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About The Digital Parent Company Ltd

As our name implies we are a digital agency and the "Parent Company" to many highly experienced and talented digital teams. Shopify has become one of the pillars of our business and over the past two years we have launched many gorgeous shops and helped many of them to become wonderfully successful. We now have a “Shopify team” that just works on the stores that we launch.

As our clients ask us for more varied work we have grown to accommodate, which is something we love to do. We're always trying to push the boundaries and expanding our skill-sets and in turn the services that we offer. We have moved on from just being a setup expert to now developing additional widgets and themes, and all the time developing sound digital strategies for our clients that deliver real results (and sales).

So, who are DPC? Well, we are a digital business that wants do things differently. Our team of über-talented individuals have honed their skills after years of commuting into desk-bound offices and now it’s time to work smarter.

We love technology and realise that if used in the right way, it enables us to be virtually anywhere, as we don’t want to waste our lives sitting on trains or in cars just to get to a desk where we spend the day phoning and emailing people.

We could have called ourselves some pseudo-cool name like "Beige Baboon" or "Purple Mandrill", but in the end it seemed a little forced, so we are just plain ol' DPC.

So if you’re thinking, wow that sounds like a great place to work, I wish I worked with people like that, it is, and you’re not alone in thinking that. Which is why we can choose from only the very best and have clients that love working with us.

3 Testimonials


Graham and his team were Fantastic - a 5 Star service- HIGHLY RECOMMENDED

From day 1 their attention and interest in our business was being harnessed to develop
a very professional site that mirrored our company and our needs

Thank you Graham and your team of professionals , we look forward to working with you soon

The Eyelash Emporium

DPC were invaluable in assisting our move to Shopify. They have helped us in all aspects of setting up our store and overcoming the unexpected issues encountered in adapting Shopify to a UK business. If you are setting up anything other than the simplest of web shops; support from an expert like DPC is essential. Friendly, knowledgeable and professional, I will certainly call upon their services for any future projects and I won't hesitate to recommend the Digital Parent Company to anyone setting up an eCommerce site.


This was my first venture into an online store. The whole process was made very easy for me due to the help and support I received from the Digital Parent Company. The store looks amazing and this has created the perfect image for my site.

Thank you DPC

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