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About Disco

Hi there!

We're a small company with a big focus on giving our all to help our clients succeed. We have a track record of building themes and applications that increase revenues and delight customers.

We have extensive experience on the Shopify platform - we've built custom apps, designed custom themes, and run our own stores on Shopify. I'm the author of the popular Bootstrap for Shopify Framework, and the upcoming course Mastering Shopify Themes.

Whatever you're after, I'm always happy to have an obligation-free chat to discuss your needs and work out how we can help.

- Gavin, Founding Partner

13 Testimonials

Evy's Tree

The team at Disco has been the BEST experience we've had working with a Shopify Developer. They are responsive, professional and have always delivered top-notch work. For Example, in early 2016 we were struggling with our discount/marketing options in Shopify. As a scripts beta customer, Gavin developed multiple scripts for us within days and the implementation was flawless. Win-Win for our Customers and internal customer service team. We highly recommend contracting with Disco for any Shopify development work.

Skyroam Shop

We really appreciate the work Gavin and the team did for us at Skyroam! Disco and the Smart Notifications app has saved us a lot of time through automatically sending out order information to our partners around the world.

Hamlin Fistula Ethiopia (Australia)

The Disco crew created and implemented a new app for us. They were a pleasure to work with, and everything went very smoothly. Highly recommended.


Guided's custom packaging inherently have a ton of variants. When combined with the discounts provided to resellers and for higher quantity purchases. Making changes - or even implementing discounts - was both error prone and time consuming. Variants were getting so out of control we were constantly bumping up against the variant limit.

Disco readily understood these challenges and helped us implement scripts which cleanly applies the program discounts. Gavin and crew went the extra mile in ensuring that it would be easy for junior staff to set up new discount groups, and to implement alerts on product and checkout pages so that users know exactly how the discounts work.

Shopify scripts can be very powerful and Disco's work @ Guided was flawless.

Thanks guys!

RIPT Apparel

Gavin really listened to the needs of the project and delivered a solidly and on time. Better than on time really. It was a great experience and I'd use him again for sure. He is also very polite, which is always nice :)


Disco helped us successfully move Usefulgifts.org to Shopify by delivering several challenging and unique customer-facing and back-end apps.

Flexible, prompt and communicative, Gavin is a pleasure to work with. He’s thoroughly professional and knows his stuff. We highly recommend Gavin and Disco.


Gavin is a real expert. He has a profound knowledge and understanding of Shopify.

He helped us by implementing Multi Currency and a custom Variant Selection picker on our new Shopify site. He completed the work very efficiently and professionally. We required some follow-up support which was provided very quickly and helped us get back on track.

We would recommend him in a heartbeat.


Gavin was fantastic!

He really understood the challenges we had for the business, including the technical challenges and also the strategic and branding requirements we were trying to achieve.

Despite having to integrate into a tricky legacy system, Gavin managed to overcome the limitations and challenges to provide us with exactly what we needed.

The result is a very easy to navigate and perfect fit for our business. Its been great to receive lots of positive feedback since we launched the website.

I would recommend Gavin highly to anybody trying to produce a slick and professional website.

Zen Pencils

Gavin from Disco was fantastic - he started working on my job the same day I contacted him and had it finished by the next. He's on point and I would definitely use him again.


I recently contacted Disco through the list of Shopify experts to setup my store for me. Gavin (Disco) replied within a few hours and we arranged to speak on the phone the next day to discuss my requirements. I asked him to send me some links to some other sites he'd setup in the meantime. Following our phone conversation it was really evident that Gavin knew his stuff but more than that, he was great and finding out exactly what I wanted and offering advice on how we could best achieve my ideal website. I had quite a lot of input into how the website would look and I left the technical things to Gavin. Over the next week we exchanged many emails and spoke on the phone while Gavin tweaked everything until I was completely happy with the site. He also helped to set up a business email for me. A week after we launched my site Gavin and I met up so he could run through the Shopify admin with me. I feel really lucky that it was Gavin I sent my initial enquiry to as I couldn't have hoped for an easier or more professional expert to help with my setup.
Louise, peppergum tea towels


Gavin was extremely helpful in solving some issues I was experiencing with my site. He specifically helped me with
• Optimising site content, structure and speed for SEO
• Adding product metadata
• Social network integration
Gavin's in-depth knowledge of Shopify meant that the work he did for me was quick and seemingly easy for him! I was especially impressed at the way he swiftly resolved my SEO issues. I would definitely recommend him to other Shopify users.


Our company hired Gavin to do both a theme and a very intense backend app. I can't say enough good thing about working with Gavin. I highly recommend using his Bootstrap theme.

The work was completed on time.
It was a big job, and was completed on budget with his estimates.
The finished product exceeded my expectations, which were quite high.
He was enthusiastic about the whole process.

He's just super pleasant to deal with, punctual, responsive. This is not common in "freelance tech".

Part of present day web development for small business is minimizing how much "development" you actually have to do. Stringing together the best service solutions readily available and then filling in the blanks with customization, API integrations between them, etc. Gavin fully grasps this concept and just rules in this regard.

When Gavin came on our project everything just started happening and got us back on track.

Gavin, thank you very much! You're a good man and great engineer!

fromage la rue

Gavin was unbelievably easy to deal with. He was responsive and an excellent problem solver, not just working to a number of requests, but suggesting alternate workarounds or solutions to problems. He worked while in two different countries on my job and never missed an email or a deadline. Friendly too! I can't recommend him highly enough. I'm an ex digital studio manager so I know good people when I find them! :)

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