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About Enkomion

We help boutiques to sell online
effectively and elegantly.

Enkomion is our approach to solving the problem of bringing the classical boutique experience online. To unify the elegance and warmth of the traditional boutique with a focus on data-driven but elegant online marketing and state of the art technology.

Enkomion is the product of an insight. The insight that eCommerce companies can be run and flourish in a stress-free, elegant, and very profitable way. Looking back at eight years of eCommerce experience and countless projects, certain characteristics clearly stand out. Most eCommerce stores are either similar to the above-mentioned boutiques or to discount-based mass retailers.

Enkomion was formulated as a principle-based company. We are intentionally small. We only serve a small number of clients, which allows us to think deeply about our clients' businesses. We're never fully booked so we can act quickly in case of unforeseen circumstances. We have warm and friendly relationships with all of our clients and we work in a low-stress yet effective manner.

We work exclusively on Shopify-based projects and have set up and maintain stores in the US, South Korea, Germany, the UK, France, Spain, and Italy.

Should you be interested in working with us please do reach out.

8 Testimonials


Die Zusammenarbeit hat super funktioniert und besteht immer noch. Auf Enkomion kann ich mich verlassen und das ist für mich ausschlaggebend. Jeder kennt das, im Shop müssen einige Dinge sehr schnell umgesetzt werden, das klappt super. Meine Fragen werden ebenfalls qualitativ hochwertig beantwortet und ich als Laie verstehe es dann sogar. Vielen Dank für die tolle Zusammenarbeit :-)

Malaika Online Store

When we decided to bring the Malaika brand online Enkomion was our first choice as a service provider. They greatly helped us in advising on site structure and were very attentive in and sensitive to the subtleties of bringing the brand's unique luxury characteristics online. We highly recommend them.

Weego-Store Europe

Enkomion helped us to set up our EU store in March 2017. They were very supportive in moving along the translations and setting up the Langify app for displaying the store in five different languages. Enkomion has been supporting the store since then and we are completely satisfied with their work.


When we decided to set up a store for the Korean market Enkomion was very supportive in helping us research the Korean eCommerce environment, Shopify's viability for use in Korea, and in setting up the store for us. It turned out that we were among the first people ever to do this and Shopify had problems with transmitting the correct order values to our payment provider. Daniel communicated with the Shopify support to escalte the issue to the tech team and it was quickly resolved. Thanks a lot!


Enkomion helped us to migrate our store to Shopify in 2016 and has been managing the store for us ever since. They are continually improving our store's design, structure, and marketing and our sales keep growing steadily. We are satisfied in every respect and can wholeheartedly recommend them.


We choosed to set up our store ourselves, but Enkomion was very supportive and helped us to decide on Shopify as a platform and advised us on how to approach the German eCommerce market in the best way. For that we'd like to say thank you.

Go Freaky Store

Enkomion helped me in re-branding my shop and making it conform with Germany's legal eCommerce guidelines. Later when I changed focus again and started to re-launch the shop with a focus on US client's Enkomion helped me again to in re-orienting the shop and they also advised me on marketing related matter. Thanks a lot!


Daniel hat mich sehr gut und detailliert zum Thema eCommerce beraten und die Vorzüge von Shopify gegenüber anderen Anbietern dargelegt. Nachdem die Entscheidung für Shopify feststand haben wir zusammen die Produktstruktur und weitere Details für den Shop erarbeitet. Obwohl ich komplett neu im eCommerce und Technologie Bereich bin wurde mir alles ausführlich und detailliert erklärt. Als das Konzept stand war der Shop dann auch sehr schnell fertig und nach einigen Tagen kam der erste Verkauf. Seit dem ist Enkomion weiterhin sehr hilfreich und hat mich auch in Themen wie Marketing und Internationalisierung des Shops beraten und unterstützt. Vielen Dank!

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