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About Digital Darts

Digital Darts is a Shopify optimization agency that scientifically increases the traffic and sales of Shopify stores Worldwide. It is lead by Head of Strategy Joshua Uebergang who authored the Shopify Conversion Rate Optimization book.

We specialize in Shopify marketing for growth. Services include ecommerce strategy, SEO, AdWords, Google Analytics, email marketing, conversion optimization, and influencer marketing.


- We get great results. Marketing agencies show off designs, mobile apps, and awards. We build profits for Shopify stores. Improvements of 300% are common within a year.

- Our specialty. We do one thing (boosting the profits of Shopify stores) so we're good at growth-hacking Shopify stores. You get our 10-year ecommerce experience placed in your business to efficiently fix problems and grow to the next level. If you have a problem, we've fixed it before. You have opportunities for profit unknown to you - we've leaped those chasms.

- Get what you need. We only work with 10 clients at a time so you get the most time by our ecommerce experts.

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10 Testimonials

My City Plants

Josh from Digital Darts has increased our sales 390% through Adwords within 2 months and is beating all our ROI goals! Couldn’t be happier with his service as well as all insights he provides.

Every month I get detail reports which help me clearly understand what is happening with our Adwords campaigns.

I would highly recommend Digital Darts services to any Shopify store owner who feels that it’s time to trust a professional with their Adwords account management!


We previously worked with a large UK Shopify agency. Wanting to take our store to the next level of profit and suspecting things could be better, we had Joshua do a full growth report on the store.

I was concerned the growth report would not be worth it. The report was fascinating and invaluable and we refer to it almost 12 months later finding new nuggets of relevant information. Following the growth strategy report, Josh did conversion work redesigning the store and took over our Google Shopping campaigns with parameters set for spend and return on investment.
Compared to last year, transactions are up 43% and the conversion rate has increased 41%. We've had the biggest month in our history during what would normally be the quietest period all year.

Josh has been results-oriented, which is a rarity in the Google AdWords business where in our experience firms over-promise and under-deliver. He has been the exact opposite and took the time to understand our business and our marketplace

I recommend Digital Darts to other firms if they want to grow quickly, understand their business, and the specific barriers to customers converting.

Tracy Hodgson,

Wine Central

Josh knows his stuff! We needed somebody to audit our GA setup and reporting. Josh identified and fixed several problems quickly and efficiently for a very reasonable fixed fee. I found him to be very responsive and thorough and will use him again. Highly recommend.


Very accurate and professional communication, delivered as promised exactly, and also answers all questions in our minds :)


Joshua is amazing to work with! He is smart, clear and concise. Josh is a great addition to our team and is finding new revenu optimization opportunities every month.

The Sports Edit

Joshua has outstanding knowledge of Shopify sites, and also the best apps available to improve them. He is blunt and honest with his feedback, and comes up with a range of actionable ideas, many of which we implemented, resulting in improvements in our conversion rate. We'd definitely recommend him to others.

Mulberry West

Joshua reviewed my e-commerce site and suggested improvements for SEO. He gave me a price upfront and told me exactly what it would include. He was quick, knowledgable and efficient.

Cycling Apparel | Queen of the Mountain

Yes - we engaged Digital Darts for a business growth report – and yes we would recommend it.

Basically we wanted to position our business for long term growth – but felt there was a lot of IT related ‘intricacies’ that we were doing wrong! The growth report helped us

* identify where we were currently doing things wrong (IT related)
* allowed us to research and understand the best IT related practices
* provided valuable links and examples
* gave us many ideas and examples of how to grow, maintain and interact with our customers.

We are working through the report ourselves as we wanted to research and understand the recommendations (Joshua does provided quoted services to action the growth report).

On the IT side of the business - without the report we just fumbled along and discovered things as we made mistakes – or made mistakes we weren’t even aware of! There is a lot of information out there about how to do things right – often contradicting themselves – the report has just allowed us to cut through all that and focus on IT aspects that will help grow the business.

Brickell Men's Products

Josh is extremely knowledgeable not only in Shopify, but ecommerce and the supporting tools like analytics, FB ads, etc that can help drive traffic. His site alone has tons of content you can implement on you're own. He knows his stuff.

Really Learn English

My Shopify store faced Google Analytics issues where sales were not being tracked. The data was a mess with self-referrals and cross-domains. I’ve been trying to solve this for a long time (by myself and with another expert), but without success. Joshua from Digital Darts helped solve this issue and now I can tell where sales really coming from. He also setup internal promotion tracking so I can optimize what banners on my site get sales.

The service I got from Joshua was precise, accurate and most importantly effective. He was highly knowledgeable and implemented bright thinking and resourcefulness to the many tricky parts of our project, which was most helpful!


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