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About JadeCommercecenter.com

We provide Shopify setup, marketing/Marketer, POS, photography experts services that will help you launch your store and assist with basic and advanced tasks that can include:

- organizing (and/or importing) your product information, pricing and photos.
- selecting one of our beautiful themes.
- setting up your site’s structure, homepage and navigation.
- helping with basic domains and payments configuration.
- training you to operate and maintain your store.
- The best SEO for your store using JC-SMDCMS (JadeCommercecenter.com+Shopify Marketing Developer+Content Management System.)
- Set up free Facebook Store.
- etc so much more. (Negotiate)

120 Hourly rate: $120/hr. Minimum: $2,000.

*And more of Shopify expert advance services including integration, implementation, Development with CRM for E-commerce and Call Center System (customize base on your business), Social Media Management, Online Marketing Services (Facebook Advertising and Google Advertising or any Ads with Conversion Tracking and Optimization) , E-Mail Marketing Campaign, Sales Automation, Marketing Automation, Google Apps or Gmail for work etc. (Not included in the basic set up pricing plan, pricing vary on services, jobs, tasks, requirements and system that you would like to use.)

We're specialize in online marketing advertising by finding target group customer for your products and assisting on creating good contents for advertising with highly success rate. We've experience in auto part, tire, gift shop, cosmetics, printing and other products.

Actually we can do online marketing advertising on all segments and can be your good consultant (Monthly charge for services).

We have system that can track Google Adwords ROI.

We have the best intelligent system that can track your visitors online and chat with your visitors on your website or social media platform.

We can help you find or recommend good Applications for using with Shopify.

We're distributor of Customer Connect CRM by CRM App Co.,Ltd and partner of Zoho CRM.

We can deploy Google Apps for Work or Gmail for Business for you ( Price negotiate per domain deployment). And other Google Products deployment.

We've all the best email marketing tools that can tracking your Ecommerce business. You can measure the success rate on your E-Mail marketing campaign.

We're specialize in CRM system and can customize it for your business. We service on many level such as Standard, Enterprise Solutions and higher.

Shopify setup, implement, customise, development, integration and JC-SMDCMS technology start at $500-1,740-4900++ and $50/hrs, POS Projects starting at $XXX (Price can negotiate, mostly we work on client budget and we always help SMEs to get the best Shopify E-commerce Website Solutions on their budget).

Basic Shopify store could be negotiate eg. only setup basic that doesn't require our JC-SMDCMS technology.


JCSMD Starting from 55,000THB-150,000THB++ (Noted that the project showing on the pictures are not this project)

- Shopify+Branding - Premium web development and theme design - Medium Package.(Price negotiate)

- Shopify Ecommerce Website Development Pack.We create new theme tailor made just for your store.(Price negotiate)

Web Design and Development Pack.(Price negotiate)

-Web design.
-Create new theme.
-Theme development.
-Theme customize.
-Theme Integration.
-Migration (If any)
-Increase functionalities.
-Private App.

Branding Pack Basic.(Price negotiate)

- Logo
- Stationery : Business cards, Letterhead, Envelope, Envelope A4, Folder and Stamp.
- Graphic :Color, Font, Graphic Pattern.
- Brand Guidelines.
*Free revise in 60 days.

Shopify POS setup and integration solutions services.(Price negotiate)

- We can connect Shopify POS with hardwares and check that it working good and training the entrepreneur on how to use it.
(Price negotiate)

Shopify Photography and Videos services.(Price negotiate)

- We've our own team and groups of Photographers and Videos Broadcast experts in Thailand that have been approved to work with us.That could service all of the entrepreneur work to create outstanding pictures with the best graphic design and videos to use on your basic promote or your advertising project.
(Price negotiate)

Shopify Theme Development.(Price negotiate)
- Increasing functionality of your Theme.
(Price negotiate)

Shopify Apps Development.(Price negotiate)
- Increasing functionality of your Apps.
(Price negotiate)

*In this pages it's just a starting price and the price based on your requirements.(Noted that some of this price not include marketing and please contact us for marketing project)


Aissarapan Bunnag (Jade)
E-Commerce systems specialist and digital marketing systems solutions.

(Working base at Pathumwan and onsite services.)

M: 6681 573 6943
Email: Jade@ecommerce-center.com
Website1: www.ecommerce-center.com
Website2: www.jadecommercecenter.com

Our partners: Opencloud Co.,Ltd., CRM and Cloud Consulting Co.,Ltd., Buildemo, CRM App Co.,Ltd., Customer Connect, Zoho CRM, Hootsuite...etc.

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