thorough. They also were very helpful and customer service oriented. There were certain things that instead of charging me for, they showed me how to do myself and saved me money. This focus on customer service rather than compensation is rare!

Kurt with Ethercycle turned from plain and boring into a professional, clean and fun website to use. Kurt always responds quickly to my emails and solves any web page needs promptly, in my business this is very important! I consider Ethercycle a part of's team. Thank you for your Services!

Bodhi Designs

Kurt was fantastic from the beginning to the end of my website creation. He's very knowledgeable, patient, promptly responds to email questions, completes work on time & delivered a well done site. He's a great developer, I highly recommend him.

Daniyela B.

Longstem Organizers

After doing some research we decided to go with Ethercycle in re-designing our web site into a shopify eCommerce site. They took our non-functioning web site and transformed it into a slick, easy to navigate and use site. They were responsive and knowledgeable throughout the surprisingly fast process. We are now up and running and couldn't be happier. With so many choices out there you just never know, our decision to contract Kurt and Ethercycle was the right one. Highly recommend.

All Speed Innovations

My previous experience with a website design company was terrible, they gave us what I considered a fair price but the website never got finished, it was not mobile responsive and was poorly laid out for eCommerce. To top it all off, it took them nearly a year to put it together. Our traffic was terrible and the sails showed this. The store back end was useless and updating my site was also nearly impossible without paying the company that built it to update it even though it was not complete to begin with.

Kurt was able to work with us and understand exactly what we were looking for. He helped us choose Shopify as out new platform. He gave me a timeline and exceeded it. The only hold ups were of my own doing and every time I needed to contact him for an update or to edit something on the site it seemed like it was done within hours if not minutes. The site came out great and it looks exactly the way I wanted it to. He nailed almost everything on the first try.

The site it too new to see if the changes will pay pay off but the feedback I have gotten so far leads me to believe it will. Everyone loves the new site and I already see some improvements in only a day. Thanks Kurt!


Wholly Crap! fast and efficient, if you need a great programer Kurt at Ethercycle can get it done! WOW

Fit City Foods

Ethercycle has been a lifesaver for us! Selling online in the Food industry can be challenging, to the point of being completely overwhelming. It's a completely different animal (monster!) than in-restaurant process. Ethercycle met my crazy customization requests head on. Their expertise and lightening-fast project completion time has allowed me to meet my goal deadline and offer a shippable Frozen Food line that will take our business from a local to multi-regional level. If you're on the fence about choosing an expert, go with Ethercycle, you won't regret it!

Closet Barcode

Ethercycle was great to work with. They did a lot of customization to my site to give it more of a polished feel. They were able to give me more areas on the site where I could include more content or special items. Since these changes have been in effect people have been clicking on them. This allows me to show potential customers content they may not have seen otherwise and keeps them on the site longer.

I was very impressed with how quickly everything was done and if there were any glitches they were fixed immediately.

I highly recommend them.

Anshion Health

Kurt really helped me get out of a bind. My former site developer stopped doing business in the middle of the project. Kurt stepped in and finished my site within 2 weeks, meeting my exact requirements. Would highly recommend him to anyone.

Wall Decal Headquarters

I sent a question to Kurt, he responded within 10 minutes. After he gave me a estimate he had my issue fixed within a hour in a half. Very, very satisfied. I totally recommend him for anyone having issues with their shop. -Mike Gholson (


During the last few months our website was not growing and our sales were flat lined. We came to Ethercycle to increase conversion and to increase traffic. Kurt, Paul and Dave all seemed confident and full of good ideas. They seemed to pinpoint a lot small issues that were minor for them to fix but for me seemed overwhelming.

First, they started by making our site run faster and fixed all the "minor" errors that were making the site look fake and cheap within 7 days. This almost overnight doubled our conversion. Within three weeks our investment was paid back. Second, they introduced us to a grouping of low cost online marketing that increased our traffic by three times. With the increase in traffic and better conversion our sales have grown by six times since meeting Ethercycle.

Do not waist your time and money with others, go with Ethercycle and see your sales increase.

Wholly Craft

Great experience. Super quick service and excellent communication. We had a few updates to make to our site after we moved our physical business location and they were done efficiently and to our specifications. I'd work with Kurt again in a heartbeat and would recommend his services.

Driven Fabrication

I contacted Ethercycle because I didn’t have the time or experience to get my Shopify store looking as polished as I wanted it to. After talking to Kurt on the phone, I bought his Website Rescues which got my store looking finished and professional. Weeks after we’d finished, when I had new ideas for the site, he did them at no cost. 5/5 would recommend :)

Faucet Galaxy

Kurt, Paul & their team designed my website after going to 3 different web design firms. They not only covered all the basis that the other firms charged me triple for my results exceeded 10X'S what the other firms were able to do combined! With regards to sales, marketing, generating leads, etc... Would highly recommend Ethercycle!

