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About Kercambre

I am Eric,

I am based in Paris.
Started as a web marketer / growth hacker, this is how I learnt web development.

Then I launched an apparel brand, as a merchant, on Shopify. A few years ago.

This is how I started coding on Shopify.
Now, there is basically nothing I cannot do on Shopify !

Here is two of my favorite achievements: Migration from Prestashop to Shopify i made : one of the largest streetwear brand in France. : superb jewelry brand.

Here a few of my current projects:
- : theme from SCRATCH made with Slate V1.
for this website, we wanted the ability to switch between male and female version of the same website.

- : soon to be released. I am entirely customizing their theme to fit their complicated catalogue. They had so much variants of each product (sizes x colors) that we had to come up with inventive solutions for them to publish and administrate easily their catalogue.

- : I created Shopify Scripts for them, custom pop up, even a super complicated private sale native feature : only customer that are logged can enjoy a specific price for each item. I didn't make use of discount code nor any external app. You wan't to know how I did it ? ask me :D

- The Candist : I am developing a product bundle so they can sell packages of product. I am doing the front of the website and the back end to when a product bundle is sold, it will remove quantites of each product in the bundle (through Shopify API)

Custom theme from scratch, ultra fast, custom sections for your theme, custom feature through the API. That are my services.

Enjoy my experience as a merchant, POS business owner, web developer.
Looking forward helping you launch your adventure on Shopify !

5 Testimonials


Really helpful service from Kercambre ! Fast answer and great work, I couldn't be happier.


The website is easy to handle


Kercrambre is the man !
Very helpful , quick to answer, very passionate and has a lot of creativity.
Would def work with him anytime soon.


Kercambre has created an entire Shopify Theme from scratch that suits our need : we wanted a complex theme that could display a male and female version of the same products and collections.
They also know very well marketing and were very helpful choosing the best apps.

Kercambre est une agence parisienne qui nous a intégralement développé notre thème personnalisé.
Nous voulions un theme permettant de consulter le site en mode HOMME ou en mode FEMME. Aucun theme sur le store ne permettait de faire cela.

Nous recommandons fortement !

Ma Petite Pervenche

Une très bonne expérirence! A l'écoute du client. Donne de bons conseils et réponds rapidement. Il a suivit mon dossier jusqu'au bout et une fois le problème résolu, il a effectué la vérification avec moi. Un grand Merci!

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