Neil Isaacs


Kurt was knowledgeable and service-oriented from the start. He was very accommodating of our design requests throughout the process which was key to us. Most importantly, before the changes Kurt made, 6% of our visitors added items to their cart and 1.3% purchased. Almost immediately these statistics improved and now we are at 9.6% of visitors adding items to their cart and 2.5% purchasing. Kurt is the best.

Buiced Liquid Multivitamin

This was my first time hiring an outside developer, I am VERY pleased with the quality of the work Kurt and his Team did for me, so much so that I for sure am planning on having them help me with more things. His communication was PROMPT and VERY GOOD, and he was very responsive and open to me feedback in order to accomplish things that was I wanted them to look.

Overall, I highly recommend Ethercycle, and as I said, I will work with them more. If you want to see what they did, they coded the ability for me to Embed a YOUTUBE video on my Slideshow that is part of the REACT THEME, which is functionality that was not there. Take a look at and you can see for yourself. They also enabled the URL for each Slider to Open in a New Window.

Ray Doustdar
BUICED Liquid Multivitamin

The Urban Hippie

Kurt was awesome...talked me off the ledge a few times and delivered as promised. I look forward to using Kurt again. He took my website from an amateurish attempt, to a polished and completed look. What I appreciated the most was the scope of work he created at the "beginning" of the project, so I knew what to expect...and he did deliver. Thanks Kurt


My experience working with Kurt at Ethercycle was great. I explained what I wanted to modify on my theme and he quickly quoted me a price we agreed on. When the job was done I was charged less then the quote because the work took less time then estimated. Honesty and quality like that are hard to find. Hope to work with Ethercycle again in the future.

Socks & Laces

Delivered everything as promised, and were very easy to work with. Would refer to anyone looking for excellent service and great product knowledge.

Routine Baseball

I worked with Kurt! Very knowledgeable and easily accessible! Even crushed some late nights for us! Excited to launch the new website!


"Wow , thanks for all your help! It was quick... you really made this process easier and fun for me, Appreciate it!"

This was my 1st online business launch, and utilizing this company made the process of web building/site enhancements great,
Thank Again,


Crisp! Mobile Grocery

We contacted Ethercycle with a list of changes to improve the functionality of our store, within 72 hours of reaching out to them, they had completed them. They're a great resource for any growing business



Everest Horology Products

The staff at Ethercycle has been excellent to work with. First, we had a lot of SEO issues that were causing a competitor to rank higher then us on google, yahoo, bing, etc. Second, our site lacked a "put together" look that we wanted to present. Third, our images were great looking but were simply to big and causing us to have slow load times and our bounce rate was high because of it. After Kurt and his team organized a very large list of items, they quickly went to work on fixing those issues and many more. They were affordable, great to work with and quite frankly nice. I have had to become knowledgeable about online e-commerce but still needed help from the team at ethercycle - they didn't talk down to me or talk over me (everyone hates that). Instead they mapped a great plan for our website's success and I intend to use them to keep helping us sell more product. Thanks from Everest Horology Products!! (

They did a great job! Made it painless, pleasant and most of all hassle free to maintain and update my Shopify store. Their fast turn-around and expert advice would be an asset to any business.


Ethercycle is fabulous! Swift, friendly, and all around a hardworking group. They helped me make the changes I needed for my site and everything looks better than before!

Working with Ethercycle has been a great experience. They're straightforward to collaborate with, and provided excellent support throughout development and after launch. We entered the project with the goal of re-vamping the design of our site to improve mobile and tablet conversion rates to increase overall revenue per month. Ethercycle was completely aligned with our goals and priorities and the results are a reflection of that. Since launching our new site we’ve had the following metrics improve:
Mobile Conversion Rate
Tablet Conversion Rate
Bounce Rate
Revenue Per Month

I'm looking forward to future wins with Ethercycle!

Aqua Coat

These guys were recommended by a close friend of mine, and were great. They answered all my questions, got to know me and my business, and had my new website up and running quickly.

Invisible Threads Clothing

ETHERCYCLE ROCKS! Incredibly helpful and terrific customer service. If it wasn't for Kurt, who I speak with and who has done work for me, my shop would still be under construction. Based on a true story.

Midwest Discount Medical

These guys are great. Because they were local I met with them (probably not necessary but nice in my case)and reviewed needs. They turned around the work 100% correct, on time and on budget.

I'll be working these guys again on projects large and small.

Faucet Luxury

I chose Ethercycle because they listened to what I wanted and took the time to understand my vision. They built a website that far exceeded my expectations.


The folks at EtherCycle are very professional. Their creativity and talent brought our site online in an efficient manner.

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